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Clean Money :   $105,901,000
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Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, We would like to thank you for visiting our website, Crime Corp was a GTA RolePlay community that started in April 2014, by 4 friends Carter, Don, Wally and Mason , it was a great project and we had a lot of fun, we met a lot of talented and good people, made a lot of friends, and made a continuous story about the rise of a Criminal Empire that is Crime Corporation, you can read how it all started  here and all the other stories that followed  here , it was a great journey, but as all great stories , it comes to an end.

Crime Corporation is not active anymore as a Crew
(All website content is the  intellectual property of the website owners )
For any information you can contact us at :  

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18th Sep 2016 Chairman EH Wallys replied to the topic How Did Your Day Go Season 2
This is Paradise - This is heaven I said as...
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11th Dec 2016 RazorFang just joined our community, welcome!
8th Sep 2016 Detective Damien Reid
Hey everyone that might actually see this post. It's Duncan. I held the rank of Commissioner and was the leader of Crime Corp for a while. Sorry, might be a little confusing because this is under a different name.

Anyway. I would like to point this out to anybody who might come on here. Please do NOT use this site as an advertising tool. This is not what its meant to be now.

The website is still here for remembrance of all the good times we had, and I hate to see that people are using it their advantage because this site still has a big flow of people despite being down. The only crew that I think that has the right to post their link on here would have been The Santos Six. Reason being, it was the continuation of Crime Corp of all the people who were still active and still wanted to role play. Granted that didn't go so well.

Just please, use this website now as its supposed to and look back on all of the great times we all had and don't use this as an advertising page.