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Duncan's Army Backstory #2
Executive Duncan 14th Oct 2014
I walk up to the firing range, tell the man what gun I want, he kind of chuckles. I look at him not amused. He walks to the back, and brings me a rifle and a couple clips of ammo. I walk to where he pointed me and I pick some targets up where they were sitting at a table. There was one other person shooting at the range other than me, he was shooting a pistol, but by the looks of recoil, it was a powerful pistol. I put the target up and load the rifle and start shooting, I could sense the man looking at me, around my third clip, the man walks over with his pistol and set up a target next to me and began shooting, after he was done, he unloaded a clip while I was unloading my last clip, I pulled the target up and studied the places the bullets hit. The man finally gets enough guts to talk to me.
Man- So, what about this war, huh?
Duncan- This isn't the time to be making jokes about the war.
Man- I was just trying to get you to laugh. Whats your name?
Duncan- Olivia Duncan, but if you ever call me Olivia, you will end up in the infirmary in, hmm, the next five minutes. Whats yours?
Man- Adam Westrom, I don't make any threats about my name, so I don't sound as intimidating as you.
I laugh after he said that.
Adam- So why did you join the army?
Duncan- Just to get away from San Andreas. And you?
Adam- First I want to say I live in San Andreas, will at least when I'm not in the army, but I joined the army so I could prove to my brother that I had the guts to do it, and to fight for a cause.
Duncan- So, how long have you been here?
Adam- I arrived two days ago, I haven't really met anyone because I come down here every day to shoot my pistol.
Duncan- I just arrived today and found out I'm the first woman to be on the base.
Adam- Well, I'm glad I met you before anyone else did.
Duncan- Likewise, but I really need to get some rest after that flight.
Adam- Alright, if you ever want to talk to me again, I'll just be here... shooting.
With that I nodded my head a bit and walked back to the front desk, gave the man the gun, empty clips, and the target I had shot. He looked in amazement at the target, I just smiled and walked back to my quarters.
 When I got to my quarters, I took my bag off my bunk and slid it under the bed for the meantime. I found sheets a blanket and a pillow that felt like a slab of rock, in the closet. I made the bed and turned off the light, the daylight outside streamed in so I could still see. I set the timer on my clock for a hour and a half. I then laid back on the bed and put my head on the pillow of rock and fell asleep almost instantly. I didn't have any dreams, so that was good, meant more sleep, but what felt like five seconds later, the alarm clock was buzzing and beeping and I get out of bed and turn the light on. I look back at the clock and see its 5:30, diner time. I head to the door and exit the main entrance and go to the mess hall, I smelled something that didn't even smell like food before I had even walked into the hall. I walk into the building to be hit with the smell... lets just say it wasn't very... appetizing and that I liked the scent that I smelled outside more than inside. So I walked up to the counter to see what they were serving, it wasn't pretty, it looked like mean with too much barbecue sauce mashed together with tomatoes and rice. I looked over to my right and saw pre-packaged salads and milk, I decided to eat the salad. When I picked it up, I heard someone calling my name behind me. I turned to see Adam walking toward me.
Adam- Duncan! Duncan!
Duncan- Hey Adam, what do you want?
Adam- I was wondering if you wanted to sit by me, because you know, we both don't know many people here.
Duncan- Ok, but don't you need food?
I said ok because I felt sorry for him, I'm glad he never found out, because later on, he would have killed me with his pistol.
Adam- Yeah, I have some at the place I sit.
Duncan- Alright, where do you sit?
Adam- Just follow me.
I pick up my food I had set down due to the conversation and followed Adam through the talking soldiers at the tables. He stopped at a round table that was deserted other than a plate of the mush. Adam could see the disgusted look on my face.
Adam- Hey! I hate the taste, but it is packed with protein, that's all they go for here. And it has all the other stuff I need after a day of shooting and working out.
Duncan- Yeah, I guess.
This routine went on for the next few days, until I went to someplace other than the firing range.

To Be Continued...

(OOC: Wont be posting a new part any time soon, because of plans over the next few days, plus I won't have internet.)