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Organization Bank
Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
Online Members
Online Guests: 4
Organization Hierarchy
The First Five (5)
Commissioner (2)
Lieutenant (5)
Street Boss (11)
Regulator (20)
LSPD (10)
Ambassador (3)
Prospect (276)
Getting Started
EH Wallys
How does this crew work
Please read this to understand how we operate
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Dynasty 8 Website
A list off all properties as well as businesses for sale
19th May 2014 by Chairman Don in Businesses for ...
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CrimeCorp History
Sam Pal (PC)
Information on the factions active in los santos
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How our journey Begun
You will find the history of how a group of friends got involved in a life of crime and coruption
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The Background Story of our Members
You will find the background stories of all our members here
5th Aug 2015 by Nick in Background Chec...
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CrimeCorp HQ
Austin "Winnipeg"
CrimeCorp HQ
This is the Primary CrimeCorp Base of Operation
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How did your day go?
EH Wallys
Did You Get That Job Done?
All missions and jobs will be posted here
Subforums: Submit your Job
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The Gentry Manor Hotel
EH Wallys
The LS Vagos
Our Allies , the Vagos
17th Mar 2015 by Chairman EH Wallys in The Vagos
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EH Wallys
Paleto Five Crew
2nd Nov 2014 by Chairman EH Wallys in Halloween
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Alexander Bluetree
The Novan Empire
A Highly Organized Mercenary Group
10th Dec 2014 by Alexander Bluetree (Banned) in The Novan Empir...
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To Serve and Protect
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Non Criminal Activities
27th Dec 2014 by Nico (Banned) in Christmas Party...
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