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extended backstory pt 7
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 2nd Aug 2014
It was a cold night in liberty city. The dock was dark, cold, and frightening. No person who valued their life would dare go back there. It was perfect. Blaze turned off the car. He got out, closed the door, and walked to the trunk, he opened it up.
"MMPH mmphh!"
it had been too easy, the guy was already trussed up in bondage gear when blaze kicked in the door. The taiwanese woman with him didn't speak a lick of english, and it was unlikely she would be missed. 
Blaze pulled her out of the trunk of the car, the hole in her head had been leaking blood, and this car would have to be disposed of. He pulled out Dave Bosoy, he was soaked in blood, none of it his, and dropped him on the ground. 
Blaze was unsure if that was pain or arousal, and wasn't sure he wanted to know.
He ripped off the ball gag
"Shit man, I'm in to some kinky shit, but this is too much for me"
He was slurring his words, obviously very drunk. 
Blaze fired a shot into the dead body, making him jump
"Fuck man, she's dead!"
You don't say?
"Alright, now you may not have realized, but I'm not one of your hookers. Your life, and possibly limbs, depend on how you answer my questions."
He went somber, obviously just now starting to realize the gravity of the situation
"Fine man, I did it, I raped faustins daughter, please, just make it quick"
"I don't give a shit about faustin, I want to know about the platypus"
"What? That shitty boat? Okay uh, we were transporting heroin, immigrants, sports cars, uh"
Blaze fired another shot
"I want to know about the schiavitù family"
"The schiavitù family, they were transporting something on that fucking boat, I want to know what it was"
"Shit man, where do you think I got this girl"
Blake pulled out a hacksaw
"if you don't start making sense your gonna lose something very precious"
"Fuck, uhh, she was one of the girls they were transporting, schiavitù Does international human trafficking, sex slaves and shit"
"I see, where else did you pick up schiavitù girls at"
"Uh, a couple places overseas, we picked up a ton in south america, we've only dropped them off in lc, the biggest place is los santos, we picked up a ton from there."
Alright, who do you talk to for them"
"There's this guy, he's like a lawyer or some shit, I don't know man"
"Well then I guess that's where your usefulness ends"
"Wait what, no, please man don't mmphh MMPH MMPH MMPH!"
blaze fastened the ball gag back onto his face, silencing the protests.
blaze kicked him, he toppled backwards and fell into the freezing water, the straight jacket would make it impossible to swim, if hypothermia didn't off him drowning would.
Alright, some kind of lawyer, I can work with that