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Mosley Auto Service
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Joined: 5th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
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19th Jun 2014

Mosley Auto Service, owned and operated by Jason "Reaper" Reems  is an auto shop on Strawberry Avenue. It’s a small formally family business that services all types of vehicles, and specializes in motorcycle repair and modifications.  It is the now the legal face of the auto theft racket.


After Kelly purchased the company he allowed the Mosley family to stay and work for him. John Mosley is the father and one of the top salesmen, his father was a used car salesman and he followed in the family business and has been a used car salesmen for 24 years. His wife Mary is the accountant and keeps files for everything auto related in the garage. Their son Philip is the garage’s main mechanic. He specializes in making hoopties look good and only run until you get them off the lot!

In September 2014 Kelly stepted out from the Auto business and Jason Reems took his place


There are always cars being bought and sold at the lot. Anyone can buy a car from our lot, I would give you a discount but John drives a hard bargain and is a slick talking son of a gun! He can sell you anything for 3 times its cost if you’re not careful. If you like to work on vehicles or you like to talk up an outdated deathrap of a car and sell it for far more than it’s worth then this is the place for you! There are legal ‘no-show’ jobs you can have either at the lot or as a mechanic.


Shop Work

Special delivery! 
Crew: 1+
Equipment: none
Info:  There will always b e cars that are in the lot and need to be sold. Anyone can come to the lot and sell the vehicles. Some clients will want their vehicles to be delivered to their house or business. Make sure it gets there without a scratch!
Plan: after sealing the deal with a client drive their new purchase to whichever destination they request. This could be a house, company, culdesac, a sketchy back ally or a ghetto neighborhood. Doesn't matter where they want it, don't ask questions! 

Cleaning up the Lot
Crew: 1+
Equipment: none
Info: As most of you can see the Lot isn't in the nicest part of the city. There are many bums that loiter around my property, and that hurts business. The nicer the Lot looks the more sales we can make.
Plan: honestly I don't really care how it's done, so long as you don't cause a scene by the Lot. Just get the bums to leave however you want.

Crew: 1+
Equipment: none
Info: Sometimes our clients can't pay the interest that they owe. When this happens we will need to take the vehicle back and sell it to someone more responsible.
Plan: find out who hasn't been paying for their ride and find out where they keep it. Simply steal back the vehicle and deliver it to my chop shop to get a re-vin. 

Auto-theft, Chop Shop and Garage.

This garage is the Illegal side of the Auto Racket. Reaper purchased it from a Mr. Kent who understood what it was to be used for. It looks just like another repair shop, regular customers and all. This  garage is fully equipped to strip down any kind of vehicle in a matter of minutes and you can also bring in your own car to have it worked on. When you are delivering vehicles pull them around the side of the building(within the fence) and talk to our hired mechanic James. James runs the day- to day operations and is who you will deal with when you need to buy or sell illegal vehicles.

Whenever you are picking up a vehicle or are picking up parts to move you will get them from the far right garage entrance. 

Chop Shop Work

Filling inventory 
Crew: 1+
Equipment: dark clothes
Info: A good chop shop cannot operate without cars to strip down and sell. I need you to find unremarkable vehicles to steal. Staying unseen is key.
Plan: Find vehicles that won't be missed and take them to the shop. Pull the vehicle into the side and leave it with James.

'Special' delivery 
Equipment: backpack (parachute)
Info: chopping cars is fun and all, but we need to sell the parts to make money. 
Plan: Every few days I will need some people to take a Mule and load the parts we have striped and sell them to different Los Santos Customs around the city. Make sure the not to draw any attention to yourselves, and find out which LS customs are paying more for parts.
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