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extended backstory pt 9
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 3rd Aug 2014
Two days ago - the old flame

"Alright, I can do this."             
Blake was psyching himself up
"Haven't seen you in a couple years, you thought I was dead"
Alright, let's do it.
Blake knocked on the door
It opened and 
Holy tits
The most well endowed woman he had ever seen, how did she hold those up? Blonde hair, perfect figure, those eyes, oh god those tits.     
No, I must remain loyal, this isn't who I came here for.
"Hey uh, is this 336 west Ludington?"  
"Oh, no, what your looking for is about five houses that way"
She pointed, indicating where he was to look.
"Oh, OK, thanks"
Blake walked down the steps and back to the street.
Blake walked back to his car and Started it up, it was easily within walking distance, but he wanted the car nearby in case this went badly.
He went where he had been directed, stopped the car and got out.                 
Blake walked up to the door 
Ok, 3, 2, 2.5, 
His countdown was interrupted when the door swung open
"Holy shit, it's you"
"Hey phil, uh..."
"It's really you"
"Listen, I'm so sorry I left without"
Blake was pulled in to a loving embrace
"We all thought you were dead"
"I know, I'm so sorry, I..."
"Shush, it's fine, If I went through what you did, I can't begin to imagine"
"Thank you, but I really am"
"You've nothing to be sorry for, come in, we have so much to catch up on"
Phil was still himself, thank god

Blake entered the house, it was a nice
House, modestly furnished, just an average house.                           

Blake sat on the couch.      
Phil was rushing around, no doubt preparing some coffee, it was the way he was, always going out of his way to do good for others and make them comfortable. Blake thought back to the time he used to spend with phil              
Phil and him had been good friends since high school started, they were both outcasts, blake was, simply put, a nerd with no social skills to speak of, blake dealt with it, he had his whole life. It was different for phil, Phil had always been very social, he was the nicest person you would ever meet, always looking out for others. Everyone loved him. That changed when he came out as being gay. This was a very religious community, and while many were accepting, there were many others that were not, and their fellow students fell in with the latter. Blake was one of the few people who didn't shun phil. They grew close with their mutual exclusion, taking solace in each other. When blake had dropped out of school to take on two jobs, Phil was there to supply emotional support, he would set aside hours to just talk, something blake was extremely grateful for.
And when blake turned to growing pot and selling meth, Phil was the only person he told. The only person he felt safe confiding in, as he knew he had to keep it from his family. Phil was hesitant, but supportive nonetheless. 
When blake had left he had told no one. It would be better if the everyone assumed he was dead. 
Phil sat down, two cups of coffee in hand.
"Cream and five sugars, just how you like it"
"Thanks phil, but you really didn't need to"
"It's not that I need to, it's that it makes you more comfortable, besides"
Phil took a sip of coffee
"I could use some too"
That's just like phil, it was five in the afternoon and he's just now waking up
"Up all night on another project?"
"Yes actually, I've been experimenting with this new script"
Phil was an artist, and when blake introduced him to processing art he fell In love with it. Phil now worked in graphic design as a freelancer.
"So, tell me everything,  where you've been all these years, what you do"
"You understand you might not like what you hear"
"Tell me anyway"
Blake went through everything, from immediately after the fire until arriving in los santos.
Phil was visibly horrified at some of the worse parts, but he calmed as time went on
"Blake, I hope you understand,  that... thing, Blaze, that's not you."
"Maybe not originally, but now... Every day the line seems to be getting more and more blurred."
"You have to fight it blake, this thing you're becoming, it's not right"
"But how, I need to do this, I need to see this schiavitù thing through to the end."
"I'm not arguing that blake, from what I've heard... These people gave up their right to live when they started enslaving others"
"That's not why I'm doing this"
"Blake, this... you can't let this be about revenge" 
"Why the hell not!?"
Blake stood up
"Because that's what's making you into this!
Phil stood up, meeting his gaze    
Phil was scared, he could see tears streaming down his eyes, and his hands shaking, but he was keeping a straight face, doing his best to remain strong  
What have I done   
Blake sat down and put his head in his hands
"Phil, I'm, I'm so sorry..."
"It's ok"                             
"You're right, it's the revenge that feeds blaze, blaze isn't me, and i need need to remember that."
"Blake, I hope you understand that no matter what you do I'll be here for you"
"Even after all this, everything I've done, how could you still trust me?"
"Because I know the real blake, the blake who existed before all these horrible things happened"
"Thank you phil, this is all just, too much"
Phil leaned over and pulled blake into a loving embrace
"You can forget all that now, it's just you and me, and if you can't forget alone, I'll help you "
Phil smirked
Well then.

OOC: Shits getting deep, only got one more planned, so this is almost over, next up is one day ago, the spark, where we view the other side of Blake/Blazes fucked psyche, and the pushing force behind that.