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28th Feb 2015

Fruit Of The Vine

You walk in and you are greeted by a woman behind the front desk, you see an arrangement of expensive wines in a wine shelf behind her. She asks you if you need anything, you say you are looking for the owner. A man in a black suit walks over to you and asks you to follow him. You don't know where he is taking you, he leads you up a flight of stairs to a office. He opens the door and points you inside. You see a woman behind a big desk looking at a computer screen, she looks up and motions you to sit in the chair across from her. She asks you if you are looking for work, and you nod. She gets up and you get up as well, she takes you back downstairs to a little back room, and explains that when you want a job, there will be a envelope with the persons name and location they like to frequent.  

Whenever you pick a target and retrieve the envelope you are to burn it. There is a security camera in the back office, but it's a fake, it's not operational, broke a while ago. Whenever you enter, enter through the back of the store.


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