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Music That Best Describe's Your Character.
Staff Officer Vincent(PS) 13th Oct 2014
Just a fun not to be taken to seriously blog. I will be writing back-story blogs on Vincent soon after, but I figured I'd do a fun one first.

What song best describe's your character?

For mine, it's a three way tie between

Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 19th Oct 2014
i also have some music that i listen to while writing, for me though it varies based on the kind of stuff, for example, when i'm writing stuff that has to do with my division i'll listen to long forgotten sons by rise against ( ... tch?v=2lNrR_c49sM) if i'm writing stuff that has to do with blazes background i'll listen to stuff like broken mirrors ( ... tch?v=yH5-fZmCWwU) or dancing for rain( ... tch?v=M3zLi5zO_1g) when its writing for current stuff i listen to painkiller ( ... tch?v=-U98qkjbYek) or misery loves my company ( ... tch?v=tMq5V5bxW5o) by three days grace. i'm interested to hear from some other people what they listen to while writing