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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to thank you for visiting our website, Crime Corp was a GTA RolePlay community that started in April 2014, by 4 friends Carter, Don, Wally and Mason , it was a great project and we had a lot of fun, we met a lot of talented and good people, made a lot of friends, and made a continuous story about the rise of a Criminal Empire that is Crime Corporation, you can read how it all started  here and all the other stories that followed  here , it was a great journey, but as all great stories , it comes to an end.

Crime Corporation is not active anymore as a Crew
(All website content is the  intellectual property of the website owners )
For any information you can contact us at :  

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20th Jan Zero
So today I finally got out of prison. it has been many months, and when i got my phone and when through my contacts and called up some crew members it said the lines were deactivated. I refused to believe what my mind was telling me. I went to everyones houses, all were vacant. I knew that only meant one thing... the Armenians finally won... as i broke into Big's house i saw blood stains all over the place... I fell to my knees knowing what had happened... i sat there and cried for more than 20 minutes. I know i will get my revenge. To me Crime Corp is not dead. I might be one of the only alive members left but I will NOT let the Armenians claim this victory, i will fight for the Crew till my very last breath! any Armenians that I see will die ON SIGHT! if there is anyone out there left thats with me Message me and we can fight for the crew one last time. Let us AVENGE our brothers and sisters! this is Big Mr Q out!
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