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My Background.
Regulator Mikey [PS] 7th Sep 2014
My name is Mikey Sanford. I'm 22 years old, I was born and raised in Los Santos. I grew up having everything.My dad was a stock investor, so money, was never an issue in my house. I was able to get a college degree in Engineering at Los Santos University. You know how the say, everyone has something to complain about. Well, who ever said that didn't live in Vinewood. Having it all, wasn't something I enjoyed. It was...boring. Nothing to give me a reason to work for something, even live with MEANING. Nothing for me to complain about. No, "Hard work equals success." In my family, you want something? Problem causing you pain? BOOM! It was there, fixed, with a ridiculous red bow on top. I hated it. I couldn't stand for it any longer.
So, without my parents knowledge one night, I left them.

They had no idea where I went, and since there were no police searches for me, I guess they didn't care. Well, screw them. Without them, I finally have a reason to want something, and put in EFFORT to get it. Whatever the cost.
Few weeks later, I got in with a small, 3-bit crew in south LS, and I chilled with them for a minute.

They taught me everything about the streets, from who to avoid to surviving. Next thing I know, Ballas come around the corner in a Manana, flashes of bright lights and RA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TA-TATA. Boss and our three best commissioners are dead. We disbanded, all of us going our separate ways. Last I heard, most of them died because they thought they were tough and needed no one. They were all slowly picked off.
Then, knowing I was next, I needed people to protect me, save my life if I was in danger.

Suddenly, I remember hearing about some mob cats who were looking for muscle a while back. Transit trip later, and I'm at their "supposed" base of operations. I look in front, I see very high end cars out front in an industrial area. Too obvious. 

After that, well, it's all history now.