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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
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Online Guests: 4
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The First Five (5)
Commissioner (2)
Lieutenant (5)
Street Boss (11)
Regulator (21)
LSPD (10)
Ambassador (3)
Prospect (276)

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The First Five

You are now a member of an illustrious criminal Illuminati predicated upon style, power, wealth, and loyalty. Having proven yourself by going above and beyond the normal confines of morally inferior character. Capable of extraordinary daring and grit while simultaneously achieving coordinated tactical brilliance and impeccable intelligence. You are, quiet simply put, the apex aficionados of CrimeCorp's enterprising organization. 

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Assassination Division Head

This Member is at the Helm Of the Assassination Division.

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