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Joined: 5th Aug 2015
Rank: Regulator
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6th Aug 2015

Name: Nick Duncan 
DOB: 02-11-1987 
POB: Austin, TX 
Gender: Male 
Height: 6'
Weight: 190 lbs 
Race: Caucasian 
Father: Duncan Michael 
Mother: June Duncan  (deceased) 
Work: unknown  
Childhood: Nick  was born in Austin , TX, in a middle class family, mother accountant and father owned a bar , had an ordinary childhood,  was a popular kid at school, captain of the school football team, everyone said he had a big future in the football, was even proposed a scholarship at the University of Texas in Austin, but at age of 18 got in a car accident,  a drunk  driver passed on a red light and crashed  into Nick's  car, most of the damage came into the passenger side, where Nick's girlfriend , Amy  was sitting , Amy died in that accident, while  Nick damaged his leg very bad,his knee was destroyed.
  After Nick got out of the hospital, his football career was finished, but he didn't care about that , the only thing he dd care about was the death of Amy, the  same day he got out of the hospital, he found the driver who crashed into them, and brutally murdered him, Nick spent 5 years in prison and after getting out moved to LS to start a new life  
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Last Edit: 6th Aug 2015 by Nick
Forum » CrimeCorp History » The Background Story of our Members
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