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The Schiavitu
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21st Apr 2015

The Schiavitu

The Schiavitu family first rose to prominence in the early 1600s, when they got involved with the blooming trans Atlantic slave trade, shuttling slaves from Africa to the Americas, this is where they first made their fortune. By the time prohibition came around in the early 1900s and began fostering large networks of organized crime they were a well established shipper of alchohol, but they weren't happy with just being the supplier, they wanted a bigger cut, so they used their fortune to wipe out the established mafias, and took on the role. From there they pretty much followed the trend of crime, and nowadays they are considered nobility in four countries, and are counted among the liberty city elite. They are also known to be the world's largest network for human trafficking, as well as dabbling in drugs, gun running, and just about anything else that can make them money. 

Modern status
The Schiavitu are major players in both drug and gun smuggling worldwide, and the undisputed leaders in human trafficking. They are also extremely influential, with ties to both nobility and high ranking politicians in several countries.

Our history with them
We've butted heads with the Schiavitu twice before, the first time was during our fight with merryweather, when they backed merryweather. The second was when info division was hired to help out the ancellotis in liberty city. The Schiavitu had kidnapped the daughter of the ancellotis don, although it was later discovered that was merely a distraction to keep them occupied while the Schiavitu moved muscle into place for a large scale attack, they have since moved out of Los Santos, and set up in liberty city, where they control all of broker and Algonquin, and are in conflict with the ancellotis over control of alderny. 

Additional info: Note from Blake Taberah on his encounters with the schiavitu
My first encounter with the Schiavitu was
 6 years ago, when I was 18. I've went into specifics on this before before so I'll give you the short version. A gang operating on their orders destroyed my home, killed my family, and nearly killed me because I was supplying their rivals with meth and weed, and I suppose that event is what pushed me from being a small town dealer go what I am now. The years between that and me joining crimecorp were spent hunting down and killing known members across america, canada, and at one point through several south American countries. The note I found signed with a JS, whom I believe to be johnny schiavitu, the man who was leading those gangsters on that night.
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Forum » CrimeCorp History » Factions
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