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Duncan's Army Backstory #3
Executive Duncan 11th May 2015
Instead of going to the gun range I went to the General’s office, to demand a mission.

I walked in and asked to see him. I got the usual ‘He is a very busy man and needs private’ but I pushed  I and pushed until the woman let me through to speak to him. I walked into his office and saw him. I waited for him to turn around in his chair. When he turned I saluted.

“At ease. What is your need for being here Private Duncan?” He asked.

“Sir, I’ve been waiting for too long for a mission,” I replied.

“Women are not allowed to go into battles, what makes you think that you are the exception?” He retorted.

“Because Sir, I enlisted for a reason, to serve my country, not to be put in some on base office job, I’m sick and tired of being treated like I’m less than men, I’m sorry Sir, but if I am to serve our country I need to go into battle, and if that means dying in process.” I said.

“Look I’ll see if anyone needs another soldier, if they do, and if they want you, I will call you back here.” He said grabbing his phone.

“Thank you Sir,” I said trying not to show my excitement. I walked out and walked back to my quarters. I was approached by a man, he held the rank of Staff Sergeant.

“I am Staff Sergeant Cormac, I hear from the General that you are in need a squad?” He said.

“Yes, I am. Are you in need of another soldier?” I asked.

“Yes indeed I am.” He said with a smile.

“I’m in.” I said

“Alright, you’re going to have to meet the people who will be at your side, this way.” He said gesturing his hand to a little open tent where I saw men sitting on a picnic table. I saw a very familiar face.

He introduced me to everyone. In total there were seven men and one woman.

“Listen, we use code names in the field, so we need to assign one to you.” Cormac explained. He handed me a slip of paper with the names that everyone had along with a pencil...

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Cormac*

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Bowie*

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Flint*

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Scout*

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Mace*

First Name *Classified* Last Name *Classified* Field Name *Booker*

First Name *Adam* Last name  *Westrom* Field Name *Ace*

First Name *Olivia* Last Name *Duncan* Field Name *Duncan*

I chated with my now new fellow comrades and learned that we soon were going on a ‘stealth’ like Op. I also learned that Adam, is not just good with a pistol, but is very talented. He is a sniper along with Scout.

Well, Cormac told me to go rest because I would need it. We were leaving in a few days.

The day came… my first Op. Almost no one on base knew what we were doing, or where we were going, and to be honest, I had no idea myself. All I knew what that we were infiltrating an enemy compound and getting information.

(Boy did I not know everything was going to go wrong.)

We went out, we used two humvees to transport the eight people. Bowie and Flint drove. We arrived two or three clicks outside the compound, so we could hide the humvees in a thick clump of trees to our left. We blanketed the cars in a green painted mesh and went out way through the clump of trees. Our plan was to get Ace and Scout into a sniper position with silenced .300 Win Mags to cover our positions.

When they left off to get in position, we were left with six men, we were going to stick together while entering the compound, and split up and take out whoever got in our way with silenced M4s.

We made our way to the entrance of the compound there were two on foot patrolling guards. Booker and Flint waited for them to near our position in the sand, and jumped them with knives. They stabbed them in the neck from behind and covered their mouths so no sound could escape, and dragged them into a dead bush. I got a closer look at the compound. Two towers with lookouts, and a main building, all surrounded by poorly made stone walls. Cormac called into Ace and Scout.

“Scout, Ace, do you see the two lookouts in the towers?” He said quietly into the radio strapped to Booker’s back.

“Affirmative” Adam’s voice came back over the radio.

“Affirmative” Scout replied after a pause.

“Alright, I need you two to figure out who gets which one, we won’t be able to move until you take them out,” Cormac explained. Silence followed. Then the two got to work designating who would get who. Then they did the count down, and down went to two lookouts. Both clean kills through the heart. We moved in. There were a few ground guards inside, all carrying AK47s, we split up. I was with Mace and Bowie, and Cormac went with Flint and Booker. We would move, kill, move kill, clearing out ground troops if necessary, taking out all ground troops was necessary. The two groups would move in through the back entrance and front entrance. We had the back. My little group circled around to the back and waited for the OK to bust through the door. We never did receive that OK. We heard gun shots, unsilenced. Then Cormac came through on the radio.

“It’s a trap! Get out of here while you still can!”

Mace smiled for some reason. “You’re all dead.”

Me and Bowie looked at him.

“What?” Bowie asked.

“You’re all dead,” Mace said as he drew a pistol. “Now drop your weapons.” Bowie put his M4 down. “Common Princess, weapons down!” He pressed the gun barrel to my head. I dropped the gun. What Mace wasn’t expecting was that I could fight back. I grabbed his wrist and shoved the pistol away from my head, Mace fired a shot but he was too slow. I snapped his wrist and took the pistol. Bowie picked his gun back up and pointed it at Mace.

“Bowie! Go help them, I’ll handle him,” I said to Bowie without looking at him. He ran off to the front of the building.

“Do it, kill me, you’re all dead anyway,” Mace said laughing. It was my first encounter with a traitor, but not my last. I heard the gunfire cease and people shouting in the American language. I talked through the radio.

“Ace, Scout, do you have eyes on them?” I asked as I was kicking Mace to his knees.

“Yes, they are alive, we helped them as best we could, but Booker has a wound it looks like, they got into the building, and they stayed inside and returned fire while we thinned them out as well.” Scout’s voice replied.

“Thank god, I have Mace, he sold us out on our mission.” I said. “I’m bringing him into the building.”

“Copy,” Scout said. I pulled Mace up and jabbed him in the back to make him walk, I made him open the door and grabbed him by the collar of his shirt. I saw Booker on the floor putting pressure on his wound, it was a shoulder wound. Flint was kneeling beside him patching him up and telling Booker where to put pressure.

“Cormac, Mace sold us out on the mission, Bowie knows,” I said.

“I know, he told us after he joined us,” Cormac answered. Bowie was standing in the corner inspecting his knife, it was covered in blood, a dead man with a knife wound was at his feet. Cormac saw me looking at it. “Bowie can’t be separated from his ‘Bowie’ knife, hence the name, Bowie,” Cormac explained. I dropped all formality while speaking to Cormac because of how angry I was.

“What do you think we should do with Mace?” I asked.

“Well, we should take him back to base, and throw him in a jail cell to rot for the rest of his life for working against the U.S.A,” Cormac answered.

“You won’t be able to do that,” Mace said chuckling.

“And why is that, Mace?” Bowie asked walking over to Mace. Booker was yelling in pain as Flint pulled the bullet out with supplies from his MedKit he carried around.

“Because, Bowie,” Mace started, “there are reinforcements coming right now because of this handy dandy button that sent a signal that means that you’re all still alive, and that the reinforcements are all dead,” he said cackling. Bowie seemed to have had enough, he tossed me his knife, I caught it.

“Kill him, I can’t have that pigs blood on my hands, kill him in any way you want, but use a knife, I want my knife to be the sentence to his death,” Bowie said.

“Listen to him, we are probably going to die anyway,” Cormac said clicking the safety off his gun, he went over to the window and looked out. I turned Mace around, put him to his knees, and put the knife by his throat. I took a look at my comrades. Flint had helped Booker to his feet and gave him a pistol, they were looking at me expectantly. I took the knife away from his throat.

“Booker, you good?” I ask

“Yeah, what you need girl?” He said.

“I need you and Flint to hold this scum bag up for me, I have a idea,” I explain as I kick Mace in their direction. Booker and Flint got Mace back to his feet. I smacked Mace in the face with the butt of the knife, and I kept hitting him. I finally let up and he was bleeding out of his nose and mouth, he looked like he was in pain but he was smiling.

“I need his body armor off,” I tell Booker and Flint.

“What are we waiting for Shadow! We need to get out of here!” Cormac yelled.

“Calm down Corman, let the woman do her work,” Bowie said nodding to Booker and Flint to carry out what I said. They took the body armor off. I positioned the tip of the knife so that it drew blood, right over his heart. I motioned Booker to give me his pistol and when I had it in my hand, I slammed the butt of the gun into the knife with a force that could only be powered by intense anger.

“Free, finally free.” Were his last words.

“Take his Dog Tag, the least we can do for this twisted man’s family,” Flint told me. I reached down to grab his Dog Tags, when I was about to pull them off his neck, Mace’s arm grabbed mine, he was laughing a sick laugh. I jumped back and grabbed the pistol that I had brought in, it had found its to the ground, I aimed at Mace’s head… and fired.
Giro Tommaso 17th May 2015
Nice can't wait for the next part!