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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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21st Apr 2014


Welcome to Dynasty 8 page, a place to go when you are looking to buy new property , we have a large variety of real estate for sale, as well as active businesses, please feel free to browse through our catalog and let us know what you like, if you find something that interests you, please let us know, we will take care of all the paperwork so you can just enjoy your purchase  

   Dynasty 8 The Best Move You'll Ever Make 

A small Liquor store based on McDonald Street, Rancho. This small time store yields an average revenue of $10,000 per week and is a perfect way to begin your legal business empire. Priced at currently $250,000. 

'The Pit'

This confined yet 'homely' tattoo parlour is situated on Aguja St, by the Vespucci shoreline. Run by a rather financially unstable young man by the name of Derrick, it produces an income of $5,000 per week. However, with the right management and your cash it can be worthwhile to own such an establishment, perhaps increasing the daily revenue. Derrick has stated he will not listen to any offers below $125,000.

'Crucial Fix'

This Jamaican restaurant has had its fair share of customers since being first opened in 1983. The Caribbean Cuisine served here is truly one of the best in all of Los Santos. Due to recent personal misfortune, the owner has decided to rent out this joint and you can be assured it is definitely worth it, more so if you pay the buyout clause for the property of $500,000- a bargain if you ask anybody with the slightest knowledge of the Real Estate market. Located on the corner of Pillbox Hill. Weekly income figures state the business is turning over a profit of $22,500.

'Smoke On The Water'

This establishment deals in the distribution of 'medical' marijuana. It has been listed recently on the market with the owner looking to set his sights elsewhere, should you wish to purchase the property, you decide who gets served..with a prescription or without..Average turnover figures state that the business is doing well - at $14,500 income per week. Cost of Property is said to be in the region of $315,000.

-Sold to Donaldson-

'Gav's Cash Exchange'

Gav's cash exchange is a somewhat useful establishment in the Rancho neighbourhood, a place where lowlifes can pawn their possessions in exchange for cash to fund their nasty habits. This small time pawn shop generates an income of $12,500 which is a hefty little sum considering its neighbourhood. Fully equipped with an office upstairs and a store room at the rear, this property comes at a modest $275,000.

-Sold To Louis "Speed" J-


If you are looking to meet people or want to bring your guests to one of the best coffee-serving places in the city, then this establishment is the one for you! At only $285,000, bringing in on average $13,000 this coffee house situated close to the beach this property is a huge bargain! 


'Little Teapot'

This teahouse is a perfect choice after a hard day's work. Offering a great variety of tea from all over the globe including China and England, it is a popular cafe in the better half of the city. Complete with up front parking, this property is on the market for only $300,000 with an average turnover of $14,000. 


This is one of the few so called classy burger joints left in the city complete with a drive-thru for those that do not have the time for a sit down mean or purely too lazy to get out of their vehicles. The property has enough parking spaces at the rear and generates on average $17,500 per week, well worth the $400,000 pricetag attached.


This Tequila bar come club is a worthy investment for anyone looking to buy property right now. With a turnover of $40,000 per week, its price tag is also rather heavy- at an astonishing $850,000 you can be the owner of one of the only clubs in the city that service the needs of many types of customers, whether your a hard core rock fan or simply love jazz, this place is the one for you. Complete with 3 garages and parking space available at the rear, with a stairwell leading to the Office upstairs if you wish to bypass the drunkards and the mayhem below.


'Split Sides'

This popular comedy club is where you want to take a lady who enjoys a classy but humorous atmosphere. On a Wednesday night is your best bet, if you wish to avoid the lengthy queues and reservation calls for the weekend, as this venue definitely brings in the crowd. Great food and banter as well as ample parking, this club is a must buy for the hardcore entrepreneurs who love to invest. Although, you will have to put your money where your mouth is - this establishment costs a whopping $1,000,000 to take off the market, but worry not you will be earning a substantial steady income of $52,000 a week!  

'Last Train In Los Santos'

This somewhat interesting diner provides an alternative option to those that wish to try something new - have you ever ate on a classic train before? If you haven't then you have come to the right place! Situated alongside the popular comedy club 'Split Sides', this famed restaurant offers a little something else, if you wish to not dine at the club and would rather enjoy a quiet meal before or after engaging in the hilarious outbursts at the comedy club. With more than enough parking for the limited space 'on-board' this diner is listed at $450,000 with a revenue of $19,000 per week. It is not the place for you if you do not have the cash!

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Last Edit: 24th Jan 2015 by Duncan
Joined: 21st Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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19th May 2014


This clothes store belonging to the cheap clothes franchise Binco has recently been listed on the market, the owner being unable to pay his share to the franchise. Situated fairly close to the Vespucci shoreline, this property is worth $350,000 with a net income of about $15,000 after dues to the franchise.


This restaurant has a lot on offer for both the non-vegetarians and vegetarians out there at a reasonable price located along the Vespucci Canals, perfect after a leisurely day out enjoying the sights! At only $375,000 this property is a great find - weekly income of $16,000.

'The HiiiPoWer Garage'

This old garage used to be a place where you could bring in vehicles and have them stripped of worthy parts, a fully equipped chop shop it was. But no longer serving as such due to its upkeep costs, this property is on the market for $250,000 a bargain if you consider the equipment still around. Parking is available to the side of the property.

 " McKenzie Airfield" 

This little airfield that is situated on the outskirt of Grapeseed town in Blaine County is a small import and export business, as well as a flying school was run by the McKenzie Family for many years, but after Mr. Clint McKenzie passed away one year ago, his son Rob, decided to sell the place. With the selling price of $575,000, this is a good investment that generates a weekly income of $30,000  

-SOLD To Donaldson-

"Route 68 Gas Station"

This Gas Station in Blaine County offers an array of services to the locals as well as to travelers that went on a cross state road trip, situated on route 68, the travelers can stop to fill their tank, or repair their cars if something happened on the road, and while you wait for your car to get fixed, you can buy some snacks or a coffee in the store. The previous owner didn't change much from the original look of the station, giving it an old school look. The owner is asking $300,000 for it, not a bad price, considering the weekly income of $15,000 

-SOLD to Tyrese "Rok" Jones- 

"Atomic Auto Service" 

It looks just like another repair shop, regular customers and all. This  garage is fully equipped to strip down any kind of vehicle in a matter of minutes and you can also bring in your own car to have it worked on

-SOLD to  Crime Corp-

"liquor hole"

the finest liquor store in los santos

-SOLD to Austin Winnipeg-

"Crown Jewels Motel"

serving cheap motel rooms to the citizens of los santos

-SOLD to JaJa Christmas-

Important Note: This list will be changed with time and new properties will be added , if there is a property you like that is not listed here please message one of  the First 5 Members and we will add it. Only Regulators and above may purchase property. In regards to properties valued over $300,000 - these may only be purchased by Street Boss rank and above, whilst properties exceeding $500,000 can only be bought by Lieutenants and above (clubs can only be purchased by Commissioners and above).
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'The World Is Ours-C.C'
Dirty Money : $ 207,000
Clean Money: $ 926,000
Vehicles owned : Phoenix, Vapid Blade
Business owned:Vanilla Unicorn StripClub
Property owned : 163 Rockford Hills

Last Edit: 24th Jan 2015 by Duncan
Forum » Getting Started » Dynasty 8 Website
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