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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
Dirty Money   :   $84,110,425
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Territories Under CrimeCorp Control
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Joined: 17th Apr 2014
Rank: The First Five
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3rd May 2014

Find Below the city of Los Santos, highlighted are the territories under CrimeCorp control, these territories are the ones we own and where we conduct most of our illegal operations: collect protection money from store owners and hookers, distribute drugs and so on......

  This map will be adjusted once we take over new territories (  follow link to find out more about territories


   Main HQ             
  Vanilla Unicorn                          
  Wally's Pawn Shop 

  LS Customs      
  Donaldson's Exotic Autos       
  Billingsgate Motel


Responsible For Each Territories  :

First Five -  Blue             
        Miss Duncan - Green

                  Austin "Winnipeg" - Brown      

                                Blake "Blaze" Taberah - RED

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Dirty Money : $5,416,000
Clean Money: $8,651,500
Cars Owned: Dubster, Granger, 9F, Schwartzer
Property Owned: Bookie Office,
House in Vinewood Hills, Apartment Building in Vespucci Canals Area

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Forum » Getting Started » Territories
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