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Who would want to know about me?
DownloadABear 14th Oct 2014
"She's been askin' 'bout ya!" - Erik shouted.
"Who's 'She' Erik?" - Chris asked raising an eyebrow.
"Don't be stupid! You know who! The girl from the other night!" - Erik said as he skipped another stone on the lake.
"Who would want to know about me?" - Chris said while bending over searching for another stone to match his brother's.
"You know, there's other women in the world besides mom Chris, maybe you could send some attention their way!" - Erik encouraged. "Shut up! You know I know that.. I'm not stupid.." - Chris mumbled while tossing another stone.
"Don't get upset, I know you're smart! You're the brains." Erik said in a serious tone. "Alright.. We better get going, Mom's waiting." Chris said quietly. "You gotta stop that Chris.." Erik said. "Stop what?" Chris asked confused. 
"Talking about her like she's still alive...I miss her too Chris but she's gone"
"Right. Sorry Erik..."