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Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 95
8th Dec 2014

After some research I found some interesting things about this new body.


First Name:Felicity


POB:Sacramento California



     Having dad in the military she grew up around planes and knows how to fly them. Her dad was a high ranking official in the air force so he was targeted. One day he got shot in the head by and unknown assassin. She took it upon her self to deal out the justice. Taking on the habit of riding than motorcycles she herself became a full on assassin. Getting a little to close to her father's killer she got poisoned with a chemical that made it look like she OD'd. Putting her body in a trap house it was clear to the cops what happened.

Signature Picture

'The World Is Ours'
Dirty Money: $4,250
Clean Money: $374,370
Vehicles owned : Western Bagger
Business owned: Little Teapot
Property owned :-------

Joined: 21st Jan 2015
Rank: LSPD
Likes 7
22nd Jan 2015

Demox Personnel File:

Alexus Cooper

Name: Alexus Cooper

Previous Names: Carla Cassel

Position(s): Project Manager of Experimental Drugs, Lab Technician and Chemist.

Qualifications: Masters Degree in Pharmaceuticals, Top of the Class in the Chemistry and Biology.

Notable Works: Thesis on Marijuana cultivation and usage in modern medicine, Rehauling pharmaceutical practices in health sectors.

Personal Notes: Alexus is known to be very nimble and athletic and a bit of a wild child outside the office. Calculating and a very big team player. Self-Defense trained because of her position she has been targeted by companies and gangs alike.

I.A.A Service Record

Name: Alexus Cooper A.K.A Carla Cassel
Position: Anti-Terrorist Activities Co-Ordinator in the Los Santos/Blaine County/Paleto Bay area
Current assignment: Deep cover with the suspected Omega Paramiltary Contractor shell company Demox Pharmaceuticals.
Synopsis: Alexus was drafted into the I.A.A after completing her education due to her knowledge of drug usage, being seen as a asset in identifying different strains of various products. She proved herself in the field when working undercover in Liberty City to taking down the drug name 'Yay-o' from dealers. She is trained as a tactcian stealth operative. Questioned on methods which are not deemed authorised by I.A.A, but has a good completion rate so the board doesn't deem it a serious issue.
Pysch Profile: Superiority complex, very good at acting a character when undercover which she regularly does because she quote 'Hate sitting on my fucking ass while you pricks have the fun' end quote.

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Dirty Money : $???
Clean Money: $???
Cars Owned: Maibatsu Penumbra (Company Car)
Property Owned: House in North LS

Last Edit: 4th Jun 2015 by IAA Co-Ordinator Carla Cassel
Joined: 25th Oct 2014
Rank: Regulator
Likes 47
23rd Jan 2015


Criminal Profile

Surname: Wackowski
First Name: William
Alias: "Ol' Bill"
Date Of Birth: July 28, 1970
Height: 6'0"
Weight: 190 lb.
Place Of Birth: Monroeville, Pennsylvania.
Nationality: American

Criminal History:

1985 - Assault .

1986 - DUI, resiting arrest.

1988 - Armed Robbery, assault with a deadly weapon.

1993 - Manslaughter, possesion of narcotics with intent to sell.

2011 - Drunk and disorderly conduct.

No further records in Vice City.

(See FIB records for further criminal records.)


Not much to be said about this piece of work. Typical dirty White boy, grew up with a drunk mother and workaholic father. Started out as the neighborhood bully, beat up smaller kids for lunch money, wediges, esc; ran away from home at age 14, hitchhiked to Vice City. Started life of petty crime here, lived with some wannabe gangstas. Started working as a low-rent triggerman in 1990, suspected in several unsolved murders involving drug scores. Arrested after hitting a drug score in 1993, served 10 years of a 20 year sentance. Bounced around from city to city after, mostly Liberty City, Los Santos and North Yankton. Officially works as a "Day Trader", suspected to working as a professional triggerman, mostly drug scores and contract hits, exporting cars as well.

Currently resisiding in Los Santos. Advise LSPD to observe.

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Dirty Money : $40,000.00
Clean Money: $15,000.00
Vehicles owned: Tailgater
Property owned: Richards Majestic Apt. 7

Joined: 4th Oct 2014
Rank: Regulator
Likes 13
13th Feb 2015

Ok so i come from a poor family that has a history of mental problems like ADD ADHD Depression And really really really bad anger issues, you barely touch me i can snap. I love nice cars. i'm all about class, swag can go fuck off. i am the heavy weapons type IRL and IG. My IRL friends call me the "Tank" because i am huge strong slow and Deadly as hell, Ive Put people in the ER IRL because of my anger issues. now lets get a bit more of my characters back story in here now.

Ok like i said poor family, mental illnesses, ok I live in the hood, i room with my homie (The recently deceased one) I now live in his house with his mom and dad, and his hot sister. I am talking with his family about taking his second Imponte Dukes. Ok my family was never nice to me so i when i was taught how to shoot i killed them on "Mistake". After that i was put in a Juvenile Detention Center. i broke out at the age of 14 (They are freaking retards keeping their guns safety mode on) after then My grandparents decided to sign me up for military school. after I graduated i signed up for the Air Force. I was them best damn pilot this country has ever seen. after 10 years i decided to retire (by this point i was 28 and i decided to move to Liberty City) After 2 years of planning i stole some government guns, I made a escape to LS by stealing a jet. Now i live in the hood under Ballas Colors but I truely Rep CC. I am working on moving out of the hood as fast A.S.Fucking.P. Because they think im Repping another group, and they may kill me.

Sargent Q out.
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Signature Picture

My name is know by many as "Zero the whisper" because I'm silent and gone in an instant but I can leave a devastating impact on those who should choose to listen when they shouldn't be. I am a force to be reckoned with.

Illegal: $0
Legal: $90,000
Properties owned:
Cars owned: The Spawn

Joined: 5th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 36
20th Feb 2015

Subject Name: Gerald E.

Alias: "G", (OOC you can still call mac or Kelly, whichever you know me as lol)

DOB: 03-16-1995

Height: 6’3

Weight: 250 LBS

Place of Birth: Pittsburgh, PA

Ethnicity/Race: Caucasian American

Associates: Tattoo artist and close friend of Kelly Baker. Gerald worked in the shops that Kelly had used to front the A-Division. Gerald grew up with a single mother an left to make his own living when he was 16. He was a small time drug dealer, mostly selling weed and occasionally harder drugs. After being arrested multiple times for possession with intent to deal, he was put in a correctional facility where he found his love for art, and firearms. After being released Gerald would do portraits and artwork on the boardwalk and lived out of his van. He finally caught a break when Kelly Baker had him do a portrait of his girlfriend. Kelly was impressed and offered the young Gerald an apprenticeship at a tattoo shop. Gerald accepted without hesitation and became close friends with Kelly and Candice. Kelly made sure Gerald stayed mostly clean and legitimate, but would have Gerald do small tasks and errands for CC. After Kelly's death Gerald has decided to get more involved with his best friend's business.
Criminal Record:
2008- possession w/intent to distribute, trespassing, disorderly conduct
2009- possession w/intent to distribute
2010-possession w/intent to distribute
2011- possession w/intent to distribute, rest of year spent in correctional facility
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Signature Picture
Joined: 28th Jun 2014
Rank: --
Likes 153
22nd Feb 2015

I sit and listen carefully, looking at the men in front of me, members of Crime Corp, a crime organisation that was slowly taking over the state in a smart way. I turn and look to the man in a very expensive looking suit, I smile slightly as inquired about my background. I run my fingertip around the edge of the glass in front of me before raising it, letting the chilled whiskey flow past my lips as the ice rests against them, I lower my glass with a content sigh before saying, “I have lived a good life, but so I do not bore you gentlemen I will try to keep it short while keeping the details rich.” I cleared my throat, resting my elbows on the table, ready to tell my story...

“I was born in England, spent most of my life there too with my parents, both of whom were from Liberty City and looking for a change of scenery. I kind of lived an ordinary life up until I was about to go into high school, thats when I learned what my parents really did for a living, my dad was a fence for stolen goods and the middle man for assassination agencies and clients and my mum was not only a nurse, but for the right fee she would patch up men and women who did not want to go to the hospitals, it kind of changed my life for the better. I became more open and comfortable with them after that, learned how to steal and fire a gun with my dad, my mum taught me medical skills and how to not just fight a man but really hurt him as well, all the soft spots I could exploit, I knew they wanted me to be in this life and I wanted it too, when I was out at night living the life I felt alive, it felt good. But I stayed in school, finished and got good grades. Earned myself some cash and got some from my parents, after a talk with my dad we decided I should go and life my own life, be independent and learn what I can from the world, after a tearful goodbye from my mum and a firm handshake from my dad we went separate ways in the airport, they were going home and I was leaving mine, leaving to be a hitman in the Triad in Hong Kong.

There I was sixteen years old and living it up in a new country, I had a no show job and I was running with a small crew in a Triad group, but it had its competition and my reputation began to gain the attention of the Vanguard in the triad who ran operations, I had been in Hong Kong for just over five months and I was making large ripples across the pond. The Triad group had enough of the competition and they also did not want me to leave, so the Vanguard gave me a proposal, an impossible task, I kill every competitor the Triad had so they would become dominant over Hong Kong and so they would be undisputed in terms of territory and size and I would leave as well as receive a large sum of money. I loved the thought of the challenge, but I also did want to leave soon, so I got to work and on my 18th birthday, I remember nothing other than meeting the amazed face of the vanguard and the happy face of the Dragon Head, the leader of the Triad as they were the largest in all of Hong Kong, the rest I remember nothing of, it was my birthday and many of my friends and members of the group wanted to buy me drinks.
I soon gave my farewells and gave everyone gifts of gratitude, I had no need of the money and they had all been good to me, I arrived in Hong Kong with little in my pocket and as no one, I left a brother of the largest criminal organisation in Hong Kong, with a lot of money and a nickname that was whispered throughout all the Triad organisations, I left known as Hundun, a legendary faceless being in chinese folklore who created Chaos and confusion, both of which I used to my advantage.

So Eighteen years old in Liberty City and I began to work with my dad, thanks to my reputation among the Triads many people wanted Hundun and a lot of people were willing to overpay just for the name of the brand, sound familiar? Anyway, it was good work, Liberty city was my home and with my parents it felt right, it felt right working in the family business, but I soon began to feel uneasy, I wanted to travel and make my own name, my mum and my dad had come from poor backgrounds and they had made themselves in successful people, I had been built up and helped, I didn’t want anymore of it. I kept some money for myself, enough to just about get by before giving the rest to my parents a thank you for everything I did, so a few months after my 21st birthday I left Liberty City and came to Sunny Los Santos, after doing a few jobs of many different varieties and well, here I am, with you fine gentleman waiting for my job, so I can make a name for myself in Crime Corp and be a part of this fine enterprise.”

I raise my glass and finish my drink with a satisfied sigh before resting it on the table and sitting back in my chair as I look to them, waiting to be assigned the job that would be my first step on hopefully a long and successful path with Crime Corp in Los Santos, I was ready to prove myself in a new world.
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Last Edit: 22nd Feb 2015 by Kugel
Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 39
23rd Feb 2015

Name: Danny O'Malley

Alias: Irish

DOB: 11-11-?

POB: Dublin, Ireland

Gender: Male

Height: 6'1"

Weight: 200 lbs

Race: Caucasian

Father: Marvin O'Malley Status Unk

Mother: June McKay (deceased)

Work: Construction

Vehicle: Shitzu Haluchou


Danny was born in a civil war inside of the UK. At the age of 12 Danny was wounded by a British soldier, when he was walking around after curfew. At the age of 13 Danny's mother passed away. Cause is still not known. Danny's father left him shortly after his mother died to fend for himself. Interpol lost track of him until he was 18, when he was arrested in London for assault.

Current: Danny is working pick up jobs doing construction on high rises and homes.
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Joined: 21st Mar 2015
Rank: --
Likes 24
22nd Mar 2015

Name: Bruno "mad hatter" Blake
Gender: Male
Age: 30
Race: White American/ Italian

Backstory: In a small town in Sicily a wealthy family had just had a son, he had been there first and they had big plans for him. As the boy grew up he started to realise that his father was a man of crime, being part of a family, all his life Bruno wanted approval from his father. He wanted to follow in the footsteps of him and live a heat life like his father did, but on a sunday morning the whole family was going to church when a car stopped in front of them and a man with a tommy gun open fire on the family. The mother was put in a coma and the father dead, the gang decided to take the young child and raise him as their own.

After years of living the ways of the gang, Bruno had been known to be a skilled killer and a man of action but when the gang was taken down by a corrupt government, Bruno was turned into a smart killing machine. His mind always working and never stopping, he lived until he was 26 like this but found a way to escape the brainwashing when he heard of an actual work while crime corporation, he made his way to liberty city and found out that it was all a lie. He decided to move to LS and live a life of peace and quite...

After 3 years of living in LS he had started business and was making a good amount of money but one of the local gangs was giving him trouble, he decided enough was enough and went ape shit. He went down to their base killing everything in sight, he fled the scene and realised what he had done. It added to why he was called....

Mad hatter
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Signature Picture

I never lie to any man because I don’t fear anyone. The only time you lie is when you are afraid.

Joined: 27th Jun 2014
Rank: --
Likes 770
25th Mar 2015

How you all doin? My name is Silvio Dante...Three generations ago my family got on the boat and made the trip to Ellis Island...Being piss poor, it wasn't long before crime was the staple diet of the family. All the hope of the so called..."American Dream" was shattered pretty much the second they stepped off the boat.

Having my life mapped out for me by my Pa...I set about proving to him I could be like the man he was...At 14 years old I was putting food on the table for my Ma and my sisters and brothers.
A failed attempt on my old mans life would see me graduate from petty theft to straight up murder. That got the attention of local guys who said they could use a guy like me. Flattered....I did everything they asked of me.

Such is the life we live though...Things didn't stay good for long...My main mentor got pinched on a bogus gun charge, he was looking at a few years and woulda sailed through it if it wasn't for his temper. While inside he shanked a guard in the dinner hall in front of all the screws...I never seen him again. After that the rest of his crew either got wacked or jailed also.

Iv'e been kicking dust ever since...I ran with a few crews, ran a crew, made some friends that I can rely on, and also enemies I can rely on also..This world we inhabit can get greasy at times to say the least, and that's just the criminals..The cops and feds are never too far away either, that's why I keep my head down n do what i gotta do as low key as possible.

It was during my time running with an old crew back in the day that I met Wally. A known face on the crime scene. He moved on as we all did. Years later our paths crossed again and Wally was doing exceptionally well for himself, having carved himself up a huge fucking slice of the American Dream...After a talk it was decided....I had a new job...So to speak...

So here I am, reaching out to the organization...Whatever you need, let me know and I will do whatever it takes to make it happen.
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Signature Picture

Keep yer ears open n yer mouth shut

Joined: 2nd Apr 2015
Rank: Regulator
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5th Apr 2015


Date of birth: 01/21/1989
Place of birth: unknown

• i grew up in an unknown City of the USA
•i lived at my cousin (Dave, who was 3 years older) and my uncle (Who Hits us all the time)
•Dave and me started to steal cars and deales with drugs (Dave started this before me) because we dont had money and my uncle just drinks all the time and hasnt got a job
•i became a really good driver and because of ilegal street races we get some money
•dave and me always trained to shoot with guns but whe never had to do it (since my last day with dave...)
•with age of 20 i has to go to jail because the police caught me after shooting a drug dealer because the drug dealer killed dave
•in the jail i learned to fight and became a lot stronger
• with the age of 25 i came out of jail and started chatting with lamar on lifeinvader

And this brings us right up here....


After lamar hooks me up at the airport and Show me los Santos and tells me something about it i became quite a big fish in LS. I got in touch with gerade (a "friend" of lamar) who tells me to to steal drugs some time. And stolen some cars for simeon. After ive made me a name in LS, CrimeCorp was hearing from me so they text me and wantet to meet me. I dont know how they know about me but there are more people in CrimeCorp than you know....
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Dirty Money : $8.000
Clean Money: $8.000
Vehicles owned:
Property owned:--------

Last Edit: 5th Apr 2015 by Joker
Joined: 6th Apr 2015
Rank: Prospect
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6th Apr 2015

I was raised on the top floor of the Ten Cent Theater in the belly of Textile City. My parents said we got the house when they won a case for the movie media censorship corporation. Ive lived here my whole life, my parents live on the upper west side. At least they let me keep the apartment. I've seen this city change, And its changed me. I've seen the blue collar industries be destroyed in La Mesa, I've seen the white collar industries feed off their wreckage. I'd say frustration led me to this, but my mind was always twisted. I was taught every life lesson I know by the movies. I started at a young age first just sneaking into the shows. Then I started stealing film reels. I never got caught but in the paper they called me "The Fantom" I liked that. I Got a job as a bell boy and learned to drive the first day on the job. I lied about my license. This led to joy riding and even "accidentally losing" a Grotti. As I said my parents left and went where the money was when i was young. I did some time before my parents bailed me out. But I lost my job and emptied my savings into repaying the Grotti. I've been doing dirty work around town for some shady characters. But I need some organization in my life. This partnership will enable me to find my footing in this jungle. Im willing to do anything to survive, to make connections and topple this money sick city.
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Last Edit: 6th Apr 2015 by Fantom
Joined: 13th Apr 2015
Rank: Street Boss
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15th Apr 2015

  The bright warm sunlight on my skin gently woke me up, I opened my eyes only to find myself in this big comfortable bed, I didn't want to get up, but the smell of the fresh brewed coffee was luring me out, I puled off the warm blanket that kept me warm and comfy all night and got up, a great view of Los Santos opened before me, it was a perfect morning and looked like things are getting better for me, I am in a new City and can start a new life,  
- Hey , good morning,Nikki walked into the room,  how did you sleep? she asked
- Great, just great, thank you Nikki, I can't remember when was the last time I slept so well
- I'm glad to hear that, hey, you want some coffee? I just made some, Nikki smiled at me

We walked to the kitchen and I took the mug, I took a deep breath and the smell was just fantastic, I took a sip of it
-  how is your eye? Nikki asked pointing at my left black eye
-  Doesn't hurt anymore, I pocked it with my finger, does it look bad? I asked
-  Not too bad, nothing some foundation can't hide, Nikki smiled,
-  Thank you very much Nikki, you helped me so much, I don't know if I can ever repay you
-  Don't be silly,Anna,  we girls should stick together, any girl at the club would do the same for you, if we don't care care of each other, nobody will, Nikki encouraged me, but still, why was that guy after you ?
  Nikki helped me a lot, she and the girls at the club saved my life yesterday, and I thought it would be only fair if I told her the truth
- It's a long story, I said
- Then let me get some more coffee, Nikki replied
- It all started when I was a kid, I was born and grew up in Liberty City, I was an orphan and never knew my parents, when I was 14 I started running away from the orphanage, and I got in trouble for this so many times, but I was a teen, I was a rebel, and at that age, the more you get in trouble, the more you and other kids think you're cool, but the streets are not the best place for a young little girl, especially in a city like Liberty, there are so many creeps out there, but at the time I didn't care, when I was 16  I started dating Jeremy, he was a biker, he was part of "The Lost" , he was everything a teenage girl dreams of, long blond hair, tattoos covering his both arms, a handsome rebel who rides a bike, I fell in love with him, he was good with me, gentle , loving, I felt so safe with him,he did teach me a lot of useful; things, how to shoot, how to protect myself, but I was good at something else, at stealing, first it was small shoplifting, but that didn't bring enough money, so I started pickpocketing people, wallets, watches , phones, i could steal anything and my victims would never know how I did it,  when I turned 18 l had got a job  at the "Triangle Club", yes that strip club in Liberty City, I was surprisingly good at what I did, I also used this job to find out information, while giving private dances I would get all kind of information out of people, and later I would give this info to Jeremy, if it was something small, like that the guy has a wallet full of cash, Jeremy would wait behind the club and then rob the poor guy, when it was something more serious, drug deals, a shipment of DVD's coming to the airport,  Jeremy would call his "Lost" brothers and they would steal  it , of course I always got my cut , everything was great, we were making so much money, life was good, but one day a man walked to the club, he had a heavy Russian accent, he was drunk, he had so much cash, he was throwing it around, spending it carelessly , of course I called Jeremy, and he robbed the guy , taking more than $20,000 from him, not counting the gold watch, gold chains and rings the Russian had on him , it was a big deal for us, we never got so much cash just from one job, we celebrated , but little did we know that the guy was some big shot in the Russian Mafia, the relations between the Russians and the Lost were bad already, but this just gave the Russians a reason to start an all out war against the "Lost" , first they burned down our Club house, and started hunting down one "Lost" member after another,
 I begged Jeremy to run away, at first he didn't want to listen to me, but one day he came home, told me to pack the bags and we left the same night, we drove away south, we were going from one city to another, we never stayed too long in the same place, but soon enough we ran out of money, and I started to do what I can do best, steal,but  I guess I wasn't cautious enough , because they found us, the Russians found us, one day 2 black SUV's drove to the Motel we were staying.................................. Jeremy didn't go down without a fight, he killed them all, but he got shot in that fight, he died on my arms, died trying to protect me, I didn't want to leave him there, but he made me promise I would run away, I would live, and I did, I ran away, leaving him behind, at the time the  only place that came to my mind was Los Santos, it was on the other end of America, so I thought they will never find me here,
- Oh you poor little thing, that is terrible, Nikki gave me a hug
- Thank you Nikki,I said through tears ,  you know the rest of the story, I came to Los Santos last week, the only thing I can do is dance, so I started working at the Unicorn, where I met you and the other girls
- And the guy who came in yesterday was a Russian, right?
- Yes, he was waiting for me to at the back door to finish, my shift , it you weren't there they would have killed me
- Don't worry Anna, everything will be fine, the Russians know who this club belongs to, I am sure the bosses will not let anyone hurt any of the girls working here, but you should talk with them about it, you should explain them what's going on, I am sure a girl with your skills will be able to be more then just a stripper in this organization
- thank you Nikki, I own you so much
- Do not worry about that, and you can stay at my place as long as you like,
  I looked at Nikki, she is a great girl, she really saved me yesterday, I will follow her advice, I will talk to the bosses, and maybe I can really be more then just a stripper , after all, I'm starting a new life here 
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Dirty Money: $4,000
Clean Money: $0,00
Vehicles Owned: I get free cab rides
Property's Owned: Sharing an apartment with Nikki

Joined: 15th May 2015
Rank: Prospect
Likes 4
15th May 2015

Crime. A word used for an activity that breaks the law. Such a pathetic word. Laws are set for the weak minded, the ones who will follow these rules to the point and won't question anything that goes on...boring isn't it? Rules are set but that doesn't mean they must be followed.
Where was I born? No idea. I was dumped outside an orphanage at birth. Great start at life.
Feelings? Feelings are for the weak, that bullet that went through my leg? I'll just pick it out and keep walking.
I'm the man you seen in the suit and glasses, the one that disappeared after the car passed by. The man you seen by the blacked out sedan, the same sedan you see on the news later responsible for...'a crime'. Murder, drug dealing, car theft. I'll do whatever I want, as long as it gives me the pay and keeps the bosses happy.
CrimeCorp is full of people who believe the same. We appear to follow the law. That is what you're meant to believe, go any deeper and you may have me on your door. The wraith.
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Last Edit: 15th May 2015 by RedheadedTwo
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17th May 2015

Subject name: Vito Luciano
Height: 6'0"
weight: 189lb
Ethnicity: Italian
Place of Birth: Liberty City
Nickname: Mr. Price
Crimes: Murder, drug dealing, drug smuggling

When I was a child, I was convicted  of murder for killing my friend but I swear it was an accident because we were running on the roof playing tag then he was close the edge and accidently pushed him over. Then when I was in high school I started drug dealing and I started working for a well known drug lord in LC. He gave me some jobs of drug smuggling and one day I smuggled some coke into LS and then I decided to stay in LS so I sent the drug lord the money. I started working for my self and finding connections. Once I became known in LS, people started calling me  Mr. Price because I sold more drugs then the other drug dealers.

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Joined: 22nd Jun 2015
Rank: Prospect
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28th Jun 2015

Kujo was born in Liberty City and to a wealthy entrepreneur and her husband a state judge. She idolized her mother to the point of obsession and became infatuated with building an empire that would dwarf hers... by whatever means.
So she started small and with minimal risk and learned from an acquaintance the art of the hack. After gaining enough knowledge to be effective, she moved to self defense and began learning to fight and use all manner of weapons. This gave her connections that got he into the smuggling trade where she eventually had to learn to fly this ended up being her true passion and where she truly excelled. Eventually her dealings led her to Las Santos and under the watchful eye of Crime Corp. But she makes no bones about it, like all things, this is a means to an end for her.
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Joined: 4th Jul 2015
Rank: Prospect
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5th Jul 2015

 Date of birth:May 21st, 1990
Place of birth:Chicago,Illinois
                 Criminal Record
         2000: Theft
          2006:assault,resist arrest

    Kyle had grown up in the ghetto of Chicago which is run by street gangs he didn't talk much,Kyles father taught him how to use a knife and a gun at a young age of ten, his father got shot and killed when Kyle was fifteen and Kyle set out for revenge when he was sixteen and murdered the killers of his father, a couple years later when Kyle was 18 his mother ODed of heroine and Kyle moved to Los Santos to escape from getting killed. When he got there he lived on the streets of the ghetto because it felt like home to him, he started making a name for himself by starting to street race, He would also steal and sell cars to chop shops for easy, Cheap money, after awhile of getting his name was made crime corporation called him.
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Joined: 2nd Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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2nd Aug 2015

Surname: McGready
Forename: Sean
Known As: The Alpha
Birth Place: Dublin, Ireland
Height: 6'4
Weight: 155lbs
Nationality: Irish
Past Jobs: Bartender (Fired), Underground Cage Fighter (Retired), Wheel Man for Evil Crime Syndicate (Left), car mechanic (current)
Valuable information: Sean lived with his Mother Kelly (Deceased) and his father Jacob (Deceased). Left School at 18. Worked as a bartender for a year in Ireland after his fathers death. Was fired after Threatening the life of another man in a bar brawl with a shattered bottle. Joined Illegal Cage Fighting to earn money to support his mother. Moved to Los Santos a year later after his mothers passing. Participated in Illegal street races to gain money. was Picked up as the Wheel man for Renowned Criminal Crew the Evil Crime Syndicate where he worked for a year earning a hefty 10 million dollars. Had 9.5 million stolen from a Spy inside of the Syndicate. After leaving the Syndicate Mr McGready works as a Mechanic for Los Santos Customs along with pulling a few store robberies in Blaine County.
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Dirty Money : $.00
Clean Money: $12500.00
Vehicles owned: insert your vehicle
Property owned:--------

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2nd Aug 2015

  Who am I you ask, well, let's start with my name,  my name is Tommy, Tommy Vercetti , I was born and raised in Liberty City, crazy town, with crazy people, one wrong word can cost you your life ,  one's life does not cost a thing in that city,  my Mom was a great woman, she worked 3 jobs to support me and my sister, while my Dad, well, I barely knew him, he spent most of his life in jail, and died there too.
   Since my mother was always at work, I spent most of my time on the streets, the street was  my school, my mentor, everything I know I learned on the streets, I remember when I was 14, we were smoking with my friends in an alley, and thats when we saw a car pull up , 4 big men got out of the car , they opened the trunk and pulled a man from it, they put him on his knees and after saying something to him, they killed him, that was the first time I saw a man die, and that moment changed my life, I knew I want to be the man that holds the gun, and not the guy in the trunk ...
    5 years later I was working for the Italian mob, I was doing all kinds of work for them, robberies , killing, kidnapping, extortion, drug dealing, I made quite a reputation on the streets , they called me The Butcher....... I hope you will never have to find out why 
  I was in love with a beautiful girl, Jenifer, she was  perfect , beautiful, smart, funny , the only down side was her father...... he was my boss , and didn't take long before he found out that I was dating his daughter, so he put a bounty on me , and I had to run away.
   So here I am , sitting at the bar, drinking with you guys and telling you my story, why am I here you ask? crime is all I can do, what I know how to do, and I am good at it, I need protection from my former boss, and I hope to find it here, in your organization  
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Dirty Money :  $5.200
Clean Money: $5.000
Vehicles owned: Albany Cavalcade
Property owned:-------- 

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My name is Chris I originally grew up liberty city in south bohan. I was born to a drug addict mom and a dad who was a hired gun for gangs and organization all over liberty city. My dad was the type these people hired if they needed an extra hand on a job or take someone out. Anyway the Feds started putting heat my dad and the people he was working for. It wasn't an easy time there was a lot of pressure so much pressure that my mom started using again since my mom and dad got together my mom was able to lay off the drugs especially when she had me. One day the house was quiet I was watching tv my mom was in her room and my dad was in the kitchen reading a news paper it seemed like a normal day until out of nowhere fib agents , lcpd and swat burst through the door my dad was arrested and turns out my dad was involved in more thing than I can count he was sentenced to life in prison without parole or bail I was now without a father forever. After the trial my mom started using big time she was smoking and shooting and snorting anything she can get her hand on. At the time I was still going to school my mom didn't want me going in the same path as my dad . But one day I was on my way back home from school and I saw cops and ambulances in front of my building I saw someone coming out in a stretcher . It was my mom body she died from a overdose. My mom never had the chance to tell me where my dad was. Not many people went to her funeral but yet we never had much family or friends. I was forced into the foster system but no one adopted me I left the foster home and no one was able to take me in except the streets I had no school no home and I needed money I joined a gang and I made some money but it was hard in liberty city I was on life invader one day and a guy from the families street gang told me about Los santos I realized I needed to go to Los santos and seize the opportunities there I got my things and said bye to my gang and bye to liberty city I hoped on a plane to Los santos and haven't looked back since.
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5th Aug 2015

Name: Nick Duncan 
DOB: 02-11-1987 
POB: Austin, TX 
Gender: Male 
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs 
Race: Caucasian 
Father: Duncan Michael 
Mother: June Duncan  (deceased) 
Work: unknown  
Childhood: Nick  was born in Austin , TX, in a middle class family, mother accountant and father owned a bar , had an ordinary childhood,  was a popular kid at school, captain of the school football team, everyone said he had a big future in the football, was even proposed a scholarship at the University of Texas in Austin, but at age of 18 got in a car accident,  a drunk  driver passed on a red light and crashed  into Nick's  car, most of the damage came into the passenger side, where Nick's girlfriend , Amy  was sitting , Amy died in that accident, while  Nick damaged his leg very bad,his knee was destroyed.
  After Nick got out of the hospital, his football career was finished, but he didn't care about that , the only thing he dd care about was the death of Amy, the  same day he got out of the hospital, he found the driver who crashed into them, and brutally murdered him, Nick spent 5 years in prison and after getting out moved to LS to start a new life  
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