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extended backstory pt 11: the coma
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 21st Nov 2014
(OOC: this is what takes place between the jobs, "the lost retaliation" posted by me, and location, location, relocation" posted by Roxas)

After the white haze cleared, I found myself back home, I looked around, I was out in the field, the broken fence next to me, this was the trail, it led through the wooded patch of land my family had purchased during the 1920s, better times according to my great grandfather, but talk about the following decade was always somber, and eerily similar to modern days. I would often go out here when I needed to be alone, to think. I saw blake walking up, but younger, more innocent, nothing like what I had become. Blake went to the break in the fence, leaning on it for a minute, before walking into the trail, I followed, remembering this day, I had dropped out of school a month ago and started working out in town as a handyman, fixing whatever needed fixing, and offering computer repair services, all to try and raise the money my family needed, but it didn't matter, I had done the math and saw that there was no way we would make enough to pay off the debt, I was coming out to think, how would we get out of this?
Blake continued to walk down the trail, and I followed, but it was wrong, all wrong, not at all like i remembered, there were shadows in the distance, figures who ducked out from behind trees and evaporated when you saw them, I don't know how, but I felt a connection to them, it terrified me. Blake reached a point in the trail where a fallen tree blocked it, and I saw blaze, standing over the fallen tree, an Axe in hand, at first glance it looked like me, but there was a difference, a sadistic grin and a fire burning in his eyes. The scene froze, and my younger self stopped mid step
Blaze- "do you remember this day Blake? I do, this is the day I planted the seed, the seed that let me grow into what I am now"
Blake- "why am I here? And what the hell are you doing?"
Blaze-"i will explain it all in good time, but for now, just watch"
He evaporated into the air, a black cloud forming where he was standing and then dissipating, and time continued, Blake stepped around the tree, walking through the shrubbery on his way past, but then he noticed something, a glint of metal out in the distance. Blake walked towards it, curious as to what it could be. He approached and saw that it was a small cabin, he walked to the door and pushed It open. 
Inside there was a small room made, a decrepit bed that had long since collapsed under its own weight, and several empty barrels, Blake walked through, opening a door across the room that lead to a clearing, in that clearing was a strange device, several metal vats linked together with cheap tubing, and one had a furnace underneath it. Blake walked over, wiping the dust from it, a smile formed on his face, his family would not lose the farm, he would support them, it got his grandfather through the great depression, and now It would get him through this one.
Blaze - "Do you remember now? This is where you got the idea, your great grandfather's old distillery, it wasn't hard to find out what it was"
Blake - "You did this?"
Blaze - "Oh, I've done more than that, I've been whispering in your ear your entire life"
The scene shifted again, the environment melting away and recreating itself in a new form, I was in Los Santos, I had been working for green for a while, our mutual hatred of the schiavitu and her deep pockets made her a powerful ally, and I was starting to garner something of a reputation among the criminal underworld as a hired gun and demolitions expert, and had taken on a few jobs by some of the seedier characters in the city. I was sitting in a shitty apartment when I received a call from hector.
Hector - "is this blaze?"
Blaze - "Who's asking?"
Hector - "my name is hector, I'm a member of a private security firm called crimecorp"
Blaze - "I'm listening"
Hector - "We are in need of new employees for a job, really dangerous stuff, from what ive heard you specialize in that kind of work, you interested?"
Blaze - "Hell yeah, when can I start?"
Hector - "immediately, head over to the ammunation on popular street, we mobilize in an hour"
Blaze got up from the couch, grabbing a pistol and an ied from the counter, grabbed the keys to the bodhi and walked out.
Blaze reappeared
Blaze - "Remember this? This was when you first joined up with crimecorp, you didn't even resist me then, we were pushing in the same direction, and look how you prospered, a house In vinewood hills, a million dollars in the bank, and a spot among the respected members of the organization that was taking Los Santos by storm, you were unstoppable under my control"
The scene shifted yet again, It was the night of the attack, I saw myself lying there with phil, rolling around on the bed. Blaze was standing over it, glancing down with a look of disgust.
Blaze - "But then this happened, you grew weak, and for what? Love? Lust? Or just an idiotic feeling of sentiment towards what he represented."
Blake - "I don't know what your talking about"
Blaze - "You can't bullshit me, I know you Blake, better than you know yourself, you see him as representing what you once were, your old life, the life that DIED IN THE FIRE!"
He shouted and small fires started around the room, an ominous orange glow seeped through the windows, revealing a menacing inferno being held at bay by them
He calmed himself, when he spoke again his words were not filled with anger, but with a cold hatred
Blaze - "You have to kill him, it's the only way, you cannot survive otherwise, we cannot survive otherwise, incinerate him, and let the flames destroy everything that is left of your old life, cleanse it and let us live our new life unimpeded, do this, or we will die"
My vision faded, and I collapsed, blackness engulfed my vision...

Beep, beep, beep
Sound was the first sense that came back...