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7th Sep 2014


Los Santos Police Department

 Serve and Protect

The mission of the Los Santos Police Department is to protect and serve the populace of Los Santos. To that end, we investigate, reduce, and prevent crime throughout the city and make an effort to understand the community and conversely to give them the opportunity to understand us. We serve the community of Los Santos with integrity, honor, and respect and maintain only the highest possible professional, ethical, and moral standards. We are here to grid down the Criminals of Los Santos and bring them in front of justice, so the people of Los Santos can sleep well at night 

We are here to serve and protect 

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Joined: 28th Jul 2014
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7th Sep 2014

Detective's Bruce McKaine First case 

I woke up early morning, with a terrible hangover , my phone was ringing non stop, I checked it, it was dispatch, they were calling me to work, something urgent they said 

I got in the cold shower, got some strong coffee and some painkillers to make me feel better, got dressed up and headed to the police station     

The First Case

Got an arrest warrant for 4 Bikers from Lost MC

And Arrest Warrant for Angel Marie and Donaldson 

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Joined: 7th Sep 2014
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10th Sep 2014

Ryan got into Bruce's car after they left the precinct, the D.A had been shot. They headed to the scene of the crime. Once they arrived Bruce pointed out a good vantage point and the two checked it out.
Ryan walked and picked up a bullet casing
“7.62 round” this confirmed the sniper had indeed shot from here. After bagging the evidence Ryan and Bruce checked the nearby CCTV, the footage reviled that the D.A had stepped out of his car before being shot. The two headed to a nearby coffee house to review the evidence
“There had to be at least five people involved” Bruce started
“The Shooter, the two from the accident” Ryan continued
“And two of the bodyguards” Bruce Finished
“Where are his body guards?” Ryan was puzzled
“They’re missing. What is curious is that the car accident was never reported”
The two headed to the precinct. Ballistics couldn’t trace the weapon. A new lead came through one of the bodyguards claimed to work for Merryweather, but when the two interviewed the head of Security from Merryweather there was no record of them. It turned out the female bodyguard worked for the Hardcases MC. Ryan and Bruce visited Samson Norwood to ask about the female bodyguard. Upon him answering his door it came to light he was on the footage from the assassination and was arrested. Although he was interrogate he said nothing.
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