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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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21st Apr 2014


     Everyone has a story, and we want to hear yours!!!


   Share with the Organization how you became a criminal mastermind, what pushed you in this world of corruption and crime. share your story with us and let it become a part of CrimeCorp history  

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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Joined: 6th May 2014
Rank: Commissioner
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6th May 2014

Blaze (birth name blake tabera) was the oldest son in a family of four, he was raised on a farm in Northern michigan, and besides a scuffle or two he was an average youth, with no criminal record to speak of. during the economic recession of 2008 his family was plunged into debt, and was given an ultimatum by Maze bank, either pay them 200k within seven months, or lose everything. Blaze took to growing pot and cooking methamphetamine to sell in an attempt to raise the money necessary to pay off his families debts. He went to great lengths to hide this from his family, discreetly selling the product to local street gangs rather than handling distribution himself. This plan worked well until two of the towns street gangs went to war, and when the rivals of his buyers got wind of the unguarded farm supplying their enemies with product, they were quick to attack. The night after they got the news they raided the farm, killing the residents and burning down the farmhouse, however when the police went to investigate the next morning, they found there were thirteen bodies, accounting for the parents and three of the children, along with eight members of the local street gang, but Blaze was nowhere to be found. Two nights later the gangs hideout was bombed, killing thirteen and wounding eight. police investigators determined the ieds used in the bombing to be constructed from assorted clocks and blasting caps, an explosive commonly used on a farm. After the traumatic event Blake became reckless, abandoning his birth name and going by the alias Blaze instead, a slew of robberies and gang massacres across the country have a man matching his description as the prime suspect, he is said to be irrational, reckless, and fond of both explosions and Fire. He eventually ended up settling in los santos, after discovering that a well known mafia family operating there had ties to the street gang that murdered his family so many years ago, his reasons for joining are to garner wealth, resources, and allies for the eventual attack he is undoubtedly planning on the family that destroyed his former life, as well as to secure work and friends for his new life.


Blaze sat with several other crime corp members in kellys living room, the nervous silence remained unbroken as they all waited, hoping kelly was able to save don, when blaze had a realization, he was actually worried about someone other than himself, that wasnt the way he was, it hadnt been since the incident all those years ago, he needed to think. Blaze got up and silently exited the apartment. While he was driving it hit him, he had bits and pieces of his memories before the incident but now he remembered it all, who he was before the fire. his given name was blake, he grew up on a farm in michigan, he had a brother and a sister, he planned to pursue a career in computer science but gave it up when he started producing drugs to support his family, everything. he drove back, as he was walking in he was greeted by hector
"hey blaze, kelly just came out, said things are going well but he still has some work to do"
"thank god, had me worried for a while, and hector, my real names blake"
wally interjected; "ok blake, well kelly needs some food, go out and get him some, and none of that cheap shit, he needs to be well fed to take care of don"
"sure thing wally"
an hour later blake was back with the food, he settled back in kellys living room, waiting with the rest for kelly to update them on dons condition...

EDIT: I've continued this as a blog to avoid lengthening this post, pt1 is linked here
http://crimecorp.iclanweb ... d-backstory-pt-1-vl8
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Signature Picture

Gamertag: rbn blaze
Steam: Nukabot
Roles: Explosives Expert, Hacker, Chemist
Roles: Infiltrator, Black Market Contact

Last Edit: 23rd Sep 2014 by Blake "Blaze" Taberah (XB1/PC)
Joined: 1st May 2014
Rank: Regulator
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11th May 2014



Criminal Profile

        Surname:        (Classified)
     First Name:        (Classified)
          Alias:        (Classified)
  Date Of Birth:        October, 18, 1991
         Height:        6'0"
         Weight:        177 lb.
  Place Of Birth:         Caracas, Venezuela
    Nationality:        Venezuelan

Criminal History:

    2006 - Grand Theft; Age 15

     2007 - Hit & Run, Resisting Arrest; Age 16

     2008 - Grand Theft Auto, Vehicular Manslaughter; Age 17

     2012 - Smuggling, Manslaughter; Age 21

     2013 - Attempted Murder, Murder, Manslaughter; Age 21

No further records in Vice City.

(See FIB records for further criminal records.)


(Classified) moved to Vice City with his parents in the year 2000 at the age of 9. He quickly got recruited at the age of 15 by small family gangs around his neighborhood. He has been acquitted on all Manslaughter and Murder charges placed on him, due to either lack of witnesses, lack of evidence, incorrect identification, and missing key witnesses. He is professionally trained on handling firearms, and specializes in heavy firearms and explosives. Within family gangs, he was a well known spy, since he was trained by many on espionage and their methods of reconnaissance. Well known on the streets for his Modded Felon, they say he won it through a poker bet with a rival crime boss. Known for "going big or going home" and also known for having some sort of influence in every gang movement.

(Classified) is rumored to have moved to Southern San Andreas around September 2013 "in search of a wider range of opportunities."

No further information available.


L.S.P.D. and F.I.B. Criminal Profiles for (Classified) are currently awaiting approval for release.

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Dirty Money : $30,000.02
Clean Money: $17,000.00
Vehicles Owned: Bravado Gauntlet
Property Owned: --------

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Joined: 5th May 2014
Rank: Street Boss
Likes 36
12th May 2014

Name:   Kelly Baker 

Alias:   Kells, MGK  

DOB:     16, March 1995

POB:     Inner-City Baltimore, Maryland 

Gender:  Male 

Height:  6'4" 

Weight:  230 lbs 

Race:    Caucasian  

Father:  James Baker, Relationship: No contact,haven’t seen each other since Kelly was 15  

Mother:  Allison Harrison(remarried and uses her new husbands name), Relationship: No contact, haven’t seen each other since Kelly was 9   

Work:    Rap artist/producer,MMA fighter, Owns and runs Blunt Trauma, MRMP (Medical &Recreational Marijuana Practice) 

Vehicle: TBD 


Kelly Baker was born into a broken home in the inner-city and had a rough upbringing. When he was 9 Baker’s mother left his father for another man, and he has not contacted her since she left. At the young age of 10 Baker was jumped in to Dead Man Inc., a local prison/street gang where violence was everything. He was involved in multiple stabbings and drive-by shootings over the next 4 years. Then his father became a chaplain for the army and the duo moved around often and because of this Baker was able to spread the Dead Man Inc. name around the country. After two years of moving from base to base in the States, Kelly’s father went over-seas to tour with the soldiers and minister to them, leaving the young Kelly to live with his aunt. The aunt neglected Kelly and would force him out of her house, so he spent most of his time on the street. After one rough year of putting up with his aunt, he contacted his Dead Man Inc. buddies and found his way to Los Santos. His conditions did not improve much as he was still living on the streets and the gang members began to leave him behind. He was unable to make many friends outside of the gang as he was poor and literally could not afford to fit in. Having no real direction the outcast turned to marijuana to deal with his issues.This turned out to be very beneficial as he met another rebellious youth by the name of Donald, the two became friends over their shared love of Ganja. With the support of Donald, Kelly turned to penning his thoughts on paper and began rapping in the city. Even though he became known locally, he did not make much money. He turned to MMA cage fighting to make extra cash. He still fights and is currently 25-2.

Current:  Using the money made from his rap and fighting careers, Baker received medical certification and opened Blunt Trauma, MRMP (Medial &Recreational Marijuana Practice). Baker is currently trying to start his own record label. It is suspected that Kelly is still close with his friend Donald, but the details of the relationship are unknown.
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Joined: 7th Jun 2014
Rank: Regulator
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10th Jun 2014

Subject name: Buzz
Height: 5'10
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Place of Birth: Hawaii

Buzz has been know to have been involved in multiple criminal organizations since 2006. Many of his associates have claimed he was the best driver they had ever met. Buzz has a long history of street racing and grand theft auto. He made majority of his money in his younger years stealing cars and selling them to chop shops for very cheap. He was also involved in an outlaw biker club by the name of "the morbid angels". There he made a name for himself in contract killing and illegal weapons trafficking. After a violent falling out with the morbid angels, he went off the radar. Doing street races and small jobs for contacts he me in Los Santos. About a year after this falling out, he met up with a criminal organization in in Los Santos where he today spends majority of his criminal life.
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Dirty Money : $9000
Clean Money: $5000
Vehicles owned: Western Bagger
Property owned:--------

Joined: 15th Jun 2014
Rank: LSPD
Likes 40
17th Jun 2014

Los Santos Police Department Criminal Database

Name: Cortez Taylor
Alias(es): Tez, Black
Age: 24
Place of Birth: Los Santos, San Andreas
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 181 lbs


• Suspected high ranking member of the Murktown Mob MC also known to have strong ties to the recently revived 'Murktown Goons' street gang in Davis.

Criminal Record:
• 2008 - Assault
• 2012 - Grand Theft Auto

• Often seen around the 'Hi Men' bar in Davis and he owns a blue and black sport bike as well as an all black car.

Rest of the story can be read here:

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GT: Blvckflip
Vehicle(s): Blue Sentinel XS
Properties: 12 Sustancia Road (For Sale)
Clean Money: $0.00 // Dirty Money: $0.00

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Joined: 10th Jun 2014
Rank: Prospect
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23rd Jun 2014

Name : Archie Williams
Alias: Koala, [REDACTED]
Age: 32
Date of Birth: December 24, 1982
Place of Birth: Brisbane, Australia

Known History: Born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. Father ran a lucrative business selling poached animal remains. Mother died of a heart related disease when Archie was 12 years old. Spent his teenage years learning to poach animals so he could follow in his father's footsteps. One particular expedition took the life of Archie's father when he was struck by a southern death adder snake. The event left Archie an orphan at the age of 19. With both his parents dead and little experience with legal work, Archie was forced to begin working in Australia's crime scene. Over the next few months, he built up a small reputation selling marijuana on the streets as a low class supplier. However, it wasn't long before other suppliers began hitting his stash. To protect himself and instill fear in the other dealers, he began to capture southern death adder snakes and laced his drugs with traces their venom, in memory of his father. Anyone who was to grab from his bags without knowing of the venom would almost surely be pricked by the tiny needles he had spread throughout his stash. It was through these wounds that the venom would enter the victims system. Other suppliers continued to hit his stash, but it wasn't long before many were hospitalized or dead from the venom traps. This trick only worked for so long before Archie's competition learned safer ways to hurt his sales. However, Archie was not the kind of man to take threats to business lightly. In a fit of rage, he kidnapped two well-known suppliers and held them captive for 3 weeks in his father's old poaching cabin. The two suppliers were tortured endlessly during their stay in the cabin. When police finally found the cabin, the two captives were bleeding profusely from several puncture wounds inflicted by the numerous southern death adders that littered the property. A sign hung from the ceiling with the eerie message 'Welcome to my Womb'. Word spread quickly, and it was soon common knowledge on the streets that 'Koala' was not someone you wanted to piss off. Archie moved to Los Santos years later in search of bigger opportunities. It was here that he met his new partner, a NEET known as Billy Kidd, before coming in contact with an unknown organization (Crime Corp).

Mental Status: Extremely volatile. Violent when angered. Classified as a psychopath.

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"Oh, what an ugly tale..."

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25th Jun 2014


Suspect name: James Juan Carlos Varela Frazier, Jr
Aliases:   John Modus      
Born: August 22, 1990
Birthplace: Mateare, Nicaragua
USMC Sergeant James John Frazier Sr- father (1954-1999)
·         Veteran of Second Indochina war(aka Vietnam war) 71-75
·         Awarded Medal of Honor and Navy Cross for aforementioned service
·          Black operations specialist in Nicaragua 86-91 [ERROR 404 FILE IS REDACTED]
·          Clearance level DIX1985 Blacklisted
·         Killed in High speed chase after  Raid led by IAA Agents. 
     Carlita Varela- mother (1965-2013)
·         Musician
·         Daughter  of assassinated CONTRA leader Carlos  Varela
·         Cocaine addict
·         Died of accidental heroin overdose
Hernaldo Varela- Uncle (1962-2012)
·         Former  CNTRA war fighter
·         Marijuana/Firearms Manufacturer for  Madrazo Cartel
·         Died in Drunk Driving Accident
John Modus- an only child to a lower middle class family.   His father, James Frazier, Sr was an African American US military hero and an IAA asset, His mother Carlita Varela was an afro-Nicaraguan folk singer with ties to the CNTRA.   They met in Nicaragua in 1985, on the battlefield while James was training her brother and father.    John was born silently on the outskirts of Managua and kept hidden for 6 months.   Until James’ next set of orders came down the line, kill Carlos Modus Varela.  Carlos, being leader of the CNTRA’s understood he was a pawn from the beginning, ever since the former regime fell to the leftist Sandinistas.  He knew that he had been trained and his troops coordinated by the U.S to kill doctors, lawyers, teachers, philanthropists, politicians, and civilians across Nicaragua.    James, in atonement, would ensure that Carlita and John would be protected and Hernaldo would have a safe place to hide in mexico.  He, his family, and Hernaldo, left the next day…….

From 1991 to 1998 James, Carlita and a young Johnny settled in Liberty City, where the boy spent the better years of his life.   However Carlita, Bitter after completely losing her career, her country and her father, picked up a cocaine habit.  James isolated himself and began collecting the files pertaining to the DIX1985 IAA Operation.   After breaking into a federal agent’s home, and stealing 15 highly classified files, he was officially blacklisted.  An attempt on James’ life in 1998 forced the family into hiding in Alderney.  It was then that James began to homeschool John, from world history, self-defense, to  how a gun operates, and even the ramifications of killing a man.  James knew what was coming.   On Memorial Day, 2002, the police, in conjunction with the IAA, executed a raid, to which James was tipped off by a contact.   He had just enough time to insure Carlita and John’s safety, stowing them at a friend’s safe house in Broker before racing back and holding up at their apartment In Dukes.  Carlita and Johnny could only watch the news in horror, as James was gunned down while surrendering after a high speed chase on national television.  
With no time to mourn, Carlita and her son rode by bus to Los Santos, where she reconnected with her older brother Hernaldo, now a friend to Martin Madrazo.  At age 13 John began living and working at his uncle Hernaldo's agave farm in Blaine county,  growing weed, and building firearms. He enjoyed the work and partying with the Madrazo family youth.  His uncle's company, however, not so much, as Hernaldo was an alcoholic and an extremely emotional drunk, constantly challenging John to fistfights, crying about his past,  telling gruesome stories about civilians he tortured or killed in his CNTRA years or ditching him in bars filled with racist meth-addicts for cheap laughs.  At age 18 he enlisted in the USMC to escape the constant bullshit Hernaldo would dump on him.
After 3 grueling years over in Afghanistan, He returned with a general discharge.   Because of what his father had done, his military career was cut short.  He returned to discover that Hernaldo had died in a drunken driving accident, the bank seized and demolished the farm, and his mother had overdosed and was in a coma.  With Hospital bills mounting and no certified knowledge in anything other than crime,   John was lucky to receive a phone call from a strange man named “Wally.” 

Profile:   John is soft spoken, rarely smiles, and is known for his Shark tattoo above the right ear along wit a myriad of money related tattoos.  Can be commonly seen riding in a black custom Vulcan Warrener on gold Dayton rims.   Also distinguishable by his golden 12 guage sawed off given to him by Martin Madrazo, and a golden M1911 pistol inherited from his uncle. 
 Known habits:  cigarettes, asking if ones actions are “wise”  and occasionally quoting famous dissenters.
(for full details on historic references,  see REX84 and  Iran-Contra scandal.)

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Dirty Money : $25,000
Clean Money: none
Vehicles owned: Vapid Stainer
Property owned:none
Gamertag: Gr8WoRkS

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2nd Jul 2014

Surname: White
FirstName: Bryce
Birth Place: Odessa, Texas
Height: 5'11
Weight: 210
Ethnicity: Native American

          Growing up in a town based around oil there were a lot of rich people who had mastered the oil business. And where there is  money, there are gangs. The Rodriguez Family  recruited Bryce
as a motorcycle street racer.  Since Bryce showed expertise on a bike he was promoted to be a motorized hitman, taking out any competition that got in the way. After everyone gave up on rising up to beat The Rodriguez Family, Bryce was changed to be personal bodyguard for Dominique Rodriguez, the leader of The Rodriguez Family. Beating up every guy that stepped out of place and could potentially hurt Mr. Rodriguez. One day Mr. Rodriguez  said his border crossing pilot had died in a tragic accident and needed a new one. Bryce stepped up and took the job. Mainly transporting drugs and sometimes illegal immigrants, Bryce learned how to skillfully fly just about any flyable vehicle.
          Sadly The Rodriguez Family was taken down by the law and Bryce lost his job and all his assets. Seeing that Crime Corp had drug, vehicle and assassination interests Bryce found it to be the perfect fit for him.

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Signature Picture

'The World Is Ours'
Dirty Money: $4,250
Clean Money: $374,370
Vehicles owned : Western Bagger
Business owned: Little Teapot
Property owned :-------

Last Edit: 12th Jul 2014 by Bryce"Banshee" White
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3rd Jul 2014

First Name: Dante
Last Name: Zerlyx
Nickname: ShadowGear
DOB: 09/25/1994
Age: 19
Weight: 185
Criminal record: At age 13 preformed a professional hit on a government official in Germany. At age 15 was caught a trialed and was sent to execution but mysteriously vanished before execution date. Name has appeared now an then acrossed the world but disappeared on his 18th birthday.
Personality: Quiet, sarcastic when speaking. Doesn't like to be seen during missions so he tends to use a sniper rifle or pre-placed c4.

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5th Jul 2014

Name: Axel Taylor A.K.A. Bellerophon, Getaway King
Age: 28
D.O.B: 8th October 1986
Nationality: White British
Occupation: Unemployed (Informally Criminal)
Vehicle: Vapid Sandking XL
Brief History:
  • Graduated from University College London Medical School at 22.
  • Became affliated with Undisclosed Paramiltary Corporation as a medic.
  • Recieved training in with Barrett Sniper Rifle and various pistols.
  • Pulled out after 4 years due to disagreement with management on personal issues
  • Spent two years with association to street gangs in Los Santos, became recognised as Getaway King due to knowledge of getaway driving and underground subway system.
  • Known residence Bay Ave.
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'Sometimes in life, you just need to light up a cigarette and walk on by. Other times you need to get a scapel to cut the tumour out.'

Joined: 15th Jun 2014
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7th Jul 2014

Name: Emma Lynn Mancini

Age: 22

Height: 5'11"

Weight: 140 lbs

Criminal Record: Classified


Emma Mancini grew up in the hills of Los Santos, Emma was an only child, her father a really powerful and influential man in LS was a Lawyer, Emma’s mother was kidnapped when Emma was only 7 and She just now returned to Emma’s life a little over a year ago. Emma got tired of the boring rich white girl life and just wanted to be dangerous and have fun in the streets of LS. The most distinct feature about Emma is how tall she is. Her favorite color is orange which can be seen by her vibrant orange Benefactor Feltzer that everyone in LS knows. Emma loved school got straight A’s a 4.0 GPA even a 36 on her ACT’s, but she got into her college of choice getting a degree to be a surgeon  but she didn’t want that life so she dropped out the last week before her graduation. She wanted to be dangerous and make the big bucks. She had heard about an organized crime group through a group of people she went to college with, Emma wanted in.

Emma being the persistent girl that she was tracked down one of the members over the internet using her ifruit phone.  Not long after here we are bottom of the food chain in crime corporation, Emma wanted to work her way up through the ranks and maybe one day using her knowledge and amazing firearm capabilities become a street boss this was the dangerous life that Emma wanted and now has the chance to have, Emma has been skydiving, scuba diving, even swam face to face with sharks none of these was enough maybe this will satisfy her adrenaline addiction, especially with all the gang activity.

She now lives in a apartment where she can be alone, she often has guys stay the night as she hooks up with many of her friend’s friends. Emma’s drug use has increased since she dropped out of college and has many friends in high places, Emma is not a girl to mess around with she will mess you up…
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Dirty Money: 59,000
Clean Money: 15,000
Car Owned: Benefactor Feltzer
Property Owned: None

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Rank: LSPD
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7th Jul 2014

((Temporary character while Cortez Taylor is imprisoned))

Alias(es): BLACK


Place of Birth: CLASSIFIED

Height: 6'0"

Weight: 181 lbs


• Former Merryweather Special Operative from 2007 - 2009 

• Noted that he did not agree with some Merryweather tactics - left the organization on very bad terms

 Placed on a hit list (was unsuccessful) after attempting to rob a cargo ship carrying Merryweather weapons and equipment, which eventually sunk

• Suspected as a member of a crew which participated in heists/robberies at different locations around the world

•  Recently became involved with an unnamed corporation in Los Santos, SA

(( OOC: Temp character while I go through my army phase.. watched too much Act of Valor, Black Hawk Down, Seal Team Six, ect, ect hahah.. As you can tell I used the boat mission from CoD4 lol smh.. ))

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GT: Blvckflip
Vehicle(s): Blue Sentinel XS
Properties: 12 Sustancia Road (For Sale)
Clean Money: $0.00 // Dirty Money: $0.00

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10th Jul 2014

Mexican Central Intelligence Agency

Criminal Profile

Suspect Name: Marco Salamanca

Date of Birth: Unknown  

Place of Birth: Unknown

Height: 6'1

Gender: Male

Weight: 185 lbs

Ethnicity/Race: Mexican

Wanted for treason and murder.

Marco Salamanca was abandoned by his original parents who were said to be part of the anonymous Salamanca family, a key family in the Cartel De Golfo.  He was abandoned and left behind to be found in the city of Reynosa in Mexico by a kind orphanage.  He stayed in the orphanage until his early adult years but was never adopted.  With nowhere else to go, Marco accepted a recruitment request from the Mexican Armed Forces.  A secret agency in the Mexican Army working to bring down the drug cartel was interested in Marco Salamanca for he had the same name of the Salamanca family but was not one of them.  The name of this agency is classified.  Marco started off as a communications officer in the Mexican Army where he became very good with electronics.  Soon after though Marco was introduced into the secret agency.  It is said that this is where Marco became an expert torturer and killer.  This agency sent Marco on a mission to gather important information from the Salamanca family that would help bring down the Cartel De Golfo.  He was to go undercover and act as if he was out to reunite with his family.  The plan worked and the Salamanca family welcomed Marco with open arms.  Soon enough Marco broke protocol and became accustomed to the criminal life and decided to stay with his family in the cartel rather than return to the agency.  But it was too late, soon after, the Salamanca family found out that Marco was in the Mexican Armed Forces and was undercover.  To this day the Cartel De Golfo still wants him dead but he is nowhere to be found.      

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Dirty Money : $46,500

Clean Money: $5,000

Vehicles owned: Vapid Sadler
Property owned:--------

Last Edit: 10th Jul 2014 by Marco Salamanca
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12th Jul 2014


AGE: 24

DOB: Aug 20, 1989










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Nico (Banned)
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18th Jul 2014

Gather around the campfire kids, reapers got a story to tell.

Name: Jason Reems

Age: 21

Dob: 7- 28- 93

place of birth: miami, florida

specialties: street racing / car tuning

What makes me a criminal mastermind? well I'm not really a mastermind, but crime corp has given me friends and abilities to keep my mind at ease and suppresses the pain. the truth is. . . . . . about a month ago the love of my life was taken away from me. my fiancé Juliet.

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"we're already the walking dead. if there's anything that makes us different from the real dead, there's only one. living and dying isn't the real issue. if you cling to being alive, you become frightened and your eyes get clouded. if you don't have that desire to begin with, you can fight on, right to the end of the world." - revy


Joined: 28th Jul 2014
Rank: Street Boss
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29th Jul 2014

Name: Andres R 

Alias(es): G-TAG

Gender: Male

Age: Classified

D.O.B: Classified

Birth Place: Las Venturas

Specialties: Flying/Boating/Driving


Well where do we start off, I was born in Las Venturas In Classified, Aww damn i'm sorry i can't put my D.O.B any how I mostly grew up in Las Venturas. With my mother and my father, i grew up in the nicer side of Las Venturas nice school an blah blah blah. Let's get to more interesting things, I joined the Air Force at the Age Of Classified (Really) i can't put my age "THIS IS BS" oh well, Let see if i can put this up. I Have about 70+ Hours In flight. After being in the Air Force for about Classified years (Really) and finally making Staff Sargent (at least i can put that up). I moved out to the south to Vice City, I was a well known Drug Exporter and Importer, For the Diaz Cartel In Vice City. Then I moved out east to Liberty City and was a private pilot and driver for the Cipriani's, i worked with them for about 2 Years. I moved out west to Los Santos, and got back into Exporting an Importing, then i got caught i had to serve 5 years in Bolingbrooke Penitentiary. That's my history a long interesting life i did a lot of thing crazy thing, but i didn't care i was in it for the money an still am. 


  • Exporting Drugs
  • Importing Drugs
  • Illegal Boat Racing
  • Illegal Street Racing
  • Illegal Mountain/Street Drifting

Associates: Classified

Family: Classified

Interest: Flying,Boating,Driving,Making Money,Adrenaline Junkie,Relaxing,Running from the Cops,

Disinterest:Getting Caught
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Dirty Money : $622,100
Clean Money: $308,000
Vehicles owned: N/A
Property owned:N/A

Last Edit: 8th Sep 2014 by Andres "G-TAG"
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Rank: Lieutenant
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Donaldson is a shadow. Not much of a back story is known about Donaldson, but ever since he arrived at Los Santos, his grizzled face is the last thing  many criminals see. He is cold, calculated and enjoys killing so much he created a crew of likeminded mercenaries. He is the Chief Executive Operative of Shady Van Inc., illegally operated in the shadows, his operatives are known for successful mission completion at all costs. The crew is known for alibi’s and bodybags. They don’t bother cleaning up their messes because they were never there.
Donaldson operates with military precision, and is rumored to have served in every continent, while his tactics aren’t quiet they are effective. His interest in Crime Corp doesn’t come with completely pure intentions. Donaldson had subcontracted himself as an outside consultant concerning Merryweather.


Physical Description: Non descript. No identifying marks. No distinguishable fatures. Chemically burned off fingerprints. No social security number. BLOCKED filed are omitted, redacted or require a high level FIB clearance.
- Began training in G***** CLASSIFIED *****e, South Africa 1997 (Age 20)
Temple Destroyed by Merryweather in 2000
- Returned stateside, became Liberty City Beat Cop – (SGT. Tom Jenkins) – 2001
- Transferred to Vice City Vice Squad (2002) – Keynote, Narcotrafficing, undercover cartel infiltration, tactical narcotics team
- Recruited into IAA from Vice City Vice. IAA (International Affairs Agency)
Notable Operations in Saudia Arabia, Afghanistan, Russia, Southern China, Cambodia, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Germany and France, and England with MI-9 Special Intel Div

Covert Escape Specialist. In charge of high risk intelligence operative recovery missions.

Former Covert Operative Handler

RETIRED IAA March 2014


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Dirty Money: 1,863,900
Clean Money: 1,415,500
Donaldson 2 Million in Car Parts Challenge Balance: 50,000
Gamertag: Wigsplitter009
Head of The Auto Division
De-Facto Head of the Assassination Division
CLEAN: 51,500 | PROTECTION 11,200
The Donaldson Classic Car Collection - Los Santos Belles -
Businesses Run: Smoke on the Water, McKenzie Air Field, Donaldson's Exotic Vehicles, Los Santos Customs in La Mesa

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LSPD Criminal Records - Classified 
Subjects Name: Gage Corcoran 
Alias: Irish, Ragin'
Nationality: Irish American
Birth Place: Portland, Maine
Criminal Charges:
1996 - Assault
1997 - Gambling Violations
1998 - Murder
1999 - Loan Sharking 
2000 - Felony Drug Distribution (cocaine)
2004 - Murder
2005 - Assault With a Deadly Weapon (baseball bat)
2007 - Attempted Murder
2008 - Extortion 
2011 - Labor Racketeering 
Subjects Background/Officers Notes : Subject has an extensive arrest record and is an accomplished career criminal. Corcoran grew up in Portland, Maine, where he became involved in criminal activity at a young age, with reports of him selling cocaine and oxycontin and loan sharking to classmates in high school. He became affiliated with a close associate of the Patriarca Crime Family from Boston's North End, a man named Anthony. At the age of 18,  the pair moved to Boston to set up a gambling den that had been okayed by a Captain in the Patriarca Family, Joe Russo. Russo enlisted Corcoran to collect on bad loans and gambling debts as well. Within 2 years of moving to Boston, Irish had beaten an assault charge, and a gambling charge, believed to be because of witness intimidation. In '98, Irish was charged with the murder of a Federal informant who was supplying information on Joe Russo's operations, who was found with his throat slit, and shot twice in the head. Corcoran was released due to a lack of evidence. After displaying his proficiency as a killer, Corcoran soon became the favored contract assassin of the Patriarca Family. It is estimated that Irish is directly responsible for 14 contract hits for the Mafia in Boston and Providence alone. Irish beat a loan sharking charge in '99, but a felony cocaine distribution charge in 2000 put him in prison for 3 and a half years. In 2004, two weeks after Irish was released, the main (and only) witness from the drug distribution case was found tied up in an abandoned warehouse. His throat had been cut from ear to ear, and he had numerous stab wounds and cigarette burns on his abdomen. He had also been severely beaten; the man did not die quickly. Corcoran was arrested the next day on suspicion of murder, but was again released due to a lack of evidence.

By 2005, Corcoran had broken most business ties with the Mafia in New England (except for his contract killng business), and had gathered a small, loyal crew to follow him. They went about setting up their own bookie and loan sharking rings, as well as gambling and drug operations. In the midst of setting these operations up, Irish was charged with assault with a deadly weapon for taking a baseball bat to the kneecaps of a bookie that was holding out on a $10,000 dollar loan. The charge was dropped when the bookie was found shot in the head in the trunk of his own car. Corcoran was never charged with the murder. In 2007, Irish was found not guilty for the attempted murder of a port Union official, who lost a leg, a hand and an eye in a car bombing. Corcoran beat an extortion charge in '08, as well as the 2011 labor racketeering charge. In both cases, the main witness' in the trial disappeared. 

Corcoran has recently moved to San Andreas to avoid a murder investigation in Providence, and is believed to be operating out of Los Santos. Authorities believe Irish has joined an organization known as Crime Corp. It is also believed that Irish is in good standing with several CGF OG's, as well as high ranking members of the Korean Mob and the Armenian Mafia.

   Gage "Irish" Corcoran is a menace to society. Irish frequently rents himself out as a hired gun, and is to be considered armed and extremely dangerous. He is a professional killer, with an estimated body count of over 50 contract kills. Use extreme caution

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Dirty Money : $691,000
Clean Money: $0,00
Vehicles owned: Bravado Bison
Property owned: Pink Cage Motel

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Amia Gultiari

D.O.B: 01/07/1989

Born in: Sicily, Italy

Height: 5'10


Eye color: Blue

Hair color: Blonde

Amia strives on lust, compassion, and fully blown fire fights.
Being raised in the old country Amia is a strong, smart, and sexy sicilian woman. Amia moved to the United States with her widowed mother at the age of 17. at the age of 18 she began a local brothel at her college university. Becoming very successful at this her mother told her " Amia, do not corrupt a woman who is not already tainted." Anthony Gultiari an underboss in one of the families from the old country was Aima's late father. Amia took all strong traits from her father and love and compassion from her mother. Both being ruthless and brilliant just happened to rub off on her. Amia is highly intelligent, with and I.Q. of 142 she is very sharp witted and quick to react mentally and physically. She has a certain way with women, using them as a stepping stone for personal gain. Amia uses sex, drugs, and the seven deadly sins as a constitution. Thus, she has the seven deadly sins on her left chest. With eyes that pierce and a brain to out match Amia is an extreme asset and highly valuable.

Arrest record: 2007: Public intoxication

                      2010: Possession of Marijuana

                      2012: Grand Larceny ( acquitted)
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Dirty Money: $1,518,250.00
Clean Money: $1,388,000.00
Vehicles owned: Bravado Bison/ Sentinel
Property owned: Bilingsgate Brothel
Gamertag: CaptStabbin420

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