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extended backstory pt 5
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 31st Jul 2014
> indicates mental communication with Blaze    < is blake, >is blaze

Roughly 15 weapons were pointed at blake, he stood very exposed, the detonator hanging in his sleeve a last resort incase they started shooting

>everything's going as planned

< even if they start shooting it won't <matter, everyone in this room Is dead <with one little push         

>but we want to live, remember

<yes, we've been over this

"I'm here to talk, I've got 20 pounds hidden nearby, I want a deal"

"You would make a deal? With us? You Sell to our rivals"

"Markets change, this is purely business"

"And the guys we sent to off you?"

"Their dead, along with my family, it's a shame, but we mustn't let emotions get in the way of business"


The gangster was visibly angered, whether it was by the revelation his friends were dead, by Blakes blatant lack of grief over the death of his whole family, or a mixture of the two was unclear.

"Boss, we lost Mr. S in that raid, we might need this shit to make up for it"

"Fuck J, your right"

"Alright, come in, we'll talk business inside, out of the weather."      

Blake put on a charismatic smile and walked inside, all eyes were on them

"Well? Get back to your own shit!"

The gang bangers slowly turned, yet another sign that this man was in charge.  

"Alright, what's your price?"

"Well, first of all, as a show of good faith, I've brought ten pounds with me, in the car."

"A, R, go grab that shit"

Two gangsters dutifully got up and started walking in the direction of the Door.

"OK, now for terms"

"I'm listnin"

"Well, first of all, I want full protection,  anyone messes with the farm, you fuck them up, I don't want something like this to happen again."


"I will continue to supply you with cooked methamphetamine as long as you provide me with supplies, I have a list prepared of what is needed, and will sell it back to you at a 25% mark up"


The two men came in holding the tupperware containers holding the meth

"A, take the one your holding to K and P, have them check to make sure it's legit"

The man referred to as A took one over to a group sitting at a table across the room. "R, take it to the armory,  get that shit locked up"

"On it"

"R" carried it up the stairs to the second story

'Alright, continue"

"Well, if you want you can sample some that I've brought, I'm sure you'll find it quite high quality"

"Aight, don't mind if I do"

He reached for the baggy on the table, he opened it and

> now

A flash of amazing light erupted from the baggy, scorching the man's hand, the flesh close to it was visibly torn, several fingers were destroyed completely, and the flesh up the arm was flayed

< one    

An explosion came from the table where the tub of meth had been brought, this one much larger, Than the initial one, the room was filled with smoke. The small explosion was supplemented with the half cooked meth still in the bottom of the tub, purposely left In an extremely volatile state. The room filled with obscuring smoke, and a nauseating smell that was a mix of burning flesh and chemicals.

Blake dove to the ground, the smoke now obscuring his movement, not a moment later several shots rang out, tearing apart the spot where he had just Been sitting


Footsteps could be heard as people upstairs rushed to the armory, grabbing weapons for what they assumed was a full on assault by numerous enemies.   

Another explosion rang out, and the portion of the room not devastated by the second explosion had the ceiling fall in, killing everyone in the armory Or that part of the room.


Footsteps could be heard coming down the stairs, there was no doubt these were the people who had made it out of the armory before the explosion

A series of explosions rang out, chunks of the wall by the staircase exploded inward, crushing those unlucky enough to be running down it, and decapitating the one gangster who had managed to get to the bottom.





Blake turned to where the head gangster had been sitting, he saw him sprinting out the door, holding his injured arm.

Yet another explosion rang out, obliterating the door, sending small splinters flying every which way.


Blake walked out the door, his secondary pistol in hand, one that had proven completely unnecessary, as they hadn't bothered patting him down.

The gang leader was crawling towards the cars, his right arm now barely hanging on, his entire side covered in blood, he was leaving a crimson trail In the snow.

"<>Now are you in any condition to drive?"

The cars he was crawling towards went up in a massive fireball, reaching what must of been 20 feet in height, and slowly receded to a slow, but intense continuous burn

< nine and ten

He started crawling towards the other cars 


The cars went up in a similarly fantastic fashion, spraying chunks of red hot metal and shards of glass every which way

 <eleven and twelve

Blake walked over to the gang leader, a significant sway in his step, his voice sounded... off, like their were two people speaking at once

"Well, it appears you've nowhere to run, now i had planned to kill you at this point, but something you said has piqued my interest"

"Fuck... you"

"Now, you mentioned a Mr. S, who was that?"

"Fuck off... id never betray my brothers"

"From what I've heard, this Mr. S was not one of them, not to mention that those "brothers" are now dead, well except the ones In the outskirts of the blasts, those ones are likely bleeding out right now, but they'll be dead soon enough"

"Fuck should I tell you, I'm a dead man either way." 

"Shh, you hear that?" 

In the silence screams could easily be heard, they were coming from the house, they called for help, for vengeance, for life.

"Unfortunately, not one of them is gonna get what they ask for, now, you could die quickly, or I could drag you back and have you burn to death, a very nasty way to go if you ask me, and i almost did once"

"I.. I.."

"Is it really worth it? All this for what?"



"The guys name, it was Johnny schiavitù"

"I see, and what dealings did you have with Johnny shiavatú?"

"He was part of something big, like international big, and said we could join if we proved strong enough, killing off you guys was our test"

"I see, well then, time for you to die"

The gang leader was openly sobbing, he knew it was inevitable

"Just... Please... make it quick"

"No, I don't think I will"

"But, you said"

"I lied"

Blaze shot him in the arm

"Wouldn't want you crawling away again, now would we"

"No, man, please no, anything but that"

Blaze started dragging the gang leader, now screaming, towards the burning building...