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Welcome to Los Santos
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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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11th May 2014


It's been a long flight , you finally land at the Los Santos International Airport, finding a cab is not a problem.

-Where to? the taxi driver asks in an Indian accent.

-The Gentry Manor Hotel please.

 You arrive at the hotel; a big luxury hotel which looks like a castle, you exit the taxi and make your way to the reception where a young receptionist greets you:

-I have a reservation here, for Paleto Five.

-Oh yes, of course, we've been expecting you, your Luxury Room is ready for you, everything has been prepaid, so you don't have to worry about anything, your room is 308.

  You get the key and make your way to Room 308, a large Luxury room, with a great view of the city open before you, and on the coffee table you see a note:

  " Welcome to Los Santos, hope you like the room, we'll be in touch, best wishes. 

                                                                                                                   Crime Corporation" 
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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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Forum » The Gentry Manor Hotel » Paleto Five Crew
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