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This Handbookwill help you better understand how this crew works, the rules and will help you faster integrate into our Role Play World 

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4 days ago Danny O'Malley replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
I wish they could all be Los Santos Girls
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13 hours ago Chairman EH Wallys replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
     New Allies? 
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7 hours ago Gemini Lost vito rascolve just joined our community, welcome!
7 hours ago Era Deniro lost rascolve just joined our community, welcome!
13 hours ago Lt. Miss Duncan
Hello people of Crime Corp. I want to just excuse my absence, it's spring break for me and I'm on a boat with horrible Internet and horrible internet plans. Me and my family literally have to log out of the Internet so the other one can use it. Anyway I will be gone for a week without internet, I will be on once in a while just to check in but dont expect me to be on the times that I usually am.

-Yours Truly
14 hours ago Staff Officer Louis "Speed" J
Hey guys i would like to apologise for my extended absence. Being in my last year of school before college I have had to do a lot of prepping for exams and this has severely impacted on my rp time. I have not abandoned the crew and fully expect myself to be back within the next few months once exams are finished. Until then I will only be on the website from time to time most likely. Sorry
4 days ago Silvio Dante replied to the topic Background Check of our Members
How you all doin? My name is Silvio Dante...Three generations ago my family got ...
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1 day ago recyclebinz45 just joined our community, welcome!
4 days ago Mad Hatter replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
All is done! My trail for the info Div
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