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The First Five
Forum » CrimeCorp History » The Background Story of our Members
Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 514
21st Apr 2014

Below you will find the stories of the first five members, how they became who they are now, and what pushed them in this life of Crime and Corruption

Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 514
1st May 2014




Name:           Vasily Makarov                             
Alias :            Wally                                            
DOB:              12 may 1983
Height:           5'11
Weight:           184 pounds
POB:               St. Petersburg
Nationality:    Russian

     Born and raised in St. Petersburg  in a  well respected family. His father, and ex military officer, is an influential businessman, was a strict father and raised his son under strict rules.

Joined the Russian Army at 18 in 2001 and  in 2003  joined the Russian Airborne Troops (  ВДВ )   an elite branch of the Russian Army although the information about his service is classified, sources say he was dispatched to Chechnya, where the Russian army was fighting the Chechen separatists, taking part in key missions on eliminating the leaders of these separatist groups, but no evidence is available as these documents are classified.

      In 2006 left the Army and moved to Los Santos, USA on a student visa. Studied Law at Los Santos state University. And using a loophole in the immigration system received a Green Card.  Finished his studies in 2010 and although he was first in his class and received numerous job offers, refused them and in 2010 moved to Liberty City.

    The subject  first comes to agency's attention in 2011 when he is observed with members of the Russian Organized Crime ring in Liberty City , and probably with the help of his influential father becomes a good friend of the  Russian Kingpin Kenny Petrovic , 
    Although there are no direct evidence that the subject was involved in any criminal activities, our sources tell that he was actively involved in a gang war between Petrovic's organization and Armenian Mafia which resulted in a complete elimination of the Armenians.

    The subject was actively involved and later was leading  the car thefts and export racket but the agency has no direct evidence of this .

The subject was arrested numerous times on  various charges, but  was always found not guilty due to lack of evidence.

in 2013 he was arrested in suspicion of killing two people in a bar fight, there were numerous witnesses who recognized him. In the court he refused the services of a lawyer and insisted he will be his own attorney, it wasn't the first time the subject acted this way, due to his good knowledge of the law. Once again the case was closed due to lack of evidence, also the witnesses refused to testify in court after  2 witnesses have gone missing .

    The subject is  well trained in both armed and unarmed combat, emotionally stable,organized, adaptable and resourceful , confident, with analytical thinking, he is a strong-willed, decisive person with highlighted leadership skills.    

After the death of his good friend in 2014 the subject returned to Los Santos to attend the funeral , after which decided to stay. At the Moment the subject operates , along with his friends,  an Ammunation Store.  
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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Last Edit: 3rd May 2014 by EH Wallys
Joined: 21st Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 94
11th May 2014


Name           :  Donald Richards
Alias             :  'Don'
DOB              :  14 March 1987
POB              :  London, UK
Gender         :  Male
Height           :   6'0"
Weight          :  87 Kg/192 lbs
Nationality   :   English
Family           :   James Richards    (Father)  
                           Deceased: 13 May 1998
                           Cause - Cardiac Arrest

                           Jenaveve Richards (Mother)
                           Deceased: 14 March 1995
                           Cause   - Murder            

Occupation  :  Small time criminal, known to associate with other small time felons
Vehicle          :  Phoenix 

Childhood History:

Father was a big time felon in the UK, running a vehicle theft ring. Landing in some gambling debts with various known criminals and fearing for the safety of his only son after his spouse was brutally beat down, Richards sent the young Donald abroad to the US, to a friend's house in the state of San Andreas. 

Richards passed away prematurely after suffering from a second Cardiac Arrest within the next 3 years, leaving not much behind to his only son. Growing up with the Barnes' family, he was treated as part of them, and hence formed very strong sibling bonds with his now deceased friend Castle.


Convicted with various small time crimes including theft, substance abuse and store robbery, the subject was under close scrutiny of the local law enforcement agencies. Alongside his foster brother, Castle Barnes, the duo were reported to have connections to several small time gangs in the city of Los Santos. Shortly after the duo supposedly 'exited' the criminal world, Barnes was the victim of a merciless assault which lead to his immediate death.

Following the death of said criminal, the subject was reported to have made contact with several known associates, and after some time established a seemingly legal security firm from an Ammunition alongside his associates, each being a partner in the new firm.

In the short period of time between Barnes' death and the formation of the firm, there was an incident which headlined the local news for several days, in which a local Mexican gang was slaughtered by unknown assailants. Although, there is no concrete evidence linking back to the subject or any of his associates, it is heavily suspected they had a hand in the matter.
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'The World Is Ours-C.C'
Dirty Money : $ 207,000
Clean Money: $ 926,000
Vehicles owned : Phoenix, Vapid Blade
Business owned:Vanilla Unicorn StripClub
Property owned : 163 Rockford Hills

Last Edit: 11th May 2014 by Don
Forum » CrimeCorp History » The Background Story of our Members
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