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Duncan's Army Backstory #1
Executive Duncan 12th Oct 2014
I walked out of the plane that carried me to the base, I slung my bag over my shoulder and proceeded to walk to the heart of the base to meet my new General. I arrived at the main building where I was to check in with the General. I walked in and saw a secretary sitting behind a desk. I walked up to her and gave her my papers, she looked them over and handed them back to me, I then said...

Duncan- Private Olivia Duncan signing in. Just arrived off the plane, ready to meet with the General.

Secretary- Just let me give him a quick phone call to tell him you are here.

Duncan- Alright.

Secretary- You're good to go in. Its the door to my right.

Duncan- Thank you.

I walk into the door, the General had his back to the door when I walked in. He turned when he heard the door click behind me. When he was facing me, I saluted him.

General- At ease soldier.

I went back into the stance I was in before I saluted.

Duncan- I'm here checking in, but even now, I'm thinking that regular soldiers don't come to check in with the General, I was wondering if that was all I'm here for?

General- Well, you are very smart, people don't come to me to sign in. I called you here when you got off the plane, because you are the first female soldier on this base, and that will remain that way for the next one or two weeks.

Duncan- What is that going to do to my duties?

General- I don't know to the fullest yet, even though I am the General, but I do know one thing, you will have more chores to do around your quarters.

Duncan- Won't I get lonely not having other people in the quarters with me?

General- Well you will if you let yourself get lonely.

Duncan- So, now that I know that, what do I do now?

General- I advise you to get your bags and head over to your room, and go out and meet your fellow soldiers.

When he started saying head to your room, he picked up a slip of paper that instructed me where to go to get to my quarters.

Duncan- Alright, have a good day sir

I salute him again, he nods and and turns so his back to me again, signalling me to leave. I walk out and nod to the lady behind the desk. I walk outside and grab my bag and start following the  directions that were on the slip of paper to my quarters where I would be staying. I open the door to a medium size building, I was welcomed with a comforting sight of a small area with a TV and couches around the room, there were two doors, one on either side of the room, I walk to the one on the left and saw a largish room with 3 bunks, I walk to the one in corner and throw my bag on it. I then rummage through my bag and find the alarm clock they had allowed me to pack, and place it on the table beside me, I then take my papers and head to the firing range to see if I could meet anyone new while practicing shooting.

To Be Continued...  

Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 12th Oct 2014
nice introduction, it will be interesting to see where this goes.
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