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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
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Online Guests: 4
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CrimeCorp I-Divison

"We aren't spies who happen to be criminals, we're criminals who do spy work, we apply our own tactics to it, and it works damn well" 
-"Blake Taberah"

Dubbed the "inglorious basterds of crimecorp" by its members, the information division employs criminal tactics to the task of information gathering and evidence disposal, from interrogation to body cleanup to corporate espionage, tracking down targets, hacking, evidence gathering or planting, and more, division members take on a variety of tasks to keep us informed and keep our enemies in the dark.

Number of members: 14
CrimeCorp A-Division

 Crime Corp Assassination Division
Anonymously & Effectively Killing People, So You don’t have to.

  Crime Corp Assassination Division executes high end, independently contracted assassinations for an exclusive clientele, handpicked by Donaldson. Our assassins, are true professionals in their trade, flawless execution is our specialty. If a client needs someone dead, and if they have the cash, a client can have someone killed with no questions asked. A client never meets a hitter and the hitter never meets the client. Payments are in untraceable dirty cash. And once we are hired, “Make no mistake. There! Will! Be! No! Fuck! Ups!”

Number of members: 13