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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
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Arcadius Business Center Floor 35
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13th Dec 2014


You pull over to the main entrance of the Arcadius Business Center, a valet  greets you, you give him the car keys and make your way to the main entrance and  walk into the marble hallway, directly to a security post with metal detectors, and a lot of security cameras , as security officers are making sure no one gets inside with a gun, you just pull out a plastic pass card with CrimeCorp emblem on it  and the security guard greets you and let's you pass without any questions, of course they will not ask any questions, they work for us, Crime Corp is providing security services to this Business Center

  You walk directly to one of the many  Elevators and press button 35, the floor where Crime Corp main Legal HQ is 

 As the Elevator doors open, you walk in and under a big stand with Crime Corp Emblem a young lady, Suzana, one of our secretaries greets you as you walk in

- Hello, welcome to CC main office, do you have an appointments , she asks you with a very pleasant voice and a sweet smile

- Yes, I am here to see........    


This is Crime Corp Main office for legal businesses, all our legal money operation go through this office, here you will find CrimeCorp accountants, lawyers, financial advisors, and so on, also all our top ranked members, like Members of the First Five  ,  Commissioners and Lieutenants, have their own office with personal secretaries here,along with a reserved parking spot in the garage with their name on it  it's not guaranteed that you will find them in the office during the day, or night, or whenever, since they have their own businesses and rackets to take care of , but you can always leave a message with their secretary    

   People that run legal operations for the organization also have their offices in this Business Center, like Duncan that takes care of our construction projects and other NPC characters who are an Important part of Crime Corp, like Candice , they also have a reserved parking spot with their name on it .

List Of Crime Corp Legal Businesses

Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Forum » CrimeCorp HQ » CrimeCorp HQ
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