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Alexander Bluetree histroy 1
Alexander Bluetree (Banned) 19th Nov 2014
I think the first time i fired a gun was when i was twelve. My dad took me out back and showed my how to work his shotgun. From then on hunting was a thing in my life. When i was fifteen me and my friends joined this small gang, there was twenty two of us. The first person i killed was some shit from a rival gang. There was a shootout after we tried to move in on their territory, three dead. His street name was "North" his real name was Jesse Richman, he was some Canadian kid. The other two that died that day where from our side... Cory Malcolm and Ruth Jones. They where good friends. after the shootout, i left the gang. I wanted to be bigger. I wanted to be stronger, i wanted to be the best. So when a larger gang came to me and asked me to become a hitman. I was more than happy to take the money, and damn was it a good gig let me tell you... but enough of that, i gotta move before they find me in this here cafe. Don't worry i will be fine. They cant kill me, nobody can.
Staff Officer Sam Pal (PC) 19th Nov 2014
HI :)