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Tyrese "Rok" Jones - The Early Years #2
Lt. Tyrese Jones 25th Oct 2014
Tyrese "Rok" Jones - The Early Years #2 - Therapy, among other things.

(This is expanding on my initial backstory, which can be found somewhere on  this page. and a continuation from part 1.)
(It's done in third person narrative, just a heads up.)

Officer Mason: "Ok, now, let's go to see your mother"

He took Aidan and Tyrese over to my mothers hospital bed, where she was lying there, unconscious. 

Tyrese told him to take Aidan out of here, as he didn't need to see her like this.

Dr. Wake, her doctor, said that she was put into a coma, as her brain was swelling, and that she would be in this state for a few weeks. She had been hit multiple times across the head with a bar, and had her knees almost completely destroyed by it also.

Dr. Wake: "If she comes out of the coma, she'll have to use a wheelchair from now on. Do you think you will be able to help her when she needs it?"

Tyrese:   "Yeah! I'll do whatever I have to do!" I shouted, as tears built up in my eyes.

Dr. Wake:   "Your mother would be so proud of you, for being so strong for her."

Tyrese hugged the Doctor. 

Tyrese:   "Please, do what you can for her. She's all we have left!" He was crying now.

Dr. Wake:   "It will be ok. I'll do everything in my power to make sure you, your brother, and her, are all fine."

3 days later, Tyrese had to start his therapy. He was taken to it by Officer Mason. Tyrese respected him, more than his own father. He went out of his way to make sure he would be fine. He was, and still is, the only police officer who Tyrese respects, and even admires.

Tyrese sat down in the waiting room while Officer Mason queued up to check him in.

A girl, sitting across from him, started to speak to him:

Girl: "How old are you?"

Tyrese:   "10, why?"

Girl: "Bloody hell, you must be seen something awesome if you're in therapy for it at that age." She smiled "Oh wait, sorry, I mean aw-FUL"

Tyrese:   "How old are you?"

Girl: "12" She said "I've been in therapy since I was 9 years old. What's your name, kid?"

Tyrese:   "My name's Tyrese. Tyrese Jones"

Girl: "Mine's Diana, Diana Roswell. Nice to meet you. How long have you been coming here for? I've never seen you around."

Tyrese:   "Today's my first session."

Diana: "Oh, what fun that is. I hope it's not too personal, but why are you here?"

Tyrese:  "I'd rather not say."

Diana: "Aww, that's a shame, I could have used with a story to pass the time. Well, I'm here because I saw my uncle kill my dad, and my brother kill my uncle. It messed me up a little."

Tyrese:  "I'm so.. sorry" He was lost for words. What can you say to someone who sees that happen?

Diana: "Don't be. My dad was an alcoholic who slept with his brother's wife, and my uncle was a jailbird who beat his wife. Both deserved to die really."

Tyrese leaned over to her, and whispered:

Tyrese:  "My father was a crack-head who crippled my mother, so I ran him over with a herd of cows."

Diana: "Holy shit!" She said, loudly "That's fucked up" She said, back into a whisper. "Why aren't you locked up?"

Tyrese:  "Officer Mason" He pointed to him "He said that I didn't deserve to be punished for it, so he just told me so see a therapist."

Diana: "Lucky you, I suppose."

Officer Mason came over.

Officer  Mason: "Ok. Your therapist is ready to see you. Are you ready?"

Tyrese: "Yeah. See you later" He said to Diana

Diana: "Yeah, I suppose we'll be seeing a lot of each other from no w on."

Officer Mason took Tyrese to the room, but before he let him in he said:

Officer  Mason: "Did you tell that girl why you're here?"

Tyrese:  "Umm.."

Officer  Mason: "Did you?!"

Tyrese:  "Yes."

Officer  Mason: "Goddammit Ty! I told you not to tell anyone about what happened. Don't tell anyone else, ok?"

Tyrese:  "..ok."

Tyrese then entered the therapist's room, and sat down. 

Dr. Keane: "Hello, Tyrese. I am Dr. Ryan Keane, and I am going to be your therapist from now on. Why don't we start from the beginning shall we?" He had an Irish accent. Great, I had to listen to this for the next few hours.

... one therapy session later ...

Dr. Keane:  "Ok, Tyrese, I want to see you here twice a week. Mondays and Thursdays. To monitor your behaviour, and see how you are coping."

Over the next 4 years ...

Rachel, Tyrese's mother, awoke from her coma after 3 weeks. She had to be cared for by a carer, and Tyrese.

Tyrese had to see the therapist for years. The upside of it was seeing Diana, whom he became good friends with, and started to meet her outside of therapy. She came over to his house a lot, and even helped him with Aidan, and his mum. 

Officer Mason not only took Tyrese to his therapy sessions, but also to school, and helped him with other things. Dr. Wake made frequent visits to Tyrese's house, to check on how his mum, his brother and him were doing.

School, therapy, helping his brother and mother, and hanging out with Diana were the only things that Tyrese did with himself.

That is, until he and Diana got mixed up into the world of crime.
They fell in with a street gang, known as "The Requiem".
(to be continued)

Tune in next time, for "The Early Years #3 - Crime Spree"!

Chairman EH Wallys 25th Oct 2014
Thats is a great story, I am really looking for teh next part
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