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21st Apr 2015


merryweather was founded in 2003 by don percival, an ex navy seal, using money from a coup in western africa. and they’ve been committing war crimes and toppling americas political opponents ever since

Current status
merryweather are the go to PMC for the american government, protecting our countries interests where morality and political consequences stop our military.

Our experiences with them
Our war with Merryweather remains a symbol of pride among crimecorp, the war came about when we were first gaining traction as a private security firm, and began threatening their business in the process, leading to tension between them and us. The tension was ignited when they attempted to assassinate several high ranking members, luckily we discovered this shortly before they acted, and all but two members were able to flee before the hit squads arrived, the two unable to flee were Don and buzz, who were at the vanilla unicorn, and ultimately ended up in a firefight with the mercs that left Don injured. After the first wave Blake arrived and provided assistance in fighting off the second wave, and the three fled during the window left after that. The war lasted several months, in that time we either stole or destroyed millions of dollars worth of Merryweather equipment, as well as killing a large portion of their reserves, and it ultimately ended with an uneasy peace agreement, where merryweather backed down and agreed not to interfere with us.
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30th Apr 2015

I was part of blowing up some of their shit if I remember correctly
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"Sometimes a juror gets lost on their way to court, sometimes the can't shake that 'not guilty' feeling, sometimes me, or my associates make those things happen." -Sam Pal

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Forum » CrimeCorp History » Factions
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