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Tyrese "Rok" Jones - The Early Years #1
Lt. Tyrese Jones 25th Oct 2014
Tyrese "Rok" Jones - The Early Years #1 - The Cow Incident

(This is expanding on my initial backstory, which can be found somewhere on  this page. )
(It's done in third person narrative, just a heads up.)

This is the story of Tyrese Jones, before he joined Crime Corp.

Born into a dysfunctional family, it was no wonder why Tyrese turned out as he did. With a crack fiend of a father, Raymond "Ray-J" Jones, and an abused mother, Rachel Jones. 

His life was pretty much uneventful, besides watching his mother from getting beaten by his father, and watching his father kill himself slowly by using every drug he could get his hands on.

His life changed on the day of his tenth birthday, 20/11/1997, where he, his parents, and his 3 year old brother, Aidan Jones, went out on a trip to the countryside. His father was getting agitated as he got lost, and his mother told him to stop for directions. This did not go down well with him. 
He stopped the car, shouting (saying a swear word in between every other word) at her, telling her to get out of the car, which she did, and then he proceeded to get out to start beating her.

Rachel:  "Please, not in front of the children!"
So he took her into an outhouse nearby. 

Tyrese couldn't take this anymore, and so he got out, took his little brother, and began to walk down the path. After walking for a while, they came across a herd of cows. Aidan wanted to go and see them, and so he jumped the fence and began to approach them. He saw that they were kept behind a gate, and unlocked it.

Tyrese: "Go free!", he said, with joy in his voice.

But then a better idea struck him. He jumped onto one of the cows running past, and began to rustle the others together (He'd learned how to do this through watching hundreds of western shows)
He then lead them all through the gate and onto the path, and started to make his way back to the car.

As he got close, he saw from afar his father walking back into the car, with his mother nowhere to be seen. This made Tyrese snap, and began to charge at him with the cow. A few other cows began to follow, and they all hit into his father. Tyrese got off, and saw that the cows had trampled his father. 

Tyrese:    "Good riddance", he thought to himself.

He then remembered that his mother was inside, and went to her. 
She was on the floor, bleeding out from the beating that his father gave to her. It looked like he had used a metal bar to hit her with.  
He took out his father's mobile phone from his car and rang an ambulance. It took a while to get there, because saying "somewhere near an outhouse" is not a very accurate description to go by.
The ambulance arrived with the police in tow, and took his mother and father to hospital. The police took care of Tyrese and his brother, and asked Tyrese a few questions on the situation, by an officer named Jack Mason.

Officer Mason: "What's your name?" 

Tyrese:  "Tyrese Jones. I'm 10 years old."

Officer Mason: "Ok, Ty. Can I call you Ty? Could you tell what happened to your mother?"

Tyrese:   *in a monotone voice*  "She was beaten up by my crack-head father, who abused her in front of us constantly, and was left to die in the outhouse."

Officer Mason:  "What happened to your father, then?"

Tyrese:   "I ran him over with the cows" again, with zero emotion.

Officer Mason:   "Where did the cows come from?!"

Tyrese:   "I went off walking to get away, and came across a herd of them."

Officer Mason:   "Why don't you tell me exactly what happened here." He asked politely, he seemed like he actually wanted to help, unlike most police officers.

Tyrese:    "I opened the gate for the cows, rustled them together, and then I thought I should go back to check on my mother, and when I got back, that's when I saw my father leaving the outhouse covered in my mother's blood."

Officer Mason:   "Oh.."

Tyrese:   "I lead the cows to run over my father", once again, with no emotion.

Officer Mason:   "Was he awake during this?" He said, while pointing to my sleeping brother.

Tyrese:   "No. He slept through the whole thing."

Officer Mason:   "Good, an event like this will really mess someone up. We wouldn't want a toddler seeing this shit. Oh, I'm so sorry for my language"

Tyrese:   "That's no problem, my dad used to swear all the time when he was bitch-slapping my mum."

Officer Mason:    "Listen, I am going to get you some help. I'm not going to charge you for what you have done, but you're going to have to go to therapy, you know, for the stuff you've seen."

Tyrese slowly nodded his head.

Tyrese:   "Therapy would be nice" he thought.

Officer Mason:   "Ok. Now, let's go to see your mother"


To be continued.

Tune in next time, for "The Early Years #2 - Therapy"!
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 4th Nov 2014
"I ran him over with the cows" dear god I can't stop laughing. OOC: good stuff, its always neat to see stuff where people thought ahead, like you have with "kidnapping" the cows in your initial backstory