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Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Commissioner
Likes 292
14th Sep 2014

if you wish to join info division post your application as a reply to this post
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Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

Last Edit: 2nd Oct 2014 by Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC)
Joined: 2nd Sep 2014
Rank: Prospect
Likes 49
14th Sep 2014

What divisions are available and what do they offer to the table?
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PSN: Shrreder2012

Clean Money: $7,000
Dirty Money: $111,483
Vehicles Owned: Scwartzer, Speedo
Property Owned: None.

Joined: 1st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 339
14th Sep 2014

Alright boys listen, you know who I am. Today, I watched one of our own get walked into jail for sloppy work, I drove around the city, and saw Merryweather in the corners, and drug deals in the street. Wally, I saw guys handing out beatings and making you money and for that Crime Corp is a success. But I’m not a car theif, I’m a professional handler, and for that, there is no one here better suited for this new division.

Crime Corp has enemies, and not every crime corp enemy is going to go down like a salty prostitute. How many guys are experienced in interrogation, counter intel, recon, let alone well versed in it? I am, In my short time here I have lead multiple high risk operations against Merryweather and have worked in the best interest of this company.
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Dirty Money: 1,863,900
Clean Money: 1,415,500
Donaldson 2 Million in Car Parts Challenge Balance: 50,000
Gamertag: Wigsplitter009
Head of The Auto Division
De-Facto Head of the Assassination Division
CLEAN: 51,500 | PROTECTION 11,200
The Donaldson Classic Car Collection - Los Santos Belles -
Businesses Run: Smoke on the Water, McKenzie Air Field, Donaldson's Exotic Vehicles, Los Santos Customs in La Mesa

Last Edit: 14th Sep 2014 by Donaldson
Joined: 7th Sep 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 128
15th Sep 2014

My Application

I want to join the information division as i am looking to expand my skill-set. I do have experience in this line of work having performed a false flag op in the past. I am a quick learner and ready to work hard to get the job done.

I am proficient at theft and I do believe that would be an asset to this division. I can work with anyone as long as they are determined to get the job done. I also have experience working with mechanical items having worked in a garage in the past. 

I thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope to work for this division soon. 

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Dirty Money: $5,000
Clean Money: $25,850.00
Vehicles Owned: Sultan RS, Dewbauchee Rapid GT (THE GOD-DAMN SPY CAR!)
Property Owned: 3 Bedroom house in El Burro Heights, Co-owner of Gavs Cash Exchange (Fence Racket)
Gamertag: Petrolhead999

Joined: 4th Sep 2014
Rank: Commissioner
Likes 229
15th Sep 2014

My Application For The Information Division...

I believe I would be good for the Information Division because I can learn fast, sure you might have to repeat things once but I will learn quickly. I get jobs done as soon as possible. I have done a False Flag Op. before, and it went smoothly. I'm not the best at driving, so don't give me any missions that involve having to drive like a pro, but if you need anything but driving, it'll get done.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to being part of the Information Division, that is, if you think I got what it takes.
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Joined: 13th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 87
11th Oct 2014

My Application:
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Dirty Money: $135000
Clean Money: $170,500
Vehicles owned: Vapid Sandking XL
Property owned: 26 Imagination Ct, Los Santos, San Andreas 90291

Joined: 1st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 347
15th Oct 2014

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Illegal Money: $0
Legal Money: $3,112,650
Owned Vehicles: Big Burtha, S.S. Peg
Owned Property:Blaze's Scrapyard
Income: $10 000 Clean, $0 Dirty

Joined: 20th Oct 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 104
2nd Nov 2014

I want to join the information division as i am looking to expand my skill-set. I am a quick learner and ready to work hard to get the job done.

I am good at killing and tourture and I do believe that would be an asset to this division. I can work with anyone.

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"Sometimes a juror gets lost on their way to court, sometimes the can't shake that 'not guilty' feeling, sometimes me, or my associates make those things happen." -Sam Pal

Vehicles Owned: Ubermact Oracle
Property Owned: Up N' Atom, Vapid Narcotics Wharehouse
Real Estate Owned: House on Invention Ct. (Vespucci Canals)

Joined: 4th Dec 2014
Rank: Regulator
Likes 5
4th Dec 2014

My name is Kex Ordo. Ten years ago I was just a kid in a no name Iowa farm town. When I was sixteen, I hit the road, but hitchhiking, counting cards, and running small time scams could only get me so far. Two years later I boosted a Dominator and headed for San Andreas. That's where the real fun began. I started doing big scores in Los Santos and started rolling in the big bucks. 14 months ago a score went wrong with some unsuspected heat and I took a couple slugs. I got sidelined for a bit. It wasn't long before I craved the action again but this time I was going to be smarter about it. I had enough criminal and legal contacts to go about starting my own crew called The Steel City Legion. The last year has been REALLY good to us. But, like with any job there's a certain level and monotony; so I headed up, recruited, and trained a 6 man task force designated to execute heists, flawlessly. Now, five months later, here I am, a well versed criminal operative, with a wealth of resources and no jobs. So I herby, with much hope and respect, render my service to the crimecorp information division, if you so choose.
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Dirty Money : $10,000
Clean Money: $5,000
Vehicles owned: Vapid Dominator
Gamertag: Kex Ordo

Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 95
16th Dec 2014

My Application

          I would like to join the I-Division. I like the originality of it and how it works. The spies and undercover ops attract me. I feel with a female character I can penetrate (not sexual) the enemies defenses by using my body(sexual). But that's not the only way I can help. I am great at sneaking around and watching the enemies. I can sit from afar, looking through binoculars reading the lips of my foes. I can gather so much info just by looking at someone. I an tell if they've killed someone or if they're going to. If I am accepted, I feel that I have no boundaries. 

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'The World Is Ours'
Dirty Money: $4,250
Clean Money: $374,370
Vehicles owned : Western Bagger
Business owned: Little Teapot
Property owned :-------

Joined: 4th Oct 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 101
30th Dec 2014

Application for Info Division

My name is Vincent Stansfield, and I'm applying for a position in the Info Division.

Why would I be good for I Division? Simply cause I can be ruthless in torture. Don't believe me? Search for  James Adder, Austin Weathers, Dave Farrel, and Michael Addison. ((All Deceased)) Their corpses will tell ya I'm good with torture.
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Dirty Money : $35,000.00

Clean Money: $29,000.00

Vehicles owned: Declasse Sabre Turbo ((Brought this car with him from San Fierro))

Property owned: None. Lives with Sister at 12 Sustantica Rd

Joined: 10th Jan 2015
Rank: Regulator
Likes 44
11th Jan 2015

I'm fairly new, that's true but I think I can manage in most kind of situations like: driving, killing, hacking, safe cracking, evidence ridding and most impotantly being patient enough to get any kind of job done.

If I still need to learn more I will, I'm quick learner anyway.
I don't care what kind of job I need to do I'll do it.
On a side note I also have two languages (Spanish being my natural language and English my second language).
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Victoire aime préparation.

Dirty Money : $21000
Clean Money: $0
Vehicles owned: Dinka Akuma
Property owned: None

Joined: 21st Mar 2015
Rank: --
Likes 24
22nd Mar 2015

"I am honored to be talking to the I-Division as you call it, me? I am just a brainwashed agent who suffered torture for 10 years, money or no money as long as their is blood involved I'm at your side. Torture or murder are my specialities, if that helps, but I wouldn't like to be called agent Bruno seeing as it brings back good of the death but not the right good memories. I look forward to killing, when I came out of the brain washing i didn't know what to do and gave the rest of my life to torturing for a classified organisation in wales then moved to Ireland helping the IRA since my ma was from there I slept on the streets and became a ghost, searched for by british and Russians alike. So now you know a little more about my, um, 'pleasant past' and I'll leave you to see if my 'particular' skills are to your liking." i grin and start shaving my beard with my antique knife.
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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

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