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extended backstory pt 8
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 2nd Aug 2014
Blake returned to his hotel room, he walked in, it was a nice room, well kept, no mold or leaking ceilings, no insect infestation. It was unsettling how nice it was. he had never been in in an actual, high end hotel. He wasn't  gonna use it much since he'd be away from it for most of the day, but he still went all out, if you have money might as well spend it, and thanks to the work he put in at crimecorp he had plenty of money. He walked to the dresser, there was some fancy wine, brewed by some asshole and older than anyone alive today, and a note "as as gift to one of our most esteemed guests, as an apology for our unfortunate incident earlier"

Ah yes, when he had to convince the guy in the lobby he was actually staying here
'YOU are staying HERE?" 
"for he fiftieth time yes, I am staying At this fucking hotel"
"Hold your tongue sir, are you certain you can..."
He looked blake up and down, old, worn canvas hat, glasses held together with duct tape, a beer stained three days grace t-shirt, jeans with the knees torn, spotted with beer, blood, and gas stains, along with what appeared to be burns, and work boots
"Afford to stay here"
"Son of a, look"                                    
Blake pulled out a roll of hundreds, 5k in total
"I have money, hell, I even know which room im staying in, 535, it's been booked weeks in advance, will you just let me in"
"I am sorry sir, but if we let in anyone who could flash money, we would be flooded with ruffians"
"That's it!"
Blake started reaching for his pistol, visibly angered. Just then the manager came running over
"Now, there's no need for an altercation, now Howard, this man is John Smith, one of our most esteemed guests."
"Wait, THIS MAN is"
"Yes, now show him to his room"
"I'm terribly sorry sir, he's supposed to keep the rabble out, but it looks like he's become one himself"
"Yes, well i suppose I understand, I'm not your average customer"
"Now sir, you are just has esteemed as our guests, roots in my opinion you are even more so given your humble roots"
"Why thank you mr?"
"Edwards, Walter Edwards"
"Yes, well mister Edwards, I would be quite grateful if you would have this mister, what was it, Howard? Carry my bags for me, I'm so exhausted from the ordeal"
"Of course, HOWARD, GET TO IT" "B - but"
"Yes sir"
Blake spat on Howard as he bent down to pick up the bags 
"Very good sir, you are a riot, now let me show you to your room"
funny how once you get a little money people who used to look down on you line up to kiss your ass. But that's besides the point. Blake tossed the wine onto the bed, walked over to the mini fridge and pulled out a pisswasser. It had been a long trip, brought out lots of old memories, lots of bad memories,  but lots of good ones too. It had been made longer by the whole fib explosion thing, but that was besides the point. Blake laid down on the fancy bed. His flight to los santos was tomorrow morning. This trip was nearly over.

Three days ago - the farm.

Blake pulled up the old dirt trail in his karin sultan. This was the first car he owned, back then it was all stock, plain red. It was nothing fancy, the all wheel drive being the selling point, but it was his own. He went past the first house, now old and boarded up. In the farms heydays that building was inhabited by workers, but It had long since been abandoned. He arrived at the fork and turned left, pulling up to the old barn. With his family dead and himself gone it had been left in a state of disrepair,  the farm was remote enough that it hadn't been vandalized, but it still wasn't pretty. 
He walked in, all the old tools were covered with dust, the wood appeared to be rotting. This place was bad before he left, and had been in need of repairs for at least ten years before then. He walked further in, and saw the small hole in the ceiling, he had made a game of jumping from this into the bales of hay below with leean when he was younger, until their father found out and nailed a board over it, insisting it was too dangerous. 
He continued walking. He saw the ladder had been modified, small boards nailed in between the originals, this had been done when joe and Colin started helping more, to help them climb the tall ladder. 
Blake climbed the ladder
The second story was murky, illuminated by holes in the roof where panels had fallen. Hay covered the floor, a couple piles were stacked in a corner, but it was otherwise barren. He would spend countless hours playing here as a child, and had once convinced his father to let him and his friends rearrange some of the hay bales into their own fort, which they used as a Clubhouse, until they got caught sneaking beers into it and it was promptly disassembled.
Blake got up and left, warm memories in his mind. Blake walked up to his car, turning to take a last look at the barn, before getting in and starting It up. He drove past the boarded up house again, taking a left turn. He looked to his right and saw the hill he used to sled down In the winter. His sister leean and him had a game they would play where they tried to hit each other with snowballs on the way down. He drove up the winding hill, past the old gate that belonged to a long gone fence, he couldn't even remember when the fence was there, but the gate was eternal, through everything that gate stayed. He wondered, as he had many times before, why they chose to make the road winding like this, instead of going straight up, it went up In a S pattern, before straightening G out and then spreading into a wide driveway, merging with the front yard. There had been many celebrations that filled up this driveway with cars. Those were a thing of the past now. 
This was it. He had to face it. 
He went b
Up the steps. The old ruins of of the house in front of him. The police had found out, and due to the lack of bodies or any next of kin they just did a ceremonial funeral, burying an empty Casket, and waited for the claim to the land to go up. They were amazed when an anonymous buyer came forth and bought it all, choosing to keep his identity hidden, and proceeded to do nothing with it.
Blake was particularly proud of that hack, showing it has sold to an anonymous buyer for much less than its worth, granting him full rights, despite his status as legally dead. Blake walked through the now flat area. This is where the kitchen used to be. This the living room. This is where the dining room used to be, he remembered how his parents insisted every night they eat at the table as a family. They switched out responsibilities for cooking and setting the table, sometimes his mom cooked, sometimes his dad, sometimes him and leean, and once joe and Colin attempted. It was hilarious, who knew you could burn orange juice? Or that toast could be served in a liquid form?                                      He sighed and left, tears in his eyes. He had thought he was over this.
Blake took a walk through the fields, heading for the uncleared section. The place where his new life started, and the reason his old ended.
It wasn't much to look at, just a humble little one room cottage. He
Walked around back. There were five wooden crosses, each in a row, and Each with wilted flowers in a vase. He put the new floors he had been carrying. 
"Im... I'm so sorry. You didn't deserve this... none of you did. I wish I could say I made it right but... well I don't know if that's possible anymore. I just hope that, wherever you are, you'll forgive me.
Blake sat in silence for a few hours, thinking of them, their memories.
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 4th Aug 2014
Since I didn't make it very clear, this was jumping forward, the one just before this was halfway through the liberty city stuff, which is a fucking novel on its own, meant to represent what this character was doing during the events of gta iv and my gta iv role playing, this one is jumping forward to present day, where I was gone for a week (in both rp and real life, to visit home in rp and to attend a camp at Michigan Technical college irl), explaining why I'm putting the backstory now, the memories are at the forefront of Blakes mind since he's back home
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Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 2nd Aug 2014
Only two more of these, after that I'll be back in los santos, and my stories will be a lot more exciting and a lot less wordy
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