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extended backstory pt 10
Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC) 4th Aug 2014
One day ago - the new spark

Blake awoke with a pounding headache.
What did I do last night
Blake got out phils bed
"Morning blake"
"Ugh, morning phil"
"You know, I think you might be an alchoholic blake"
"I can deal with that later"
"Alright, I made up some breakfast while you were sleeping, it's waiting in in the kitchen, maybe some greasy food will help you with that hangover"
"Thanks phil, I-"
They were interrupted by Blakes drone phone ringing.
Blake picked up the phone, it was     green
'Crap, uh sorry phil but I gotta take this"
"It's fine, I'll be waiting downstairs"
"Thanks phil"
Blake swiped to accept the call and put the phone to his ear
"Hey green, what is it"
"What the fuck blake"
"how could you pull this shit without giving me some warning!?"
"Pull what shit?"
"Don't play dumb with me, the shit at the FIB building, that has your Pyromaniac ass written all over it!"
"You can't be seriously telling me crimecorp doesn't have something to do with this"

"And how you were conveniently out of town a couple days beforehand, however I must commend you on travel, I haven't quite figured out how you got to michigan that quickly without a digital trail"
"What FIB thing"
"There's only one bomb maker in ls that could make something that can do that much damage and be snuck in to the FIB building."
"Hold on, what exactly happened to the fib building"
"Wait, your serious"
"You really don't know what happened"
"No, I don't"
"Where the fuck have you been the last twenty four hours"
"I've been... occupied"
"Turn on the god damn TV"
Blake took a remote from the bedstand and flicked on the TV in the room
"Holy shit"
"This is"
"This wasn't us"
"Are you sure?"
"Yeah, but I have an idea who it might have been"
"Alright, this isn't expected, but we can adapt, your in Michigan right now"
"OK, good, I want you at the airport by 11, can you make it"
"I've been planning a hit on the schiavitù ops in Michigan for a while now, they're gonna be distracted covering their trails, besides, I'm paying crimecorp for your time"  
"Alright, I've got a lot of gear in my car, can we get it through security?"
"Yeah, we can"
"Just give me an hour or so to get my stuff In order"
"Sure thing blake"
the call ended with a click
Blake went to his missed calls, sure enough there was one from lester
"Hey uh blake you may want to lay low for a while, that uh, stuff you sold me got put to use, if you don't know what I'm referring to you will soon"
Mystery solved.
Ok, now to get ready 
Blake looked at his phone, it was 9:18
Blake got dressed and walked out to the living room. 
"Hey blake, you seen this? It's on every channel, some giant fire at the FIB building in los santos, they're saying it might have been a bomb"
"Yeah, I heard"
"Your uh, "crew", did they?"
"No, oh god no, I would of known if they did"
"... i shouldn't of asked"
"it doesn't matter in this case cause they didn't, but uh, yeah, you shouldn't of asked"
"Anyway phil, I'm sorry it's so soon but, well, something else came up, something big, and I got to get to the airport"
"Oh, I'll come with you"
"Yeah, I work remotely anyway, so long as I have an Internet connection I can work anywhere I want"
"Oh, well, uh"
"is something wrong?"
"Well, it's just... someone's been targeting the loved ones of crimecorp members recently, my friend kelly was almost gunned down with his wife less than a week ago"
"It's just... If I brought you along and... i dont think I could live with putting you in harms way like that"
"I... i understand"
"I'm sorry phil, as soon as it's safe I'll fly you out"
"I understand, listen blake, I understand your angry, but, just... Please, remember what we talked about"
"I will"
Without another word blake walked out the door.

Blake pulled onto the freeway and pulled out his phone
"Green, it's blake, I'm about four minutes out"
"Alright, you in your bohdi or sultan?"
"Same plate?"
Blake heard the click of a keyboard on the other end
"Alright, they'll let you through"
"So, care to fill me in on what we're doing?"
"Alright, schiavitù has been putting a lot of attention on the great lakes area, specifically michigan, but you already knew that"
"Well, recently they've been using the shipping lanes through the lake to move slaves, much easier than on land"
"Well, there's a specific prisoner of theirs who I have a special interest in, last I heard she's being moved through this port"
"So we're busting her out?"
"So why me specifically?"
"I need someone who I know won't get bought out by schiavitù"
"And why do you think I couldn't?"
"Do you really think I hired you without extensive background checks? I mean it wasn't particularly easy, what with you being legally dead, not to mention how you couldn't remember shit before the fire at the time"
"But no one is truly invisible nowadays, and your no exception"
"Alright, I'm pulling in to the airport now"


Blake walked up the steps to the small jet
There was green, she wore a green business suit, short haircut, green pork pie hat, and was holding a briefcase
"I see you came prepared"
Blake had on a bulletproof vest, with a variety of clips and explosives strapped to it, he had a backpack that was no doubt filled to the brim with weaponry. his mask was flipped up, revealing his face.
"You said we're raiding the schiavitù, I know from experience they have good weaponry, and I've no intention of being outgunned"


The door exploded inward, the wood offering little resistance to the explosives, the men inside were expecting this though, and had set up a makeshift barricade of tables in the center of the large warehouse
Volley after volley of machine gun fire tore through the doorway, obliterating anything in their path. The sound was deafening, so much so that none of them heard the soft thunk thunk of Blakes grenade launcher firing, only one noticed the high window shattering, and by then it was too late. Three grenades landed at various points throughout the room, giving a sharp click click before exploding. The effect was devastating, blood and gore splattered the walls. What was seconds ago deafeningly loud was now eerily silent.                                              

"Think that's the last of em green"
"No, that tower over there That's where they keep the records"
"Alright, then let's get going"       


Blaze fired three shells into the door from his pump shotgun, a quick push with his leg caused what remained to collapse in on itself. The room was filled with men wearing business attire, several were huddled over, crouching in fear, one had a pistol in his hand, aiming at Blazes chest
"Hey green, it looks like we interrupted a meeting, got a lot of suits in here" 
Blaze walked in.
"s - stay back"
"Or what? Your gonna shoot me? You couldnt, I can see it, your trembling, I doubt you even know how to"
Blake kept walking forward
"I'm warning you, I'll fucking do it!"
Blaze smirked under his mask
"Safeties still on"
Blake grabbed the pistol from the cowering man, and proceeded to beat him to the ground with it, repeatedly pistol whipping him
"Blaze! We need them alive"
Blaze stopped
"Now I need to get into the server room, i assume one of you has access?"
They stayed silent                               
"Huh, fine, blaze, start shooting"
"With pleasure"
( "You can't let this be about revenge" )
This was different, wasn't it? This was neccesary to keep allied with green, and crimecorp would need her help to take down schiavitù.
The shot impacted the leg of one of the businessmen.
Green gave blaze a confused look, Blaze showing mercy? This was unheard of. She didn't let the hostages catch on that something was wrong.
"Alright, you get one warning shot, and that was it, if I have to ask again the next shot will be in the head."
 One of them slowly stepped up
"You have access to the server room?"
"Y - yes"
"Alright, lead the way, the rest of you follow him, try anything and we'll put a bullet in your head."
They walked through the hallway, ending at a security door, the man who stood up walked over and to the door, entered an 16 digit number, then opened it.
Green pulled blaze aside, and whispered.                       
"Alright blaze, I know you want the info on that computer, but there's something I need on there."
"I understand, but, well, do you know how to get past the security?
This is top of the line stuff"
"Really blaze, how do you think I made my fortune, I didn't inherit it, that's for damn sure"
With that she walked in. Blake waited outside with the hostages. One minute went by. Then another. 
Blake could here glass shattering and chairs being thrown, whatever happened, it wasn't good.
Blake opened the door and walked in, the room was a mess, the glass divider between this room and the servers was shattered, a chair bad been thrown, blake turned and saw green sitting In the corner, sobbing.
"She's dead."
"What? Who's"
"My sister, these fucks they, they sold her off to some rich sicko, he came back and hired them to dispose of The remains a week later"
Now blake was angry, they had done done the same exact thing to her as they did to him, just slower
"Eight years, eight years I've been following the trail, trying to get her back, and I'm a week too late."
"Green, listen, I know what your going through, I went through the same thing, but you can't just shut down and die-"
Blake was interrupted by green walking past him
The first two hostages never saw it coming, the last three tried to run, but they never had a chance, the last one was down but not dead by the first shot, a second shot finished him. She left one, he was cowering on the ground, openingly sobbing. 
"Why did you leave him?"
" He is Edgar schiavitù, the man in charge of all shiavatú ops in Michigan"  
"which means"
"The hit on your farm, it went through Him" 
Both of Edgars kneecaps were Shattered. 
"Green, do me a favor will you, grab the large box from my backpack? With the counter." Green took it and set it down.   
"Now, this is a fire bomb, when this timer gets to 0, all of this will be incinerated, including you. My family died at your mens hands, burned alive. and now you will suffer the same fate."
Blake keyed the bomb to the data Upload, once he had copied the servers data it would explode.
Edgar was sitting on the ground, holding his wounded legs, quietly sobbing to himself. 
"Blake, we should be going"
"Oh, your right, well goodbye Edgar, I doubt we'll meet again"    
"We will"
"Excuse me?"
"Oh, we will meet again, you think your not going to hell? Well I know I am, and I'm sure you'll be there too before too long"
"Well, if there is a hell, im sure I'll fit right in"
It was no longer blake talking, this voice was wrong, cruel. This was Blaze talking.
Without another word Blaze and green walked out.


"So what now?"
They had driven back to the airport they were dropped off at, and were sitting on greens plane, it was taxiing down the runway.
"Have I ever told you about my sister?"
"No, you haven't"
"She had this... This air about her, she could become friends with anyone, just by starting up a conversation"
"She sounds like a wonderful person"
"She was, she raised me since I was little, our parents died when I was only four, she knew that I wouldn't have a good life going from foster home to foster home, so she decided to raise me herself, she was only 14 at the time"
"That's a lot of responsibility for someone so young"
"Yes, but she handled it well, she used to read to me every night, some days we didn't have food, some nights we didn't even have an apartment to sleep in. She was everything to me. 
I had always been good with computers, and i made a career out of hacking. I didn't tell her, she was suspicious on how I got so much cash, But we were living better than we ever had before, we weren't worried where we'd sleep or where the next meal was coming from. 
Then there was the big one, someone wanted info on The shiavatu, the offer was in the millions, I accepted It, the hack itself was easy, i was naive, I didn't think they would trace it back. When they kicked in the door I wasn't home, all they knew was that it originated In that house, I've been following them since, the millions were not even a third of what I had saved up, I was just trying to think how to explain it to her."
 The similarities in their experiences were not lost on either. 
"And now?"
"Now? Now we take apart the schiavitù family" 
"I've got the funding, and crimecorp has the manpower, together we are going to fucking destroy them." Blaze grinned
"Sounds like a plan"

24 hours had passed by the time the plane landed, blake went back to the hotel, exhausted, his flight was tomorrow, and he intended to get some rest