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extended backstory pt 6
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 2nd Aug 2014
Blake sat in a shitty motel room. He had went back and scavenged quite a few firearms from the gangsters, a quick clean and a pawn shop later he had plenty of cash, he looked at a nearby calender, September 23rd, 2009. It was his eighteenth birthday. He thought back to two years Ago, how different things had been, his family made good money on the farm, he had high prospects in either the chemistry or computer science fields, whichever he wanted. The farm was humble, but profitable. He had the ideal family situation, his parents were together, and still loved each other very much. He had three siblings, and although they had squabbles every now and then they all still loved and looked out for each other. He was the smart big brother they looked up to, always there to help. Between scholarships and support from the farm he could afford any college he wanted. Things looked bad on the horizon, but who cared? They would tough it out as a family, they'd hit rough patches before, and had always pulled through. They had no idea it would get as bad as it did. He had dropped out of high school to  take on two jobs, despite protests from his family. his sister, only 13 at the time, had gotten a fake id so she could work a job when not in school, once again, to protests of the family. Joe and Colin, then only 6 and 10,  had stepped up and taken more responsibility on the farm than anyone that age should of. He remembered Colin coming to him, asking if he could get a fake id like leean, so be could work and help. His family had been under so much. Was there anywhere else to turn? Could they have gotten out of it any other way? There had to be right? The world couldn't be this cruel, to put them in such a horrible situation without a way out. 
Blake realized there really wasn't. This couldn't end any other way. Giving up and losing the farm wasn't really an option, he would never have accepted it. This was inevitable. 
If the world was really this cruel, would kick us when we're down like this...
"We should kick it right back"
Blake and blaze thought, and said, in unison.
All they needed was a target.
Blake flipped on the TV
"In other news, a liberty city attorney who gained some minor publicity when he levied corruption charges at the schiavitù family, one of the liberty city elite, has gone missing, he was last seen being ushered into the back of a car by masked men. Now to John with sports"
"thanks Jamie, in a game this Sunday...."
Schiavitù, where have I heard that name...
think this kids good Mr. S? 
Oh yes, clients do love them at this age, feisty too, they'll love breaking him.  
Johnny schiavitù,  the guys name was Johnny schiavitù!
And he had a target.
liberty city huh, looks like that's where I'm headed.