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Christmas Party
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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 514
20th Dec 2014

   Looking in the mirror for one more time and fix you hair, you are ready to go now, the way you look, the way you are dressed, even the way you smell all screams MONEY ,you smile ,  grab your car keys from the counter you are ready to go party at one of the biggest parties in town , Crime Corp Christmas party


  You pull in to the main entrance of the Rich Man hotel, a Valet greets you as he, with his bowed head takes your keys and drives the car to the parking lot, you with a confident walk , make your way through the main entrance 

A lot of familiar faces around you, and not only people you work with, big businessmen, politicians, the DA, General attorney, governors, and the mayor, all are here, along with movie stars, models, while a live orchestra is  playing music .A young girl walks to you offering  champagne, you take the glass and look around, everyone is having fun, people are spread all over the place, talking , drinking 
  You see Wally next to the Christmas Tree right in the middle of the room, he takes the microphone 
   "-Ladies and Gentlemen, Friends, brothers and sisters, I would like to take a moment to thank all of you for being here tonight with us, it was a long year, a good year, we came a long way , we accomplished a lot, we made new friends,  we also lost friends, but we are moving forward, we're not just a bunch of people who do what we do for the money, we've become a family, a united, twisted and a crazy family, and I am honored to call each and every one of you my friends, 
I am raising this glass for all you, and wishing you  Happy Holidays...... Now let's get this party started "
   Wally raises my glass and empty it and the music starts to play again  

(OCC: This Thread will be used for all Secret Santa Gifts that will be posted )
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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Joined: 4th Sep 2014
Rank: Commissioner
Likes 229
21st Dec 2014

(Be prepared, gun knowledge in this post, feel free to look the guns up)
I thought I would get this Secret Santa thing over with, so I looked for the person I was Secret Santa for. I finally found him. Donnie. I walk up to Donnie, a small package in my pocket, I take it out and hand it to Donnie.

"Surprise Donnie, I'm your Secret Santa! Now open the box." I say as I hand Donnie the box. He opens in and out comes a solid golden lighter with a gun engraved in it, to be exact, a Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle. "Now Donnie, we will probably have to go outside for the rest of the gift, seeing as I couldn't bring it in here without everyone knowing what it is." I say as I lead him outside to my car. I open the trunk and in the back there are two guns that don't belong to me. "Donnie, you are the Head of A Div. so who wouldn't get you a gun!? The one in the hard case is the Winchester Model 1873 Short Rifle that's on the lighter, it has a caliber of .32, its a powerful gun. The pistol is 9mm Model 986 Revolver, so you can kill people execution style. I also got you a box of ammo for both of them." I explain as Donnie picks up the weapons and tests the weight.

"Thank you Duncan." Donnie replies with a rare smile on his face. "I'm going to move these to my car."

"Ok, I'm going to go back to the party." I say as Donnie picks up the two guns, slings the rifle to his back using the shoulder strap I bought, and walks to his car while I go back to the party and get a drink.
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Joined: 20th Oct 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 104
21st Dec 2014

My Secret Receiver was JaJa Christmas

I went to the Eclipse Medical Tower, this is where JaJa was staying while in his coma. I knew that he would love to simply wake up so that was my plan, make this mofo wake up. But how would I do that, sure I wanted it to be in style, but what would I do to pull him out of a coma? Right then and there I got a marvelous idea, I called up JaJa's and told him my genius plan.

SA: Hello?
JJG: Yeah who is this?
SA: I need you to kiss JaJa on the lips and put a tear into his eye.
JJG: Da faq?
SA: No time to explain, I'll send an Uber to pick you up.
JJG: ... this is why I'm never going into organized crime.

Then after an hour she still wasn't here so I guess I did have time to explain but it doesn't matter now does it? Anyways she came to the hospital and I paid the wannabe taxi driver. She kissed him and put a tear in his eye, and JaJa started groaning as if he was waking up. I paid the doctor $500 from my restaurant to discharge him as soon as possible. They had put him under some drug so he wouldn't know what was happening. I quickly kidnapped him and put my into the back of my Oracle. I sped off to Ponsonbys and bought an amazing suit for $2, 000. Then I put some aftershave on and drove to the CC Christmas Party. I pulled Christmas from the trunk and got him a suit I had left in the back seat tailored for him. I got him looking snazzy and gave him some aftershave. Apparently his drug was still wearing away so he still didn't know wtf was going on and I put the black bag over his head again. I carried him into the party and yelled JaJa is out of the coma. I put him down and pulled off the bag.

SA: Merry Christmas JaJa.
JA: Huh woah that's people lots.

We all toasted to JaJa's return to the real world and had a great night.
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"Sometimes a juror gets lost on their way to court, sometimes the can't shake that 'not guilty' feeling, sometimes me, or my associates make those things happen." -Sam Pal

Vehicles Owned: Ubermact Oracle
Property Owned: Up N' Atom, Vapid Narcotics Wharehouse
Real Estate Owned: House on Invention Ct. (Vespucci Canals)

Joined: 4th Jul 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 356
22nd Dec 2014

I circulated around the room, moving in on my target with swift ease. The black suit and tie seems really cliche if you are going to make such a move, but might as well time to go into check. She moved away from her group, I scoop up a glass of champagne in one hand, concealling my surprise in the other. I leaned into her ear and smiled while I spoke.
"Secret Santa time for you, Ms. Duncan" I shift my present in front of me, waiting for her to catch my gaze.
"How did I know it was going to be you?" She laughed, taking the champagne and giving me a brief hug. I held the present out, the wrapping in a velvet green colour with a red bow wrapped around it. She took it with a gleeful smile, surprised by its odd shape.

"Before you open it..." I interject, pressing my hand onto hers to stop her.
"The contents of this might seem off, but it is more I noticed your ability with handling situations that involve ripping pellets out of chests. Please continue." As she unwraps her present, I place a cigarette into a extended cigarette holder and light it. She notices the first two presents, a slightly unimpressed face comes through. Books which I paid for a printing agency to print illustrating techniques with bullet removing, bandaging wounds etc. Before she could say anything else, she noticed the rolled up leather pouch. I escorted her outside onto a table so she could roll the pouch out.

"Thought I was just going to give you books eh?" I said, watching her eyes light up in front of me. She rolled out the pouch and found stainless steel equipment used for both torture and medical purposes, she picked one up specifically which I had tailor-made. A long scapel that can be used as a knife, personalised grip with engravement on the blade that reads 'Merry Christmas OD. AT'
"Engraving such a item by yourself is tricky, but less expensive and more meaningful. You can keep it in underneath clothing and pull it out when you need it. Study up and then I'll see about getting you to do surgeries, hope you like the present" I smiled at her, blowing smoke to the side while I give her a kiss on her cheek.
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'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

Last Edit: 22nd Dec 2014 by Dr. Axel Taylor (X360/XB1)
Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Commissioner
Likes 292
23rd Dec 2014

ho ho ho and a truck full of  hookers 
-5k for the hookers
-3k for the weed
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Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

Joined: 7th Sep 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 128
23rd Dec 2014

I sat there for hours on end, racking my brain on what to get my secret Santa. A car maybe? no, they wouldn't like it. A gun? no, same reason. It was impossible to get this person something without there being a reason they wouldn't like it. And then it hit me. LITERALLY. A Pisswasser fell on my head from a shelf above me. I picked it up. Perfect. The solution to all life's problems. BOOZE! But mere Pisswasser wouldn't cut it. No i had to get something better. I whipped out my phone and dialed Winnipeg. "Santa-peg, lets test           your Christmas skill. Meet me at your store asap"

A few hours later, i had the booze and was getting ready. I put on my best suit and got in my car. I arrived at the hotel. 
"wow, how many celeb scandals have they had in this place?" I muttered to myself, stunned by the hotels beauty.
I gave the car to the valet and tucked 20 in his shirt pocket. " Take care of it OK? If there's no scratches when i leave there's another 20 in it for you" 
"ok" the valet replied, presumably since he was working for crappy wage and had just got a decent tip.

I walked into the hotel and scanned the room. Everyone was here, having a good time, exchanging gifts and drinking. I saw my secret Santa. I casually walked over and tapped them on the shoulder. He turned around.
"Merry Christmas Sam!" I said holding his present in my hand.
"I'm your secret Santa! Here you go." I gave him the bottle in my hand.
"That is imported whiskey, made in the Italian hills and aged to perfection, want a glass?" 
We poured a glass and enjoyed a night of festivities and fun 

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Signature Picture

Dirty Money: $5,000
Clean Money: $25,850.00
Vehicles Owned: Sultan RS, Dewbauchee Rapid GT (THE GOD-DAMN SPY CAR!)
Property Owned: 3 Bedroom house in El Burro Heights, Co-owner of Gavs Cash Exchange (Fence Racket)
Gamertag: Petrolhead999

Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 514
24th Dec 2014

Christmas Party 

-Ladies and Gentlemen, can I have your attention please, I say as the music stops playing, and I get on a balcony while ringing the cristal champagne glass 

-I would like to thank everyone again for being here tonight, hope everyone is enjoying the party, I have a little announcement to make, first of all,  I have a present for all our organization, it is the rehab center  that we are buying, and after new year we will be the pride owners of this center, and we will help people in Los Santos get rid of bad habbits, and our Dr. Axel Taylor will be running it.

- Now, I have another gift for everyone, all CC employees will get a Christmas bonus, everyone will receive a $20,000 check in clean money ....... so yeah, that's that....... but it's not over, I would like to ask everyone to come closer, since I have some more presents, and this time for each of you in particular, so if you'll bare with me a couple more minutes, you all will receive a present........ so here we go 

Presents From Santa Wally

-I hope everyone liked their present,  you can now go back to the party  Merry Christmas everyone !!!!!

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 95
24th Dec 2014

My Secret Santa

     I pulled up to the party and just left Vanessa on the sidewalk. As I walked in I saw all the happy faces of my deranged family. A lot of the faces were new to me so I had to learn more. I talked to everyone a little and got to know more about them but the whole time I was looking for Secret Santa. After a while of walking around, looking Wally came up and gave a speech. It wasn't the best speech I've ever heard but I got 20K out of it so I'm happy. I found my present under the tree of the tea and tea set which was awesome. As I finished thanking wally for all of it I turned around and saw my secret santa.

     As I walked off I heard a few people people worry about all the poisons I talked about. Its their fault because they decided to be nosy. Well I'm sure they'll get used. After all Disco Dan Morretti is a dangerous man.
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'The World Is Ours'
Dirty Money: $4,250
Clean Money: $374,370
Vehicles owned : Western Bagger
Business owned: Little Teapot
Property owned :-------

Joined: 21st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 167
24th Dec 2014

Shit. I was running a little late to the party.
I threw on one of my good suits and  hopped into my Secret Santa's present. I revved the engine, and sped off down the street.
"Woo-hoo! This takes me back. I hope he enjoys it!"
I was close to the Richmond Hotel, but before I went to it, I texted my Secret Santa, so that he could see his gift when I bought it around. 
I used an old phone of mine, so that he didn't know who it could be. It read:
"Hello, Mr. Reems. Your present is outside. Love, Santa."
Yes, my Secret Santa was the one and only Jason "Reaper" Reems.
I waited until I saw him come outside, and then drifted this baby around the corner:

Tyrese: "Merry Christmas, Reaper!"
Reaper:  "So, where's my present?"
Tyrese:  "Why, right here, of course!"
I threw him the keys.
Tyrese:  "A custom-built Futo, complete with NOS. I used to drive one of these babies back when I lived in England. I was a pretty good boy-racer in my time. Thought it would be good for you in your Street Racing division escapades."
Reaper:  "Thanks! I appreciate it."
Tyrese:  "Let the valet handle it for now. You can test drive it later. Come on, I'll buy you a drink.  After the work I've put into it, I could use one. Or ten."
Reaper: "Sounds good!"

(-$18,500 for the Futo)

-- Merry Christmas Everyone!! --
((Also, I'd like to that Wally for his Secret Santa gift to me. It's a beauty))
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Joined: 1st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 339
24th Dec 2014




"Hello and good evening you crazy group of psychos I dare call family. Esteemed and distinguished guests. Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah and Kwanza, Wiccan Holiday, and festivus for the rest of us.
You know in the IAA, you are trained that friends, family, and emotional connections are not something to be valued. They are actually liabilities. I don’t emote much, but there’s something about thousand dollar wine that will bring out the best in people.
I consider each and every one of you my family, from Duncan, who is like the little sister to us all, yet we all know is one of the most lethal, there’s Santa-Peg, who I saw the first time on his way to jail, and is now one of my best friends and roommate, Reaper my brother from another mother, Blaze… the psychotic son I never had, to the world’s greatest Nurse, Alex Taylor"
(That gets a laugh)
"I’m fucking with you Doc, to the man who has stitched up more cuts, scrapes and bullet wounds than Dr. Quinn, our on Dr. Alex Taylor, and then there’s Wally, the Russian patriarch of us all. And to the others who I’m not going to take the time to name…
Oh if Totenberg and Detective Bruce could see us now"
(Maniacal laugh)
"Oh right onto the secret Santa. They say it’s better to give than to receive. Which is why when I found out my Secret Santa was Louis “Speed” J, I had to think, for a while, what do I get this kid. For most of you, it would be tools of the trade, but then I realize, Speed is a car guy. Then I took a look at his ultra-supped up Sultan and realize that even at its best it could touch the motha fuckin Spy car.
And so in the spirit of giving, I am giving speed The Spy car, Dewbauchee Rapid GT, the British supercar that’s fit for Speed."
(Donaldson tosses the keys to Louis “Speed” J)
"See what I did there. Now Louis, that car is worth more than a house before Reaper tuned it up and I’m sure the next time I see it, it will be built for Speed, not Luxury, … enjoy!

By the way peg, I'm gonna need a ride home, I only brought the spy car"



(OOC: If you need the cash for the car we can do missions or bounty the money to get you the money)

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Dirty Money: 1,863,900
Clean Money: 1,415,500
Donaldson 2 Million in Car Parts Challenge Balance: 50,000
Gamertag: Wigsplitter009
Head of The Auto Division
De-Facto Head of the Assassination Division
CLEAN: 51,500 | PROTECTION 11,200
The Donaldson Classic Car Collection - Los Santos Belles -
Businesses Run: Smoke on the Water, McKenzie Air Field, Donaldson's Exotic Vehicles, Los Santos Customs in La Mesa

Joined: 28th Jul 2014
Rank: LSPD
Likes 86
25th Dec 2014

    Gift For Winnipeg 

I woke up this morning and took a look  outside
Los Santos  was all white  and the streets were so brite 
I didn't understand at first what was going on 
But then it got to me, It's Christmas, it's snow

I got in my car ,I was driving around 
The snow kept on falling, covering the ground, 
The people were happy, enjoying the snow 
And  instead of gunshots, I heard falling snowballs

The crime went away, no killing today 
I guess indeed Christmas is a magical day 
I reached for my phone , a message I had
"Yo Waffles, Secret Santa For Winnipeg"

I was so surprised, I really was shocked
What can I get for this maniac ?
he always wears masks, and he likes to drink
 I'll get him a present before he can blink 

I went to the beach, to buy him a mask
But the shop was closed, due to the recent blaze
I went to the liquor store to buy him a drink
But they were sold out, they had nothing in 

I went to the pawn shop, to find something there 
But they serve no cops, I think that's not fair !!!!
I went to the brothel to get him a girl 
but I was kicked out by a big bouncer male 

I was kind of desperate, I didn't know what to do 
What can I get Winni?? I had no real clue 
I walked down the street ,I walked in the  in the blaze 
The snow was hitting me right in the face 

and as I was walking , I saw a big sign, 
A big, bright " for sale" right in the sky 
it was a boot that sold some fast food
A Cluckin' Bell stand, in the groove street hood 

I went to the owner, to talk about the price
He asked 300 grand, I said "it's not nice"
I said "I'm a cop, you sell shitty food"
" I'll confiscate all you have, you damn fool"

I Pulled out my gun, made him sign the deed
Now I'm the proud owner of this shitty biz
the place is so small, I can't even fit
But I hope that Winni will like this shit 

I sent him the Docs, now this place is yours
Winnipeg, the owner of this fast food joint 
Enjoy you gift, you crazy maniac
And I hope the cops will get a free taco for that 

Merry Christmas CC, enjoy this great day 
And remember that the cops are not that bad
We keep all you safe, we bring all you joy
We save little kittens when they need a toy 

( Merry Christmas everyone, sorry if in some places the ryhme is not very ryhmeeee, and sorry I was so late with My Gift, Again happy Holidays to everyone,enjoy your  holidays!!! )

PS: Winnipeg, you gift , if it's not clear yet, is the Cluckin' Bell boot in the groove street , hope you like it 
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Joined: 30th Nov 2014
Rank: Regulator
Likes 31
25th Dec 2014

  Punching the button on the elevator Dan adjusts his tie and hat in the reflection of the stainless steel door.  There will be alot of new faces and alot of high ranking people here.  With impressions worth their weight in gold Dan wants to look sharp and as always wears his tailored suits, dress shoes, and bowling hat, the quintessential Italian mobster. 

  Walking up to the bar Dan orders himself a Manhattan one of the few mixed drinks he likes, mostly he just drinks scotch straight or a beer.   He asks the bartender to point out Winnipeg, Dan's never met him before just heard a few stories.  He's deadly, fond of his masks and some might say alittle crazy.  To most all criminals are on the crazy side, risking life and limb for a few bucks.

"Winnipeg, the name's Dan Moretti.  We've never met but I have heard alot about you.  And I am your secret santa."

With that Dan hands him a small bag inside a gold money clip, what criminal doesn't need something fancy and gold to carry around his wad of dirty cash.  And lastly a box not big, but not small either.

  The Box

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Nico (Banned)
Joined: 14th Jun 2014
Rank: Prospect
Likes 315
27th Dec 2014

Late Christmas
-$5,000 clean

For my secret santa  @Bryce"Banshee" White ...  
Also gifts for @Austin "Winnipeg" ... and  @EH Wallys ...
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"we're already the walking dead. if there's anything that makes us different from the real dead, there's only one. living and dying isn't the real issue. if you cling to being alive, you become frightened and your eyes get clouded. if you don't have that desire to begin with, you can fight on, right to the end of the world." - revy


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