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A quick Introduction to how we operate
Forum » Getting Started » Who are we and what we do?
Joined: 17th Apr 2014
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19th Apr 2014

 Welcome  to CrimeCorp. site, a place where you take your GTA online experience to a new level. and this post will help you better understand how we operate and what is CrimeCorp all about.

What is Crime Corporation ?

We are a GTA online Crew , we Role-Play as an Organized Crime organization that is taking over the State of San Andreas. This means that both on this Site, and Ingame, we play the character of someone who is rising through the ranks of our Organization.

How do we play?

    First off all you have to keep in mind that any action has a reaction! A basic example would be that we avoid shooting at Police, as this would incur a great Police response and increased Heat on the Organization in future. Although the Game it self does not make that a fact, we Role-Play these things in order to increase the feeling of realism. We add mechanics such as Evidence into our Role-Play. This means that if we are seen in a  vehicle by Police directly after a serious crime, we must destroy the Vehicle and the evidence that it represents. We will often change into nondescript dark clothing and wear masks for serious crimes in order to not be identified by witnesses and security camera footage, if there is a witness that can later recognize you, you have to take care of him.We take our time when we play and don't need to feel rushed. When driving with Crew members, avoid crashing and bumping into traffic. If you can't drive smoothly then avoid driving your Crew mates. 
AND NEVER, NEVER, NEVER,  BRING HEAT TO OUR HQ's loose any wanted level before coming to our HQ

Corporation Business:

The main aspect of the Crew is the concept of 'Corp Business'. This is a set of 'Jobs' that can be performed by members in Online Free-Roam. These jobs are repeatable and essentially utilize teamwork and or interactions with Civilians (NPC's) to play out a scenario.You will find this jobs here. A quick example would be 'Pimping'. To do this job you need to roam around searching for Hookers. You walk into them till they react. If they run, that means they are not going to pay you. if they walk away, it means they have paid and are knocking off for the night. in either case your reaction to the situation would vary. There are other more or less common jobs that come up as a result of RP in the game, so keep an ear to the ground and be ready to get business taken care of.


Our Organization has a in game Economy, it is money made from criminal activities and legal businesses, read more here. As we are a crime organization and make a lot of our money illegal, we also have a legal front, legal businesses that will launder our dirty money. After you join our Organization you start showing your loyalty, once you do show it, you will get promoted and given a "no show" legal job in one of our legal businesses, this way you can make clean money, and spend it on your legal stuff like ( follow link)  the higher your rank, the better legal jobs you get.

Territory :
As all organized crime Organizations we have our territories that we control, we start with just one territory, but then we expand , read more here, by taking over other territories. All our illegal activities can be done only on our turf, we can't collect protection money from vendors and prostitutes that are not on the territory we control. Of course we can make chaos, rob and hit our rivals, but do it smart and don't bring heat. The map with all our territories will be regular updated so keep an eye on it.   
What Missions I can and Can't do?

We would recommend you start with basic missions, the ones that are listed here ( Link) so you can get a better sense of what we do and how we operate, but your imagination is your friend, feel free to come up with original ideas, and implement them, BUT KEEP IN MIND the principles of this crew, EVERY ACTION HAS IT'S REACTION, that being said come up with a good plan and do the job smart, and try to keep the missions as close to reality as possible,let's be real, you can't jump into the army base and steal a jet in real life, so why would you be able to do this here?  if you have a great plan for a big job, please first contact one of the higher ups to let them know about your plan, if the plan sound good they will give you the green light for the job.   

How do I show my work?

We use to make journals of our work with snapmatic pictures and then post them 
For a step by step tutorial of how to make imgur journals please follow the  link.  

Starting out:
When you join the Crew and make it to this site, find some time when you are free to read through the Forums. This is the most important first step and most of your initial questions can be answered like this. Otherwise speak to someone on the Chat and ask for some advice. Essentially you are a criminal who has gained a contact in this Organization. You arrive on the Site and start trying to impress other members, and become a useful and dependable Associate. Be sure to show respect to the higher ups and earn your place in the future. There are always jobs to do, Some of them will be posted in the HQ tread. read the jobs and perform them on Online Free-Roam.

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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Forum » Getting Started » Who are we and what we do?
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