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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
Likes 514
18th Apr 2014

    Money makes the world go round.

    What is the point of risking your life every day if at the end of the day you are not getting rewarded?
    In GTA money is the most important part of the game, you can buy apartments, cars, planes, guns, but at the end of the day this is not enough, we all want something more, this is why in our organization we will introduce a Economy  system! your ingame money does not count, since we all have been doing Rooftop Rumble numerous times to buy that new Turismo R, or that 400.000 $ apartment.
     We introduce a new system. There are 2 different types of money:
    Dirty Money:   
Money we get from illegal activities like protection money, pipping, selling drugs, arms, robberies, selling  stolen cars,money made from hunting a bounty and so on. This money can be spent on illegal activities, like bribing cops and officials, buying guns and equipment for a certain job, giving loans to people (of course under big%) betting on races,at our fight club and so on.
After you complete a job you get a certain % of the money you made, the rest goes to our Organizations common bank. You can also lounder your money in order to spend them on legal activities.      

     Clean Money: 
Our Organization has a bank account where we keep funds from all our Legal activities, all our legal businesses. We spend them on buying real estate for the Organization, buy other businesses and so on. Once you are promoted to Regulator Rank you will  receive a job in one of our legal businesses, you know, so the Feds and IRS don't get on your ass  asking   where did you get the money for that new boat, it is a "no show job" and you will get paid a salary  that will go  into you bank account. you can spend your clean money however you wish, buying cars, houses and businesses.

  How do we keep track of this money ?
It is pretty easy, after every mission you do, at the end post the amount of money you made, but be realistic, you can't sell a stolen car for 100.000$ and a prostitute can't generate 1.000.000$ a night, he higher members will monitor this posts and at at least once a week will adjust the Organization bank. 
   The Money you Make will be adjusted by you personally, you will keep track of how Much you make both Dirty and Clean money, and adjust it every time you receive a payment, we trust you will be honest on this matter as we are one here, but keep in mind that we'll monitor it so people don't cheat. If we catch you cheating you will be banned, no question asked.

  How do you update your funds?  
 Go to your profile -->> Edit profile  -->> on your left choose Edit profile -->> in the signature field write 
    Dirty Money:  xxxxx
   Clean Money: xxxxx
   Vehicles owned: xxxxx
   Property owned: xxxxx

   How do I spend my Money?
You can spend your Clean Money on property,businesses, cars, planes, boats.
Follow the links to see what properties are available:
Real Estate 

IMPORTANT NOTE : If you see a property or business you would like to be added to this list please contact                                 one of the First 5 members. we will add it and put a price on it. 
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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

Last Edit: 3rd Jul 2014 by EH Wallys
Forum » Getting Started » Economy
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