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Clean Money :   $98,143,500
Dirty Money   :   $73,624,425
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Online Guests: 2
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The First Five (5)
Commissioner (2)
Lieutenant (5)
Street Boss (10)
Regulator (20)
LSPD (9)
Ambassador (4)
Prospect (256)




This Handbookwill help you better understand how this crew works, the rules and will help you faster integrate into our Role Play World 

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1 day ago Roberto
1 day ago Roberto just joined our community, welcome!
1 day ago Kujo replied to the topic Background Check of our Members
Kujo was born in Liberty City and to a wealthy entrepreneur and her husband a st...
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1 day ago Bruno "Mad Hatter" joined the group CrimeCorp I-Divison
21st Apr Executive Blake "Blaze" Taberah (PC) created a new topic Merryweather
Merryweather History merryweather was founded in 2003 by don percival, an ex na...
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3 days ago Lt. Dr. Axel Taylor (X360/XB1) replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
Assassination Contract: Albert Murphy So basically... This guy got pissed off...
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4 days ago Lt. Austin "Winnipeg" replied to the topic Welcome to the Bilingsgate Brothel
~~~New Layout Under Development~~~ ~~~Welcome to the Bilingsgate Brothel~...
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20th Jun Lt. Austin "Winnipeg" replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
I got some jobs to do around the Brothel, when you find the time, pick one up an...
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5 days ago Bruno "Mad Hatter" replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2 Dealing with drugs and dirt.
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