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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
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Crime Corp Doctor : The badge of honor which is actually achieved through blood, sweat and tears. This individual has pushed through trials and tribulations of keeping members alive. May this be through medical training or stitching them up to get them to the hospital, we recognize their efforts.

 You're among our best, you know everything that is going on, and how to exploit that, second only to the division head, you are now able to send contracts and missions to any division member.
 You're among the best we have, convincing lies  come up with effortlessly, and no method of interrogation is too gruesome for you. you leave no trace behind and no detail unnoticed. Division missions you plan no longer require approval from division leadership.
 You've proven yourself capable of pulling off complex operations, gathering information through any means necessary, you clean up after yourself, disposing of anything that may lead back to you.

Cleaning Crew
A new initiate to the division, our work isn't pleasant or easy, but if you can pull it off you'll go far. 
The First Five
You are now a member of an illustrious criminal Illuminati predicated upon style, power, wealth, and loyalty. Having proven yourself by going above and beyond the normal confines of morally inferior character. Capable of extraordinary daring and grit while simultaneously achieving coordinated tactical brilliance and impeccable intelligence. You are, quiet simply put, the apex aficionados of CrimeCorp's enterprising organization. 

The Godfather
You are now ranked among the prolific pantheon of notorious criminals. Second to none, you are the king of your domain and your word is law.

This hasn't been awarded to anyone yet.
The Scarface
You are now a legend and may enjoy all the perks of success that come with being a top figure within the ranks of CrimeCorp. Operating with carte-blanch, the level of responsibility you now shoulder shall be immense. But you have long since proven capable.

The Goodfella's
With this award you have impressively earned a spot amongst the higher ranking affiliates of CrimeCorp. Able to conduct criminal operations without the hovering supervision of the First Five.

The Carlito's Way
Simply put, you have become an executioner of excellence. Capable of brilliant displays that have not only benefited the growth of the Crew, but your own notorious reputation as well.

The Layer Cake
You've become known as a reliable asset and a man/woman who can be trusted with reasonably important tasks. Continuing to operate with proficiency and leadership and watch your infamy grow.

The American Gangster
Your everyday hustle has helped build the foundation of a reputation, even garnering a moderate level of respect from your peers inside CrimeCorp.

The Road to Perdition
You've embarked on the long journey of a career criminal. Keep a steady hand and a loyal heart and sooner rather then later, your efforts shall pay off. Keep grinding, the streets are watching, and so are we.

Assassination Division Head
This Member is at the Helm Of the Assassination Division.
You have master the art of murder and you are the best at what you do. Not only do you kill ruthlessly and efficiently, you are a master at not leaving a trace. Not only do you get the most important targets, you also have to protect our leaders.

This hasn't been awarded to anyone yet.
You have mastered the art of Assassination. Your weapon is an extention of your body, of your soul. You are one of the best marksman in the Corporation. You are trusted with increasingly difficult and high profile targets.

You pull the trigger on your targets without hesitation. Murder is second nature to you, kill or be killed. You've gained the respect of the Division Head and can now do missions on your own. 
You are new to the Division, you're not yet sure if this is the life you want to live. This is where you discover your true self, your killer instinct.