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How Did Your Day Go Season 2
Forum » How did your day go? » Did You Get That Job Done?
Joined: 7th Sep 2014
Rank: Street Boss
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6th Apr 2015

Time to skydive!

So wally came up with this great idea for a bet, While drunk i should add, which we immediately proceeded to do. This is what Happened.....

(ooc: I will decide the property or car i want soon wally and all of this occurred before Wally's hospitalization and Winni's arrest) 

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Dirty Money: $5,000
Clean Money: $25,850.00
Vehicles Owned: Sultan RS, Dewbauchee Rapid GT (THE GOD-DAMN SPY CAR!)
Property Owned: 3 Bedroom house in El Burro Heights, Co-owner of Gavs Cash Exchange (Fence Racket)
Gamertag: Petrolhead999

Joined: 21st Mar 2015
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7th Apr 2015

My first legal job, i didn't get to wear a suit so i didn't like it. No blood, no fun.
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I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

Joined: 2nd Apr 2015
Rank: Regulator
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7th Apr 2015 First day at legal work....
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Dirty Money : $8.000
Clean Money: $8.000
Vehicles owned:
Property owned:--------

Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
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10th Apr 2015

Not a shot fired.
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Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Commissioner
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10th Apr 2015

   bearer of bad news

OOC: this is the first of two journals dealing with wallys coma, the journal detailing what we do moving forward will be put up tomorrow

EDIT: there was a misunderstanding before, which i have corrected, wally is not dead, he is in a coma

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Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

Last Edit: 11th Apr 2015 by Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC)
Joined: 21st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
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11th Apr 2015

What Remains - Part Two
Malcon, the second hitman I have to deal with, is on his way to kill my girlfriend, Diana. And I don't know if I can stop him. 
(OOC: Tried something different than having the journal based 100% on me for once. I can't always be the "hero" )
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Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Commissioner
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12th Apr 2015

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Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

Joined: 1st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 347
14th Apr 2015

Winnipeg takes down the Armenians Part 2 (ADULT CONTENT WARNING) Takes place Before Anzars death and My imprisonment
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Illegal Money: $0
Legal Money: $3,112,650
Owned Vehicles: Big Burtha, S.S. Peg
Owned Property:Blaze's Scrapyard
Income: $10 000 Clean, $0 Dirty

Last Edit: 14th Apr 2015 by Austin "Winnipeg"
Joined: 10th Jan 2015
Rank: Regulator
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14th Apr 2015

One Down, A Millon to Go

After a long time of just laziness in which I've been just wasting time, and caring about nothing in the middle of the desert I couldn't help myself but to feel kind guilty for what happen to Wally, I felt that in all this time I could heve done some jobs that... who knows, could make a difference specially two jobs that I was given a long time ago, that job was the marker map(for those who remember).

That job had two loose ends which I was supposed to check,didn't feel in the mood to do them but... I felt the least I could do rigth now was to clean the loose ends.

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Victoire aime préparation.

Dirty Money : $21000
Clean Money: $0
Vehicles owned: Dinka Akuma
Property owned: None

Last Edit: 14th Apr 2015 by Robert "Crow" Urra (XB1)
Joined: 13th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 87
15th Apr 2015

Operation Blue Collar
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Dirty Money: $135000
Clean Money: $170,500
Vehicles owned: Vapid Sandking XL
Property owned: 26 Imagination Ct, Los Santos, San Andreas 90291

Joined: 21st Sep 2014
Rank: Lieutenant
Likes 167
15th Apr 2015

New Opportunities
Taking charge of our drug sector requires a base to run it from...

- From the meeting I have re-negotiated current deals, set up a few smaller deals that can be carried out by members. 
Let me know if you are interested, and I'll send you the details.

- The clients also outlined outstanding issues that need to be taken care of, I will need people to help take care of these. More info will be given on these shortly.
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Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Street Boss
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16th Apr 2015

How did my day go? I did my first job for the corporation, that's how !!!!!

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Dirty Money: $4,000
Clean Money: $0,00
Vehicles Owned: I get free cab rides
Property's Owned: Sharing an apartment with Nikki

Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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3rd Aug 2015


 After meeting the bosses at Vanilla Unicorn, I was given my first mission, it was a simple one, to steal a car, but hey, I am new here and have to make a name for myself , I have to start all over again, who knows, maybe here I will get a new nickname, and people will stop calling me "The Butcher"  
  My Mission was very simple, I had to steal a Ubermacht Zion Cabrio  then I had to bring it to the garage that belongs to the Organization, respray it, get a new plate and papers and bring this car to "HorrnBills" strip Club, it is supposed to be a gift for our competitors, apparently the boss wants to make peace with all other gangs in town or something like that, for now this is way beyond my pay grade, all I have to do is bring the car, and not bring heat 

It took me a while to find the right car , the car was parked in an alley, I looked around, to make sure there are no witnesses, then I jumped in, wired the car and took off, I drove slowly not to raise any unwanted attention , stopping at all red lights and giving the pedestrians priority ...........

It was easy to find the garage, I drove inside , and I was greeted by the mechanic , his name was "Dirty Hands" Patt Smith , strange name, if you ask me, but who am I to judge ,

Anyway I told him why I was here, he smile and told me to come back in an hour , I decided to take a walk,  just down the street there was a diner, "Casey's" I had lunch there , and when I came back, the car was ready  

It was just like new, new plates, new vin Numbers, new documents, I thanked Patt for an excellent job and took off to the "Horibills" 

I left the car in front of the club and went inside to leave the key and deliver an envelope that I was given by the bosses
The owner of the club thanked me, I think he liked the car a lot, he also gave me a tip, $200 and a lap dance on the house witch I could not refuse ......

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Dirty Money :  $5.200
Clean Money: $5.000
Vehicles owned: Albany Cavalcade
Property owned:-------- 

Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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4th Aug 2015

Before i was able to start my first job with Crime Corp i was pulled aside by one of the Street bosses. she gave me some information a certain diamond necklace that a regular at the Unicorn was planning to suprise his Girlfriend with. No surprise i was offered a cut if i could get in and out of his appartment, collecting the Necklace as quick and cleanly as possible. so i jumped in my car and put in the Zip code that she had supplied me with into my GPS and took off towards it.

As i approached i heard a loud growling coming from the front door. the guy had some kinda of dog, so the front door wasnt an option. i looked around near his garage. no sign of a car so i was clear to make little noise. i proceeded round back where i found that he had some construction workers making amends to a broken chimney. i climbed up the ladders they had left and proceeded towards the window to a bedroom. Lock picking is not really my expertise but i attempted it and sure enough it worked. i climbed in through the window trying not to alert the dog to my position. i looked around the master bedroom and to my luck he'd left it just lying in the dresser so i grabbed it and got back out the window. i ran round to my car. i pulled out my iFruit phone and sent a text to Anna. *i managed to get that thing you wanted. will drop it off at the unicorn for you. ask the bartender for a package from Sean* and with that i sped off to the vanilla unicorn
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Dirty Money : $.00
Clean Money: $12500.00
Vehicles owned: insert your vehicle
Property owned:--------

Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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5th Aug 2015

So they asked me to get the car. to others this would seem a problem. especially seen as people these days are so close to the cops its unreal. so anyway's i left the unicorn and went out to search for this car. thank god that this car was one of the most popular in the district. so i took it upon my self to grab the closest one but of course the closest one was never the easiest. infact it was on Grove Street, so now i got ballas after me, so because i am infact a nice person at heart i sped off. LS Customs was the best place to go. working there for a while had its benefits, for example i could get the car painted and the plate changed for free, as long as Danny was working anyone else would turn me over but Danny's a good kid, dont want to see him ending up like most of us though. Kids got Talent he can drive like the best of them i'd rather he go into F1 racing than him turn into a crook and spend nights behind bars. so anyway's cops aint tracking this car anymore and damn if them Ballas want it they can try to find it first, nothing is left from the previous owner. so i thank Danny and i drop this car of with the Lieutenant and leave for the Unicorn. Hopefully the pays good seen as the shit i had to go through could have cost me a lot more than a couple grand to fix the car. in fact if i wasnt a good driver you guys would be burying me right now

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Dirty Money : $.00
Clean Money: $12500.00
Vehicles owned: insert your vehicle
Property owned:--------

Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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5th Aug 2015

Here  I was again, at the club , drinking ,  I mean where else would I be, I am new in this city, and if I learned anything in my lifetime, the best place to meet important people is at a strip club, and knowing that Vanilla Unicorn belongs to the Corporation, this is also a good place to find a job

And I was right , as i was enjoying Cheetah's performance, I swear , that girl is something, I was approached by Miss Anna, she just came off the stage and she looked amazing.
- Tommy right? she smiled at me 
-Yes mam, I was mesmerized by her beauty 
- My eyes are up here , she gently raised my chin with her finger , 
- Yes, sorry.... I was..... I just..... ( come on Tommy, pull yourself together , I said to myself)
-Listen, she continued, I have a mission for you , it comes from the big boss himself
-I am listening 
- There is a gas station in South Central, the owner missed the protection payment for the third time now, he said he has some problems with local gangs, the Ballas, go see what's going on there, here , take this piece with you, it will help you convince him better 
- I will not let you down Anna
- Good, do it right, and I might give you a private dance, she said as she turned around and left
  All I could think about now is , wow, what a woman, I better get this job over with asap so I can get my reward 
I grabbed a car that was parked not far from the club and drove to the station Anna told me about 

As I approached the station I did notice two Ballas sitting outside the station, 

I took the gun that Anna gave me and took the safety off, just in case, I parked the car and walked inside 

- Hello, how can I help you sir, the guy at the counter greeted me with his thick indian accent 
- I am here on behalf of the Corporation, you are late on your payment, and I am here to collect the money...... with interest 
- I not pay, what do I pay for, if you dont give me protection, I......
Before he said another word I grabbed the stand with sun glasses and lunched it into the guy, he fell on the floor, I jumped over the counter and landed a couple of hits on him, then grabbed the cashier and dropped it on him
- Listen to me you cock sucking piece of shit, I don't give a fuck about your problems, you better pay the money you own or , I took my gun out and put it in his mouth , or I will decorate this shop of yours with your own brains.
- All right all right, stop please stop, I pay , I pay money, please stop 
  I pulled him up and we went to the back room , he opened his safe, he took some cash out of it and gave it to me, this is for 3 weeks, here, take it, he said , I looked inside the safe, there were way more money , so I took it all
- I'll take it all , this will teach you how to fuck with the wrong people  
-You thief, I worked hard for this money
- Well, fucking welcome to America, this is capitalism at it's best ....

 I walked out, and got in the car , I threw the gun on the passenger seat , as I pulled out of the station I heard a gun shot and the back window of the car shattered, 

It was the Ballas, the were waiting for me to get out , it was an ambush, I dodged, and tried to get my gun but it fell under the seat, I stopped the car while the Ballas were putting one bullet after another from their UZI's into my car , I managed to get out from the passenger side , found the gun and fired a couple of blind shots, I was in a bad position, so my best bed was to run into an alley , and so I did

 But the Ballas followed me, I took cover, we exchanged some fire, and I managed to kill both of them, 

I made sure they are dead by putting a control bullet to their scull, but I didn't stay too long there, since I heard the sirens approaching, I left the car there since it was stolen anyway, I also got rid of my gun in the closest  bush and made my way back home, from where I called the club and told everything to Anna , she said that she will let the bosses know about this and that I can come anytime for that private dance 
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Dirty Money :  $5.200
Clean Money: $5.000
Vehicles owned: Albany Cavalcade
Property owned:-------- 

Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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18th Sep 2016

This is Paradise

-  This is heaven
I said as I open my eyes , the sight of the calm  black sea and the clear blue sky from the opened window   is  what I see every morning for the past 2 years, the fresh breeze that wakes me,    and the combination of the fresh salty sea air and the freshly made bacon just makes the start of each day amazing. But all this means absolutely nothing without  her, Maria, this great woman that’s been by my side all this time, helping me get through the hard times…….. the hard times we both are trying to forget, leave behind us.
 Maria walks into the room slowly , with her long silky hair undone, cascading on  her shoulders , wearing only a short semitransparent robe , her big blue sparkling eyes drive me crazy every time, we’ve been together for two and a half years now, but I swear I love this woman more and more every single day, I love everything about her, her cute smile, her walk, her eyes, her gentle touch, her soft skin, the way she burns the toasts every single morning and how she runs in panic to turn off the smoke detector and how she curses in Italian every time this happens. Every morning she makes breakfast and brings it to bed.

-         -  Good morning  , Maria says as she walks into the room holding a tray with breakfast.
-          - This smells wonderful, you are spoiling me
-          - I like to spoil you, she loughs as she puts the tray down and lays next to me
-          - What did I ever do to deserve you? I gently put my hand on her face and pull her to me giving her a kiss
Maria  returns the kiss with passion, her hand slides down my chest, but she stops as her fingers reach a scar on my chest, then she moves her finger to another scar that is just centimeters from the first one, she runs her finger round it and looks at the other 3 scars on my stomach , her smiles fades away as she’s looking at all those scars, left from bullet wounds , she then gently kisses me on the shoulder right next to another scar, this time a scar left from a removed tattoo on my right shoulder. A tear rolls down  her cheek , as memories of old days come back to her
-         -  It’s all good, I said as I put my hand around her as I try to calm her down , it’s all in the past now  
-         -  I know, it just…… I …….
-         -  I know, I interrupted as I hugged her even tighter , I know…..  So what are our plans for today? I tried direct her thought away from bad memories , are we going to that island to dive or what?
-       -    What? Didn’t you say you’re afraid of  diving, the smile appeared back on her face
-         -  Me ? afraid ? I am not afraid of anything?
-       -    Yeah yeah, this is why you scream like a little girl  every time you see a spider
-        -   Hey, spiders are dangerous……. And I don’t scream….. I…I…. yell at them….. you know….. to intimidate them
-        -   Sure thing tough guy, She says as she gives me a kiss, but if you’re serious about diving, they start in an hour, so we better hurry up
-        -   Well….. then we have plenty of time , I say as I give Maria a passionate kiss and untie her robe
-          Heheh, I think it’s totally ok if we’ll be a little late, Maria says as she falls on her back pulling me close to her , wrapping her legs around me
-Are we there yet? Maria asks  with a childish lough
- Really? We’re playing this game now? I say as we take one more turn ,   We’re almost there .
- Are we there yet?
I start to lough ,

We arrive to the beach, a beautiful beach on the coast of Greece, a paradise for people like me, who are looking to start a new life, you can be whoever you want, and nobody is asking questions , everybody here is just enjoying life ,as long as you have money, witch thankfully I have plenty ,  and this is exactly what me and Maria are trying to do , enjoy our new life
We step out of the car and walk to the beach, at least a dozen people are here, they are all here for the diving session, The instructor says something in Greek, he obviously is talking to us, but I don’t understand a word, thankfully Maria knows Greek, she replies something back, then looks at me and says
-          Looks like we are the only ones they are waiting for, let’s go
As we start putting our gear on, the instructor is explaining us the safety rules,  while Maria is doing her best to translate, but as I listen to her, my eye catches this guy in our group, he looks very familiar, which already is suspicious, but I just can’t remember where do I know him from.
-Are you ready ? She askes me
-What….. yes…… yes I’m ready, I reply with a smile, while giving one last look at the guy
-Oh look at you, all nervous about diving, you’re so cute when you’re nervous  Maria says with a cute smile, don’t worry, I’ll be right next to you, holding your hand
- You’re the best, I say giving her a kiss, while still trying to remember where did I see the guy
As we dive, I am just amazed by the  beautiful view that opens up, I never thought that something this amazing can even exist, the amazing sea life just lives by it’s own rules, simple , and calm, so relaxing….. tranquil. Just like people , they have their own predators, and prey , their own entertainers , like that sea star that just did a back-flip on a smooth wall, and just like us, they will protect what is theirs, like this lingcod who will challenge you to defend it’s eggs. And when you’re at 100 feet underwater , you turn on your back and you notice the colour of water and the rays of the sun playing on the sand, and of course the seagulls on the water…..  I suddenly feel someone’s gentle touch, it’s Maria , holding my hand, she gives me a sigh that we should get to the surface
-         -  That was fantastic, I exclaim as soon as I get to the surface and get off my mask
-        -   You do know we had the same in Los Santos, right? She giggles
-        -   Are you guys from Los Santos, I hear a voice with a heavy accent asking , as I turn around I see it’s the guy who looked familiar who is asking the question , I look at Maria as she feels like she said too much
-        -   We used to live there a long time ago, I said careful
-       -    So nice to meet some fellow Los Santanians , the man continues, you look familiar, have we met before? He continues
-         -  I don’t think so, I reply,
-         -  Strange, he says , I can swear I’ve seen you before.
-         -  He was an actor in a couple commercials, Maria steps in, maybe you saw him there hahah , we get this all the time  
-         -  Maybe, the guy with a heavy Armenian accent replies, I am Makar, I am here on vacation
-        -   I am Wa….Will and this is my wife Carol, I reply
-        -   Well, it was nice to meet you, Makar  said , we’ll be leaving now, see you around
-        -   Likewise, I replied as I walked to give our equipment
-        -   My God, Do you think he recognized us? Maria asked
-        -   I don’t think so, I tried to calm Maria down, he’s just a tourist , nothing more
I looked at Makar who was walking away from us, he was going heading to a Hotel that was not far from the beach,  he kept looking back at us, while walking a little faster , I knew this can’t be good, and then it got to me, I remembered, his name wasn’t Makar, it was Armen,the son of one of the Armenian bosse ,  he used to run the scrapyard for the Armenians before we had a war with them, I knew he recognized me, although I grew my hair and shaved my bear, looked different now, I knew he still knew who I am
-Hon, do you want to ask the instructor, maybe he can arrange some private sessions for us,
-Really? That’s would be great…. Wait, Where are you going? She asked concerned,
I approached her, and kissed her
-I forgot my smokes at home, they should have some for sale in that hotel, I’ll be back in no time
-Ok, just don’t take long, she said with excitement as she ran to the instructor.

I tried to catch up to the Armenian guy, but I was limping with my right leg , one of the three bullets that hit my leg got a nerve. The limp was barley noticeable   , but it did slow me down a little.
I saw Armen going into the hotel and passing the from desk, by I was too far to see where did he go next, I lost him. As I was approaching the hotel, I saw a post truck parked near, the postman was flirting with one of the hotel workers, I approached the truck and saw a spare postman jacket inside, I took it and put it on, , grabbed a box from the truck and headed to the entrance, on my way in I saw a kid playing his Nintendo , he had a cap on.
-Hey kid, wanna sell me your hat?
-5 dollars , the kid replied
-10, I said as I gave him the bill
The kid had the biggest smile on his face, he gave me the hat and ran away, like he was afraid that I might change my mind , I put the hat on, it was small, but was enough to cover my face from the cameras inside the hotel.
I approached the front desk, pulling the cap even more on my eyes.
-Hi, I have a package here
-You can leave it here, who is it for? The concierge asked
-Sorry, but I have to deliver it in person, I said, It is for Mr. Armen M……( I had no idea what his last name was
-Saakashville? The concierge asked ?
-Yes  , Armen Saakashville
-He’s in room 208, he’s an asshole, never leaves tips,
- Thank you , I said as I went to look for room 208
I was on the second floor, in front of room 208, I looked around, making sure there is no one in the hall, then I knocked at the door, while holding the finger on the peep hole  
-Room Service, I said with a squeaky voice
-Go away, I don’t need room service, the voice in the room replied
-Room Service , I said again
This time I heard steps walking in a fast pace to the door, I heard the lock unlock, and the door handle going down
-I said I don’t nee….
As the door opened a little, I hit the door with force making Armen fly across the room , I walked in fast closing the door behind me,
-         -  How is it going Armen?
-        -   You’re supposed to be dead Wally, he said , I saw your grave, you never made out of that coma
-       -    Guess what motherfucker…… you’re wrong

I walked straight to him, he got up, grabbed a lamp from the counter and hit me with it, I blocked the hit, and with a right hook to the chin got him back on the floor, he got up, and run into me, grabbing me by the waist and pushing me into the bathroom, he threw a couple of punches into my torso,  but I grabbed him by the neck, and tossed him into the wall, I tossed him face ahead, so he hit the wall, breaking his nose, there were some scissors on the counter in the bathroom, he grabbed them and lunched at me, I managed to redirect him into the shower cabin glass, he blazed right through it, shattering the shower booth glass walls, then I grabbed him, put him in a headlock, I rammed his head a couple of time into the marble walls, then I grabbed him by the hair, and dragged him to the toilet bawl, I put his head inside, and held him with force, he started drowning, he was fighting back, but he didn’t have enough energy to get out, I felt how he was panicking, by the way his head was shaking, and slowly I felt how life was leaving his body, as he was fighting less and less, until there was no more fighting, he was dead, he died like a piece of shit he was, in a toilet bawl.

I got up, I knew we made enough noise, and soon someone will come to see what was going on here, so in a hurry, I wiped my all objects I thought I touched to not leave any prints, and got out of the room, through the back door.
As was heading to Maria, I got rid of the postman jacket,  tossed it in the garbage bin on my way out. In no time I was at the beach , where Maria was waiting for me
-Hey, I’m back , I smiled at her
-Nice hat,she smiled
-Yeah, met a kid who asked me to buy it, you know I can’t refuse kids
-Did you get your smokes?
-No, they had none, listen, I’m hungry, maybe we should go get something to eat?
-Sure, why not this hotel? She asked as she pointed to the hotel I just been to
-Nah, better let’s go home and cook something , what you say?
-Sounds like a plan, she replied and kissed me
-Great, now let’s get out of here,

We got into the car, and drove away, as we were leaving the beach, I heard sirens, police cars and ambulances rushed to the hotel, I pulled the cap to my eyes and carefully, drove away…… home ….. 
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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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